Saturday, 6 August 2016

Glory to sport in the highest, and on earth fraternity, and encounter to all peoples

A culture of encounter.

A dream of fraternity.

A kindly encounter.

What a bunch of masonic, modernist, globalist malarkey.

Not one word of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is his prayer intention for the month. An absolute and disgusting disgrace of vomitous babel emanating from the Peronist, Bishop of Rome.

How dare he take the monthly prayer intention and belittle it to such idiocy.

He has no faith. 

He sells access to the rich and famous.

His prayer, is not mine.

How long, O LORD?


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

When it comes to sports and Catholicism, I'lll take Vince Lombardi over Pope Francis

TLM said...

This is PAGANISM at its BEST!!! Plain as the nose on your face that this stupid human worship is just that............human pagan worship. If the Pope had anything to do with this....or even APPROVED its release.....its a no brainer where he's coming from. Pope Francis, you're showing your pagan colors, sir!

Dan said...

What!? Nothing about how hosting the Olympics can hurt the poor living in the city chosen? Diverting resources and attention away from those who need it most!

Is it just me, or is it possible that the video also contains product placement ads from sporting companies?

Nikki said...

The ironic part is that the whole spectacle was taking place below where the statue of Christ is overlooking it all!

John Joseph said...

I guess Our Lady didn't know what She was talking about when A he requested the recitation of the rosary to obtain peace in the world...

Unknown said...

Disgusting. He has no shame. And guess what his breaking down the wall is in reference to?! Yet, he is a Bernie Sanders the socialist fan. Anything or anyone who promotes his naturalistic religion is his friend. All else are enemies.

Kathleen1031 said...

Just the same, boring kind of clap-trap that liberals have been creating for decades now. It was bad enough before, but in light of our lives and safety being threatened by crazed Muslims it is insanity on a grand scale. We should be accustomed to the pope avoiding invoking The Holy Name, he avoids it. What a bizarre and frightening world we have, and no one to help us save God.

Unknown said...

People seem to forget that even after Simon received the "keys of the kingdom" and the power to "bind and loose" and became Peter, he ended up denying he even knew Jesus Christ. Which goes to show you can't trust and obey every word coming out of a Pope's mouth! You have to be discriminating.

Michael Dowd said...

Pope Francis says we need a culture of encounter. The truth is we need a counterculture against everything he is proposing and against him in particular. As Christ's representative he is a total failure. Notice how cleverly he shielded his Cross from view. Things would come to a pretty pass for him if he allowed religion to mess up a good commercial.

Mark Thomas said...

Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque said..."When it comes to sports and Catholicism, I'lll take Vince Lombardi over Pope Francis."

Really? How much do you know about Vince Lombardi (requiescat in pace)? Are you aware that Vince Lombardi was a stanch liberal democrat? As a daily communicant, Vince Lombardi was very typical of Catholics of his time...tremendously "liberal" in regard so social issues. Vince Lombardi's family and friends gave long-noted with pride his tremendous adherence to the Church's Social Teachings.

The myth is that Vince Lombardi was a hardcore, ultra-right-wing Catholic. When Richard Nixon ran for president as the "law and order" candidate, he explored the possibility of asking Vince Lombardi run as vice president. Richard Nixon was shocked when background checks into Vince Lombardi revealed that Mr. Lombardi was a hardcore liberal Democrat.

People were stunned, for example, when they learned about Vince Lombardi's fierce Traditional Catholic-inspired promotion of racial and sexual tolerace. Vince Lombardi, who had a homosexual brother who lived 41 years with another man, applied Catholic Social teaching to the issue of tolerance and equality related to homosexuals.

"Multiple players who played for Vince Lombardi, the legendary former Packers and Redskins coach, say that he knew some of his players were gay, and that not only did he not have a problem with it, but he went out of his way to make sure no one else on his team would make it a problem."

"In 1969, Lombardi’s Redskins included a running back named Ray McDonald, who in 1968 had been arrested for having sex with another man in public. In the Lombardi biography When Pride Still Mattered, author David Maraniss writes that Lombardi told his assistants he wanted them to work with McDonald to help him make the team, “And if I hear one of you people make reference to his manhood, you’ll be out of here before your (deleted) hits the ground.”

Lombardi’s daughter Susan told Ian O’Connor of that her father would have been thrilled to have a player like Jason Collins, the NBA center who publicly revealed this week that he is gay.

“My father was way ahead of his time,” Susan Lombardi said. “He was discriminated against as a dark-skinned Italian American when he was younger, when he felt he was passed up for coaching jobs that he deserved.

"He felt the pain of discrimination, and so he raised his family to accept everybody, no matter what color they were or whatever their sexual orientation was."


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Mick Jagger said..."When it comes to sports and Catholicism, I'lll take Vince Lombardi over Pope Francis"

I visited your web site and noted your reference to David Maraniss, Vince Lombardi's biographer. Have you read David Maraniss' tremendous biography of Vince Lombardi?

If you have, then I am amazed that you "take Vince Lombardi over Pope Francis."

I have paid great attention for decades to Vince Lombardi as he's a favorite of mine since the 1960s. He transcended sports. If you are familiar with David Maraniss' writings related to Vince Lombardi, then you know that Vince Lombardi was, if you will, Pope Francis before there was a Pope Francis.

Meaning: Vince Lombardi was rooted firmly in the Faith.

During his time, he was typical of millions of Catholics in the United States who had been raised on the TLM and staunch Catholic Tradition. He was a staunch liberal Democrat...a Catholic who had taken seriously the Church's Social Teaching.

Due to his fierce loyalty to the Faith which had formed him, Vince Lombardi was, in particular, rooted firmly in the Church's teachings related to tolerance and understanding.

Here is an example of Vince Lombardi's "extreme" liberalism (Catholic Social Teaching). Are you certain that you will take Vince Lombardi?

-- Lombardi: A champion of gay rights

May 4, 2013
Ian O'Connor
ESPN Senior Writer

Read what David Maraniss, as well as Vince Lombardi' family, revealed about Vince Lombardi, who was shaped by his staunch attachment to the Faith.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque said..."When it comes to sports and Catholicism, I'lll take Vince Lombardi over Pope Francis"

Here is an example of Vince Lombardi being Pope Francis before there was a Pope Francis. (If Pope Francis had displayed the following tremendous, non-judgmental mercy, he would be labeled a "heretic" who hated Church teaching.)

Vince Lombardi learned that Susan, his unmarried daughter, had become pregnant.

Susan Lombardi said: "My father walked into the house. He hugged me and said, `This child will have everything it needs.'' He told his daughter he loved her. A private wedding was arranged."

Vince Lombardi refused to cast the first stone. He exhibited tolerance and mercy in ponderous doses as per Catholic Social Teaching.

Time and again, Vince Lombardi's former players have noted that despite their coach's mythical image as a hardcore, right-wing, tyrant, Vince Lombardi spoke about things in the locker room that they'd had never heard from a football coach.

Vince Lombardi often talked to his players about Christian Love. He talked about racial tolerance. He supported interracial marriage when many people around him rejected that. Vince Lombardi was a staunch advocate for the rights of homosexuals. He rejected every form of unjust discrimination against homosexuals.

Bob Skoronski, a former Green Bay Packer who played for Vince Lombardi, related the following that reminded me of Pope Francis' tremendous promotion of love and tolerance for our neighbors to better improve life within the Church and world:

As referenced on Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque blog, "When Pride Still Mattered," by David Maraniss (Vince Lombardi's biographer):

"...Bob Skoronski recalls a pep talk that Lombardi once gave to the team. Lombardi began by asking an unusual question — so unusual it was probably never asked before, and has probably never been asked since, by any football coach in any pep talk anywhere."

"The extraordinary question Lombardi posed that day was this: “What is the meaning of love?” Yes. What is the meaning of love? He was serious. There was a method to his madness. He explained: “Anybody can love something that is beautiful or smart or agile. But you will never know love until you can love something that isn’t beautiful, isn’t bright, or isn’t glamorous. . . . Can you accept someone for his inabilities?”

"According to Skoronski, the great coach then proceeded to connect the dots. Lombardi explained to the players that any of them may not regard any particular teammate as equally talented or equally capable. But a loving commitment to the team and to all the teammates would enable a better player to help a lesser player."

"Skoronski explained the import of the question. “He didn’t want us to be picking on each other, but instead thinking: What can I do to make it easier for my teammate to help us win the game?"

Imagine if we followed that lead, which Pope Francis has offered to us today. Imagine the improvement in the quality of life, within and without the Church, if we followed that lead.

Rather than pick at each other..."heretic, false Pope, determined to destroy the Church...this one's a "neo-con," that one's a "modernist," this one is a "liberal," that one is a "traditionalist"...

...imagine if we, as Bob Skoronski noted, followed Vince Lombardi's lead, which, today, is advanced by Pope Francis, and promoted "a loving commitment to the team and to all the teammates..."

Christian love. As advanced today by Pope Francis and, decades ago, Vince Lombardi.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Mark Thomas @ 11:40 am

"As a daily communicant, Vince Lombardi was very typical of Catholics of his time...tremendously "liberal" in regard so social issues.

...People were stunned, for example, when they learned about Vince Lombardi's fierce Traditional Catholic-inspired promotion of racial and sexual tolerace.(sic)"

I'm not following you. Are you conflating so-called sexual tolerance and racial tolerance? Are you implying that racism is a good thing? Was that a Freudian slip? When you say Traditional Catholic inspired are you being sarcastic?

It appears that your charitable judgments of people are predicated on their rank. Are you maligning the motives of the dead man Vince Lombardi to prop up Pope Francis??

Anonymous said...

Mark, have you not gotten the hint from everyone else about the enormously long responses?? Seriously, town it down! You can leave a link without copy and pasting the entire thing right below it.

Mark Thomas said...

Anonymous @5:31 P.M.,

You didn't understand my comments directed at Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque?


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...


I was thrilled when I read the first comment here, which referenced Vince Lombardi. Ever since the late 1960s, Vince Lombardi has been of great interest and inspiration to me. For sentimental reasons, I was a fan of his as the result of his years with the New York Football Giants. But by the late 1960s (he had fallen asleep in the Lord in 1970 A.D.), I realized that Vince Lombardi was far beyond just having been a football coach.

Today, I often think of Vince Lombardi as a great example of a Catholic who had been formed well by Holy Mother Church when the Traditional Roman Mass was in place.

During the past 50 or so years, I've read extensively about Vince Lombardi. Although he had faults (yep, he's was one of us), to me, he represented the well-formed TLM Catholic of his time.

Vince Lombardi possessed great loyalty to God and His Church. Today, it isn't unusual to read/hear a Catholic public figure state that his or her Faith is a private matter. They announce that they leave their Catholicism at home when they leave for work...when they go about in public.

How sad. They refuse to leaven the world as Catholics. Catholicism is something to be kept in private, away from the public square.

Vince Lombardi, a daily communicant, didn't operate that way. He stated that he wasn't in the habit of walking about quoting Sacred Scripture. But despite his flaws, his faith was apparent in his moral conduct.

His unrelenting commitment to Catholic Social Teaching fueled his "liberalism." Many conservative non-Catholics, and incredibly, today, many conservative Catholics, and even traditionalists (traditionalists should know better), label Catholic Social Teaching as "communism," "liberalism"...

But Vince Lombardi didn't hesitate to "shock" people who had bought into the myth that he was a hardcore, right-wing, General Patton Catholic.

At each training camp with his team, he shocked players new to his team with his "liberal" speech that was rooted in Catholic Social Teaching. Contrary to right-wing thought, Vince Lombardi declared that he would not tolerate players who trafficked in racial discrimination. Jim Crow was abhorrent to Vince Lombardi. Ethnic discrimination was abhorrent to Vince Lombardi. As his family and former players noted, Vince Lombardi was determined to uphold the rights of his homosexual players.

His discipline and moderation reflected Catholicism.

Vince Lombardi even taught Latin.

In so many ways, Vince Lombardi reflected the formation that the TLM offers to Catholics.

But for so many former New York, Green Bay, and Washington players who were formed by him, Vince Lombardi's mention and promotion of Christian love in his locker rooms changed their lives in dramatic and positive fashion.

As I noted a couple of posts ago, Vince Lombardi's players said they had never heard a coach (in any sport) talk openly about love. But Vince Lombardi's desire to promote Catholic principles transformed many players' lives.

Vince Lombardi, as Holy Mother Church had instructed him, brought Catholicism into the public square. Imagine if we had Catholic public figures, politicians, in particular, who acted that way.

Literally, just a few weeks into Pope Francis' Pontificate, I thought...we have Vince Lombardi as Pope.

It is always uplifting and profitable to discuss Vince Lombardi. Vince Lombardi feel asleep in the Lord in 1970 A.D. But even today, and I believe that it' the result of his attachment to the Faith, Vince Lombardi remains a viable American figure.

Just ask The Remnant:

Vince Lombardi: How the Catholic Church Formed One of the Greatest Coaches of all Time


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...


Here is about a four-minute NFL Films tribute to Vince Lombardi...from his funeral at Saint Patrick's Cathedral to the inspiration that he continues to deliver to many people.



Mark Thomas

Barnum said...

Sunday morning CCD programs across North America are in place to make it easier to for families. (I would guess the same the world over is true.) The Pope just made it harder for these programs to teach, possibly even to be run with Catholic expectations and standards.

Felix M said...

Once again, Pope Francis doesn't understand how the world actually works. Sport is great because it's a transmuted form of warfare: instead of nations actually fighting, we do it vicariously, and without bloodshed, on the sports field.

Rab said...

@ Anon at 5:47
I told Mark the same thing about his comments, a few times. He just ignored it. It's his hobby, he destroys comment sections. :)
@ Anon at 5:31
Great questions, but I fear we won't get an answer.