Saturday, 20 August 2016

Catholic Member of Parliament Celine Cesare-Chavannes - An Enemy of Life and enemy of Christ

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In June, I wrote about a Member of Canada's Parliament, Celine Cesare-Chavannes. At the time, the column was in reference to Chavannes overt support of the raising of the sodomic rainbow flag on Parliament Hill. She wrote me offline and I gave her the truth that she needed to hear, as a Catholic. Chavannes is a regular parishioner at Holy Family Church in Whitby in the eastern part of the Archdiocese of  Toronto.

Clearly, Chavannes is a woman who does not know her faith. Worse, she is a hostile and aggressive enemy of Christ and of Truth. 

It wasn't enough that this bad-Catholic was supporting the homosexualist agenda, now, she is leading the campaign against the quite proper use of graphic imagery as part of the fight against the murder of unborn children, something this Catholic supports - a use, I should add, that has been upheld by the courts. 

In order to remind Chavannes what the truth is she is trying to hide, she might meditate on this, something that she would rather hide than to actually end the killing!

Not only does Justin Trudeau support abortion until the moment of birth, but he demanded that Catholic, Celine Cesare-Chavannes and all other candidates, must support a women's right to choose to murder her child and the right of doctors to make a fortune on it. She also supported the recent euthanasia legislation.

Perhaps Father Laszlo Nagy the Pastor or his Associate Father Marijan Sisko might have a few words to say to Mrs. Cesare-Chavannes, the next time she presents herself for Holy Communion. 

It might save her soul, and others who profane the Holy Eucharist and "eat unto their own condemnation," to say nothing about those clerics who ignore this to their own peril.


Peter Lamb said...

If every person really understood what abortion is, I don't think a single abortion would be done, except by the demon possessed.
The most horrific thing I have ever seen, is a video of a partial birth murder on Utube. I have delivered many babies. When one delivers a baby in breech presentation (i.e. coming out feet first), it is most important that the head does not "pop" out suddenly. The head must be delivered slowly, under control, to prevent a sudden decompression of the brain which can easily cause a cerebral haemorrhage. The baby's body lies along one's left forearm, face down. The arms and legs straddle one's forearm. One's left middle finger is inserted into the baby's mouth, while the first and third fingers straddle the neck and hold the shoulders. The first and third fingers of one's right hand grip the shoulders from behind and the extended middle finger pushes the head forward, i.e. flexes the head. One now has control and the head can be gently delivered and the risk of it "popping" out is eliminated. It's a full term, live baby lying on one's arm. The chubby little arms and legs are moving around; the heart beat is felt against one's skin; it's a boy, or a girl! The hairline is visible, blonde, or brunette! At this stage, the murderer stabs the baby with a trocar and cannule - that's a stainless steel spike in a cylindrical steel sheath - in the nape of its neck and shoves the spike into the baby's brain. The ghoul sees and feels the little body convulsing on his forearm. He extracts the trocar and attaches a vacuum tube to the cannule and sucks the baby's brain out of the soft skull, which deforms and collapses. The little heart beat is gone. The little body is dropped into a bucket and dispatched to the incinerator.
May they rot in hell and all those who support them!!!

Lynda said...

Thank you for speaking the truth in a world of institutionalised deceit and falsehood. May Our Lady of Fatima intercede for us. Lord have mercy. Reparation!

Anonymous said...

Only someone who intentionally blinds themselves to reality can support abortion. This lady is a disgrace. It is her obligation to seek the truth.

Anonymous said...

I was a witness to my latest grandson's birth last year, a truly joyous occasion! I am truly sickened by the fact that in Canada a baby can be butchered at any time before birth. It is difficult enough to believe that anyone would think this is justifiable, but that a Catholic would condone it is unbelievable. I cry for those poor suffering babies.

Unknown said...

Why do people who are so fond of violent death and sexual perversion look so cheerful?