Tuesday, 23 August 2016


George Soros' Open Society Foundation attempted to influence Pope Francis. 

The Remant has the story.




Anonymous said...

Jorge's parents must have been terrible to have raised a loser like him.


Anonymous said...

Soros has directly influence over Bergoglio since Argentina this is why he works for him promoting his liberal agenda and the Muslim invasion and that was the reason some people when hear who am I to judge a gay wonder how much Soros had paid to JUDAS Bergoglio.
Soros also finances the sect of neo-catholic lefty like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi http://www.catholicleague.org/george-soros-funds-catholic-left/

Anonymous said...


You appear to be looking for Boogie Men everywhere. If you look, you will find them.

Choose to find the good, you will find that too.


Eirene said...

To the Anonymous Bill - You have no idea what you are talking about! George Soros is one of the most feared men in the universe with more money and influence over world affairs than you can ever imagine. Just google him (or whatever you do for information - which given your post - can't be terribly enlightening!)and you will see him in company with the elite (but ageing) billionaires of the world who seek to impose their politics and evil philosophies upon mankind. Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce members will show you the company he keeps. Remember Ireland and the recent same-sex marriage referendum? The result was no accident. It came about due to a concerted effort by Atlantic Philanthropies (the "baby" of yet another ageing billionaire - one Chuck Feeney) over a decade or more and an infusion of over 25 million euros into various "organisations" which pumped ideas, advertising and money into the Irish society at breakneck speed, resulting in a complete volte-face (in your speak a turnaround) in a predominantly Roman Catholic country. Such is the power of billions of dollars and do you suppose that Vox would publish such a thing if it were not for e-mails that back up the statements? Blind Freddy can see that the Bishop of Rome has been implicit in the NWO leanings through his actions over the 3 1/2 ghastly years we have had to endure him. Once you have done your research on Open Society Foundations and the NWO, then come back and accuse Vox of seeing Boogie Men. Until then, ignorance is the flag you are flying and you will not get many gathering under that standard!

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Bill or Silly Billy, (my anonymous Canonist friend at Bathurst and St. Clair),

My purpose is to warn of the boogie man and to wake up Catholics to what is happening to them and the Church; there are other writers who can point out the nice things in life. If Catholics want "nice" they can go to hear it from most pulpits, I mean, ambos, in the Archdiocese of Toronto and elsewhere, every Sunday. They can hear about love and joy and how we are all going to heaven. They can join in the hundreds in the Communion line and not be amongst the few in the Confession line.

Tell me, Father Silly Billy, what are you doing as a priest to change that fact?

Yes Father, there is much good in the world, much good in many people. Some have written and asked me, "how many people are you converting to the Church by your vicious blog?" I leave that to someone else with smoother language. My job it to wake up the cradle Catholic from their stupor!

Dan said...

Also, closing one's eyes is a good way not to see the boogie man... this usually results in falls however....

Ana Milan said...

George Soros may have humungous amounts of money but he has not the True Faith. Those that were born into the CC and have ascended to high levels within its Hierarchy yet maintain that everyone is equal, there is no Catholic God (i.e. no God), no Hell, no Purgatory, no SIN, everyone can get to Heaven (if there is such a place) even the unbaptised, all we have to attend to is the earth (climate change, poverty, environmental issues, etc.) will be held more accountable.

George Soros & Pope Francis (& their supporters) must be taken down & critically soon. We don't have any more time to waste on Canon Law arguments over what can & cannot be done. The likes of Soros feed off people of little or no faith in Christ Our Redeemer & when one of such outlook actually rules the Church of Christ on earth - put there by many questionable Cardinals - he must be swiftly removed, whether by calling an Imperfect Council or pressure to resign before such is called. The sensitivities of any Pope are not to be compared to the countless loss of souls & the rapid fleeing of the CC by it former adherents. Three generations have not been catechised, no evangelisation of infidels allowed as that would offend them, our churches/sacraments/liturgy have been trashed & silence (complicity?) from the Hierarchy who elected PF to the Papal Office. This situation cannot be tolerated any longer & our Bishops/Cardinals & PF would do well to note that fact. With Lund coming up & the reported suggestions of lifting Luther's excommunication along with some reports of his canonisation, will only provoke another deep schism whether we like it or not.

Cardinal Burke says he is not an enemy of PF (why not, in these circumstances?), he will not lead a schism (no-one asked him to - PF & cohorts are the schismatics & should be treated as such) & he will die a RC (that is what we all desire to do but are being prevented by lack of Last Rites, Confession, Catechesis etc.). Amoris Laetitia with all its heresies he says to ignore, but most people don't even know their Catholic Faith any more & believe what the Pope says. Despite all the petitions from theologians, canon lawyers etc. requesting clarification of AL, purposeful silence is all that emerges. Is this the Agenda our more conservative Bishops & Cardinals want to force upon us? Websites with 'Catholic' before their name who are nothing of the sort actively support such teachings. Convert writers for such websites from various Protestant backgrounds are appointed instead of cradle Catholics who have studied their faith & live it daily. No-one who lived sixty years & more ago could ever have envisaged such an implosion.

As practising Catholics we will always adhere to Our Lord's promise that He will be with His Church until the end of time, but those without full knowledge of their faith are questioning this fact. They say the Gates of Hell have prevailed against us & the whole Catholic thing is a hoax. What answer do our venerable Church Fathers have for this belief? As practising Catholics we adhere to Our Lady's prediction that the Pope(?) will consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart but cannot help asking when?
What about the Third Secret of Fatima? Pope Benedict is reported as saying there is more to it than what was made public. If the Pope & Hierarchy don't feel a grave responsibility before God to "Feed my sheep" they shouldn't be holding high office, or indeed any position within the CC.

Mark Thomas said...

Fret not about His Holiness Pope Francis when it comes to defending and promoting the Church's Social Teaching. As none other than the folks at Rorate Caeli, who work overtime to bash and trash the Vicar of Christ in one regard after another, have declared...


"...the positions stated by Pope Francis on economic and social matters are much closer to the Traditional Catholic position on the economy and the State than not."

"Indeed, it can be said unhesitatingly that this is one area in which the Pope will find mostly allies in Traditional Catholics."

"They know by heart, also as victims of injustice (including within the Church), that the doctrine of the Church regarding people, society and economic relations, and individuals faced with government, is one which privileges "justice" as its foundational aspect."

Yes, as his otherwise fierce critics at Rorate Caeli declared, when it comes to defending and promoting the True Church's teachings on economic and social matters, Pope Francis is traditional.

As Rorate Caeli noted, that can be declared "unhesitatingly."


Mark Thomas

Unknown said...

Vox, I can vouch that you have woken up many a "sleepy Catholic"
myself included - I am grateful - they are grateful - you keep on your mission of warning the sleepy ones, the blinded ones, the brainwashed ones of the boogie man - I thank you my friend in Christ and many others do as well .

Anonymous said...

Remnant link not working. Try this. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-leaked-e-mails-show-george-soros-paid-to-influence-bishops-during

Mark Thomas said...

Vox said..."If Catholics want "nice" they can go to hear it from most pulpits, I mean, ambos, in the Archdiocese of Toronto and elsewhere, every Sunday. They can hear about love and joy and how we are all going to heaven. They can join in the hundreds in the Communion line and not be amongst the few in the Confession line."

Vox, His Holiness Pope Francis has time and again hammered the point that parishes must promote Confession, Confession, Confession. He has hammered the point that Satan is real and seeks to devour souls.

Has Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, promoted constantly, in line with Pope Francis' powerful reminders, the message that Satan is real/we must go to Confession? Why hasn't Pope Francis' powerful message in question, which has been emphasized in particular via the Holy Year of Mercy, been accepted by the Church in Toronto?

Or has Cardinal Collins emphasized to his priests Pope Francis' theme in question, only to have Toronto's priests ignore the message to promote Confession? Or has Pope Francis' exhortations to go to Confession been heard by Toronto's laity, only to be ignored by them?

We have a Pope who time and again has exhorted the Church Militant to go to Confession. However, Confession lines are almost non-existent in vast areas of the Church. Something is very wrong in regard to that situation.


Mark Thomas

Vox Cantoris said...

Alas, Mark; whatever message is being sent, it is being ignored. People have, indeed, "lost the sense of sin."

In this particular case, my response was to a specific priest who likes to lurk around these parts, most of whose comments, I refuse to publish.

Peter Lamb said...

There have recently been a number of wild, unsubstantiated statements that sedevacantism is an heresy;"running away from the cross" and one poor soul even implored the Precious Blood of Christ to save it from becoming a sedevacantist! None of these individuals have accepted an invitation to substantiate their aspersions.

For those who might be interested in finding out what the sedevacantist position truly holds, why it does so and why truly traditional Catholics adhere to this position, there is a new video series entitled "Introduction to Sedevacantism". It deals with the heresy of Vatican II proclaiming that the Church of Christs "SUBSISTS IN" the Catholic Church, in contradiction to the Catholic dogma, which states that the Church of Christ "IS" the Catholic Church. This intentional change of wording, forms the basis for the false modernist ecumenism of the conciliar church. Small change - huge implications!


Here is true Catholic doctrine on the matter:
"Now, whoever will carefully examine and reflect upon the condition of the various religious societies, divided among themselves, and separated from the Catholic Church, which, from the days of our Lord Jesus Christ and his Apostles has never ceased to exercise, by its lawful pastors, and still continues to exercise, the divine power committed to it by this same Lord; cannot fail to satisfy himself that neither any one of these societies by itself, nor all of them together, can in any manner constitute and be that One Catholic Church which Christ our Lord built, and established, and willed should continue; and that they cannot in any way be said to be branches or parts of that Church, since they are visibly cut off from Catholic unity. For, whereas such societies are destitute of that living authority established by God, which especially teaches men what is of Faith, and what the rule of morals, and directs and guides them in all those things which pertain to eternal salvation, so they have continually varied in their doctrines, and this change and variation is ceaselessly going on among them. Every one must perfectly understand, and clearly and evidently see, that such a state of things is directly opposed to the nature of the Church instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ; for in that Church truth must always continue firm and ever inaccessible to all change, as a deposit given to that Church to be guarded in its integrity, for the guardianship of which the presence and aid of the Holy Ghost have been promised to the Church for ever."
(Pope Pius IX, Apostolic Letter Iam Vos Omnes.)

In 1977, about a year before he became "pope", the Polish “cardinal” Karol Wojtyla stated explicitly that the Second Vatican Council’s teaching had changed the very nature of the Church: “The Church ... succeeded, during the second Vatican Council, in re-defining her own nature” (Wojtyla, Sign of Contradiction, p. 17). Think about what Wojtyla is saying here: that the council defined a new church into existence, that the church of and after Vatican II is not the same church as the one before. That’s what redefining the nature of the church means, for its nature makes a thing what it is. The conciliar NWO church is NOT the Catholic Church.

TLM said...

There was an article very similar to this Vox over at 'Restore D.C. Catholicism' blog just this morning. She tied Soros in with the Vatican AND of course with governments world wide. I guess it did take Wiki Leaks to expose it in writing so to speak, but it was obvious that Soros had his fingerprints all over the Vatican (and the U.S. Government as well as Canada and countries world wide) The issues such as climate change, environmental, population control (we don't have to reproduce 'like rabbits' you know), the clammor for economic equality (especially from Francis), etc, etc, etc. Ha! Forget about teaching the faith! We need economic equality, we need climate control, with a tad bit of population control thrown in!!

Soros has also given MILLIONS to Hillary Clinton's campaign, and also from Wiki Leaks we learn that when she was Secretary of State, Soros was indeed her 'puppet master'. He told her to jump and she asked 'how high'. So basically, it was Soros who was our Secretary of State while she was just his errand girl. Soros is probably bar none, the most dangerous, EVIL man in the world with probably some of the biggest pockets in the world making him able to influence and 'buy' anyone for ANY price!!

Michael Voris also had a special several years ago in one of his 'investigative reporting' series on how Soros was giving money (lots of it) to several of our Catholic organizations.......can anyone say.....'Campaign for Human Development'? If he was doing this in our Church then........you can already SEE he is in the Vatican NOW. George Soros is NOT a fan of the Catholic faith! He HATES Catholics, being an avid atheist himself, why would he want to give money to Catholic groups? Well, to RUIN THEM. WE ARE HIS ENEMY NUMBER ONE!! And it's quite obvious, he is influencing governments. It's been reported that he has visited the White House more than 6 times in 2 months......What does THAT tell you??? You can also see his name on 'Black Lives Matter' for instance and other disruptive groups that I haven't seen any proof of yet, but if you know how he operates, you KNOW it's HIM behind it all. I consider him the most dangerous and EVIL man in the entire world, and he no doubt is behind a ton of disruptions and moral decay in our world today, with his feverish quest for his 'OPEN SOCIETY'.

Anonymous said...

The wheat is beginning to separate from the chaff.
That's good.
Here is an article from Crisis magazine, where several posters are allowed to say that Jesus meant us to love Satan, and that being a Muslim is the same with being a Catholic, and that the CC never did any missionary work before Mother Theresa, and so on. While comments about the Divine power of Jesus are removed.

Kathleen1031 said...

Keep going Vox, when you see such protestations you know you are hitting a nerve. Worse than the terrible situation we find ourselves in regarding our church would be to suffer this alone, which of course Satan would prefer. One positive thing social media has done is to make it possible to learn more about what is going on and suffer together. I remember the years before that when we had vague uneasiness about what was going on in our church but there was no one to discuss it with, since most Catholics are asleep. Thanks so much for what you have done and do. Let others seek out happy talk if that is what they need. We prefer reality. God bless.

Unknown said...

It is tru Mark, confession lines are almost non existent - it stems from poor formation from the get-go. I was preparing young children for First Communion - there was nothing in the pathetic program about sin, when I protested with the coordinator and the Pastor I was informed that the 'school' will take care of that part - we can't do everything " I was adamant that this is the core of what they need to know before they receive our Lord - I was adamant that we must assume that these kids are coming from ground zero - knowing nothing and we must as their parish provide them with the core fundamentals - I was told not to assume anything, I was told to treat them as if they are all receiving the proper formation at home and school - BS - and I emphasize the capital B !! What can you expect then from these 'Catholics' ? Sin - its too scary and too serious to tell children, hell it's a place where you go to party .. This is what the youth have in their head - and unfortunately many adults as well.
What do you say when a priest yells at you in confession to speed up - I don't need to hear your life story - even though there is no one else in line ?? Or after having heard your confession proceeds to announce at the pulpit that confession is not therapy - find yourself a phsychiatrist ! Is confession not the best therapy for your soul ? Should a priest embarras a wounded soul that way in front of the whole congregation? Pray for your priests everyone - heed our Lady's messages - notice in all apparitions, our Lady always asks us to pray for the priests, bishops and pope

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Anna, what a terrible story! Idiots like that will get their just reward one day.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Anna Sze, P.S.
I have just finished hearing Mass virtually, from Holy Redeemer, in Seattle. From Pacific coast to Africa! Perfect vision and picture! Father Miller O.F.M. inducted (?) six men into the third order of St. Francis. There are still good and holy Priests in the world. You just have to find them. :)

nazareusrex said...

Don't forget Bergoglio promoted the use of the coca leaf helping Soros campaign for the legalization of drugs in Latin America where he "blessed" the Coca Leaf at the Vatican. Helping the "cocalero" Evo Morales; advertising the chewing of coca leaves during his Bolivia trip.

Bergoglio reminds me also The apostate Fr. Andrea Gallo who defined himself as a "sidewalk priest" - referring to his work for the 'marginalized' - or an "angelically anarchic" priest. In practice, this meant a communist priest, who not only favored free-lovers, homosexuals and transgenders, but also defended feminism, pacifism and drug legalization among other causes. https://gloria.tv/video/YPPSQ4J5KuGyHsvzQ41f9Wn5J

Unknown said...

Thank you Peter, I try not to get discouraged.. I tell friends who were in similar situations the same - we have found faithful priests thanks to the grace of God and guidance of some very good and faithful Catholics. But you have to wonder about the poor souls lost, who will turn away after being treated that way by a priest.

tuleesh said...

So Emperor Palpatine threw away a little over half a billion dollars trying to lobby the Vatican. Good! All Soros had to do was ask. After all, the Pope isn't called "Red Francis" for nothing.

TLM said...

Vox: There is another article about this (excellent one btw) over at The Remnant. I believe Elizabeth Yore wrote it, and she goes down the line with proof of Soros and his advisors involvement with the Pope and HIS closest advisors. So yes, Soros has even himself said that "I am the Pope's boss now"......we now need Our Lady's help more than ever!!!!