Monday, 29 August 2016

The Ratzingoglio Papacy II

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Once, I rejoiced at the election of Joseph Ratzinger, but what he has done by renouncing the Papacy was wrong and unnecessary. Now, he is humiliated by the man that replaced him as his work is undone. I am not into the theory that he is being drugged and controlled. My post yesterday has offended some of my readers. I was harsh on him. That is the way it is. It does not mean I deny his papacy or the current one, only that it is time to stop pretending when the facts show differently.

Joseph Ratzinger was wrong. He had no business renouncing the papacy. Bergoglio would never have been elected Pope because he would have long been retired by now and Ratzinger would still be Pope. He did not have to travel to WYD or anywhere else. He abandoned his children. He could have stayed in the Vatican with a Legate undertaking the daily tasks and under the protection of the Swiss Guards. He could have taught and written and ordered what was to be done. Yes, it is that simple. His health is clearly fine, for an old man.  

Those who love him hold out hope that he will speak against what is happening. He will not. He will not speak against Amoris Laetitia, he will not speak against what will happen in October in Lund when Bergoglio goes to praise the heretic, Martin Luther.

I wondered, at one time, as a good reader in the combox expresses, if he had a supernatural experience, an apparition of Our Lady perhaps and if this is why he left. I had to have an explanation. How could he? How could he leave? It must have been the Holy Spirit - he must have had a revelation? No! I was deluding myself because I did not want to admit what Ratzinger was, a Modernist and a coward. A man who denied his cross. Just because one prays and then acts believing it to be God telling him "do this" does not make it so. It may be the other one, or it may simply be one's own desires that one has convinced oneself to do and then justifies that as "God's will." Well, it is certainly God's permissive will.

Yes, that is harsh, but that is reality.


Ana Milan said...

Ex-pope Benedict says God told him to resign during 'mystical experience'

He went on to deny having had a vision or actually hearing God's voice, so it could well have been the voice of Satan which prompted him to abandon Christ's flock. But that he did with great gusto & left us to the wolves. Of course, all the popes since Vatican II have been Modernists & many Masons are well. All this has been predicted and when St. Pius X couldn't pull the rug on them it was hardly likely that anyone could stop what seems God wanted to occur. He should have returned to Cardinal status though, giving up the complete papal regalia & PF should have had to accept that regalia intact as being in keeping with the Papal Office.

Catholics should not be forced to accept a dual papacy & when these old men pass away the previously held doctrine that the Papacy is for life & that only the Pope has infallibility (not Synods of Bishops) should be restored.

TLM said...

I honestly don't know what to think about him......he absolutely looked drugged to me in the video, it was alarming! But, I agree with you on one point, Vox, he did originally abandon his children, of that no one can deny. Why? Some day we may know why, but as for now, it's a mystery. I know from watching him and listening to him the years he was sitting in the Chair of Peter, that he is now a different man.....completely! That's all I really know, but yes, he did 'Flee for fear of the wolves', and because of that, we are exposed to the ravages of those same wolves.

Vox Cantoris said...

TLM, I am so sad for what he did, I want to hang my head and cry. I remember when he came out that day on the loggia. We were gathered around the TV at my Catholic institution where I work. Forty, maybe fifty, .... Josephus, ... silence, fear overtook the room and then two of us with our fists in the air stood out like a sore thumb.

But the fact his, he abandoned us and now, he is suffering for it.

He abandoned the public cross but he can't abandon this one.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I would not speak, had I hope that someone might say it.
Love demands that we hope and trust.
When after 19 years of marriage my brother found himself alone, when all was taken from him, including a 5 year old autistic son he spent most of his time with, being in early retirement, people said - he must accept HIS responsibility, he should have known, it is impossible he did not know...

What he knew was that something was not right. In the beginning he noticed a change in his wife. But she wouldn't say anything, and cried instead. He hated to see her cry, would do anything not to upset her, his gentle wife (or so he thought, because it turns out, she liked rough stuff). Years passed, children were born, and what seemed unusual, became the norm. He forgot what norm was, but would not talk to anybody, would not complain. A man just sucks it up and takes care of his family - he thought. With the new son new hope came, but not for long... She used Facebook to get her special needs met, and when an opportunity presented itself, she left him with a sense of victory and an expressed desire to see him homeless and broken in all possible ways - payment for years of misery. I think she is a poor psychopath. By the way, she appreciates Bergoglio very much, a true Catholic and Christian, in her mind. Her "love partner" shares her opinion - this is modernity, not backward, medieval times, he said.

We are told by "conspiracy theorists" that the Catholic Church doesn't tell us everything, that the Vatican Library contains many secrets. We are told about the many many times, when Jesuits were expelled by monrachs and rulers for secret plots against them and for countless assassinations. It was allegedly about the Church rule over the entire world.

Anyone interested in the Jesuit modus operandi knows their ability to push "forward" (one of Bergoglio's favourite concepts) with the plan, while making it appear as though it ain't what it looks like,

What if... What if Bergoglio and Ratzinger alike know that on some points the Church has lied to us? What if all these traditions and garments and all this external stuff, this music and this beauty and all is really completely secondary to the one important "thing"? What if it is true that the Church initially consciously adapted many pagan symbols and rituals, to make the transition into Christendom more palpable to the people?

What if these "popes" have no fear in overthrowing it all now, because it has served its purpose, and now we are finding ourselves in the final stages of the plan - the pope's rule over the world? It is the open now, can't you see? All honest protestant pastors are warning their remaining flock: All the churches sold out to Rome! The pope promotes Chrislam! The three main religions are going to worship together in Jerusalem, in September, and it is possible the pope will be there!

Yes, we love the Church, but the only important "thing" is our Saviour. Those protestant pastors I mentioned are much closer to you, Vox, and your good readers, than Ratzinger or Bergoglio or their cardinals,

When you start trying out the unthinkable, just to see if it fits, it fits. Jesus is now all too often hidden, His divinity is not necessarily acknowledged. "What difference at this point does it make?"- they seem to ask. What matters is social justice, global unity and peace.

We have seen it somewhere.
We have been warned.

We are too hope, to believe, to trust, as my brother did.
But how long is it still sane to pretend that we do not see?

Vox Cantoris said...

I've missed your commentary, Darota. Welcome back!

Mark Thomas said...

Vox said..."He will not speak against...what will happen in October in Lund when Bergoglio goes to praise the heretic, Martin Luther."

Why would he do that? Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, a staunch ecumenist, helped to pave the way for that day. Pope Benedict XVI prayed and worshiped in Rome's Lutheran church.

He also offered the following positive understanding of Martin Luther:


Mark Thomas

Vox Cantoris said...

I long believed that Joseph Ratzinger had a Catholic heart but a Modernist mind. His Catholic heart gave us Summorum Pontificum and his efforts at Holy Communion on the tongue. Nearly all the rest was Modernism and false ecumemism.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Vox

Thank You, You are kind.

Of course, I meant "palatable", not "palpable".

I don't know how to speak of it in a non-offensive way, non-heretical way, and it seems very important.

All this truth and beauty, all these saints - they were for real, They were inspired by the Holy Ghost. Whether "Catholic" or "Protestant", what was from God, was from God. Those following Jesus were His Church.

Here Bergoglio is correct. This is WHY he has so much success with the simple, trusting people who discern beauty, holiness and truth.

But even a discerning saint can be fooled by a wicked Jesuit. Is it biblical, does it seem right, to include in "spiritual" exercises the kind of obedience, where one calls black white, and white - black, if so ordered by a superior? Did Jesus ever teach such blind obedience to men of letters, men in positions of authority and power? Didn't our Lord tell us to say yes for yes, and no for no?

Either Jesus was teaching Truth, deadly in this world, or the Jesuits are, world-famous for effectiveness via duplicity and deceit.

Bergoglio is effective with illegals, adulterers, sodomites, lying politicians, and celebrities (in addition to the naive). They are "accompanied" and "encountered" to stay exactly where they are, practicing sin, being proud of it (no regrets, guilt is a foreign concept to me, there is no sin, only experience - on and on it goes for this kind of progressive "discerners"), and grateful/excited to have Bergoglio to encourage and mainstream it. Bergoglio is a celebrity himself. The one in the top position to judge everything correctly, asks instead: Who am I to judge? Well, it is simple - you call yourself a follower of Christ, right? Do you? Did you ever? If you are, judge all things, and do it with discernment. Call white white, not grey, and call black black, not grey.

Was Jesus a celebrity?

No, Jesus was mocked and taken to the cross.

Let us see what we see.

Maybe Ratzinger is a doubter, prone to changing his mind.

There is the age factor, maybe. My old Dad seems to have changed a lot in the last few months. An I am talking about core beliefs. It is shocking. He reasons well, is mentally capable.

Anonymous said...


You and TLM both have valid points.

TLM is right about BXVI in the videos. He has changed. He's not as alert or coherent as he was during his Papacy.
Quite frankly, I have thought that he might be drugged as well.

I remember when he was elected too. We had the TV on at work (my boss is Catholic and this was BIG). I remember how relieved I was when he was elected.

Honestly, the secular media hated his election, digging up stuff that was decades old and finding fault with him from the beginning of his pontificate. When he made the Regensburg speech, that was the beginning of the end in my opinion. (Never mind the fact that he was right though.)

Yes, he abandoned us.

Yes, he can't abandon this cross.

It still doesn't change the fact that we have to pray for him.

Keep the Faith, Vox! We need you!

In Christ the King,


Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree.

Anonymous said...


Do you also post as PlushGrizzly? I thought I saw your story on the Remnant website too. If so, it's nice to see you here on Vox Cantoris. ☺


Mark Thomas said...

Vox said..."I was deluding myself because I did not want to admit what Ratzinger was, a Modernist and a coward."

Vox, I don't believe that Pope Benedict XVI was a Modernist. He was, however, liberal in myriad ways. That has been the case with our Popes since the days of Venerable Pius XII.

But Vox, why did you not wish to admit that Father/Cardinal/Pope Ratzinger was a "Modernist" (or as I prefer, liberal)? I am interested as to why you were in denial in regard to his "modernism."


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, with Pope Benedict XVI, was "all the rest" just "Modernism and false ecumenism?"

He was terrific in promoting Catholic Social Teaching. He offered powerful proclamations in favor of pro-life and pro-family issues.

Vox, do you agree that his establishment of the Ordinariates is of great importance to the Church?

He tackled the horrific issue of the sexual abuse scandal. He granted to the bishops great guidance in dealing with that shameful issue.

Pope Benedict XVI was a great Marian Pope.

Vox, I don't view Pope Benedict XVI as a modernist. He was liberal in many ways. He adhered to liberal policies that rendered it all but impossible for him (or any Pope) to have revived the Church. But does that mark him as a "modernist?" Is he a "coward" for having determined that he lacked the vigor to continue to serve effectively as Pope?

Pope Benedict XVI tried his best to perform the tasks expected of him. He loved/loves Jesus Christ. Maybe we need to cut our brother, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, some slack.


Mark Thomas

Kathleen said...

Thank you, Vox, for speaking clearly on this topic.

Benedict was clearly, by his own words and deeds, a modernist.

I had hoped that with age he was rejecting at least some of the errors of modernism. And I believed, and still do, that giveN the overwhelmingly wretched state of the average Catholic that he was about the best we could have hoped for.

You get the priests you deserve and that goes for Popes and bishops as well.

And he unchained the TLM. That alone was a good beyond measure.

My heart broke when he resigned.

He DID abandon his flock. His flock needs prayers as does he.

Benedict has my prayers and that will continue.

But praying for our poor, broken shepherds, does not require that we blind ourselves to reality.

And in fact I think that facing the truth and shouldering the real cross we've been handed is absolutely what is necessary.

Truth Seeker said...

"The truth shall set you free." It is evident to me we do not live in a time of truth, but instead a time of so many lies, and "half-truths." As a result, we are not so "free" today - if we listen to all the lies being spewed forth via media, politicians, and very very sadly, too many shepherds who are supposed to be leading their flocks...we the people in the pews who love Jesus Christ first and foremost. Once again, history is repeating itself as so many Christians are being persecuted in too many countries. In this country, we appear to be losing our constitutional rights that made us a free country - yet paradoxically people of various beliefs are pushing for their "rights" to do whatever they want, merely because it is their "right" - even though it may go against natural law, for instance - their "right" to marry the same sex, their child, their dog, or several others, as only an example of the absurdity sweeping our culture. Women have the "right" to kill their unborn child, people are gaining the right to kill the elderly or themselves because they have an illness or whatever. Sports figures - making millions of dollars, have the "right" to dishonor our country, people have the "right" to say whatever they please about anyone or anything - no matter the consequences. The evil one and his minions - champions at lies & deceit are having a field day. It will end, and can't be too soon to suit me. I have to stay very focused on the Way, the Truth, and the Light - Jesus Christ - and follow Him, and trust Him and keep hope and my faith alive - in spite of this age of Lies today. I was such a fan of Benedict - this latest news is disturbing and very difficult to believe. I don't think we will ever know the truth of any of this drama in our Church in this life. I continue to pray for him, as well as the current pope who has caused so much confusion about what his truth is in his statements and writings. Our Lady of Fatima - pray for us!! Jesus, I trust in You!

My Blog said...

I guess both popes, the self-retired (or forced?) and his replacement will share the Oscars, oops, I mean the "Sainthood" prize right after their death for 'best actors'...literally. In fact, I'd give that prize to 99% of the Catholic Clergy. They beat Hollywood!