A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 22 August 2016

National Catholic Register fires Simcha Fisher! Does herself in with her filthy mouth!

The Tenth Crusade has some screen shots of Fisher's meltdown over the parting of Mark Shea.  

A vulgar, grotesque, arrogant screed on social media seems to have helped.

She's now been sacked too!



Tancred said...

Just some idle speculation for your consideration: just how much did their vile reaction to Rorate and other Catholic publications have to do with this? Remember when Rorate basically told us what Pope Francis' papacy was going to be like long before any of what they portended actually happened?

Shea and Fisher are wrong more often than they are right. Maybe the editors of NCR are going in the right direction as when they fired Anchoress.

Aqua said...

Internet blogs are similar in some ways to cars on a freeway.

We sit here in our isolated, air conditioned cubicles of comfort; as the world hurtles by at 70 mph, surrounded by other cubicles of high speed metal,, weaving in and out, trying to kill us, braking, accelerating, passing, cutting us off, flipping us the bird from time to time. And we hate these obstacles that keep getting in our way, making us slow down, taking away our freedom to drive at our chosen speed in our chosen lane. Perhaps trying to run us off the road. Fricking Idiots!

Until we realize there is a human being in that hunk of metal next to us, who forgot his blinker. A human being much like ourself. Perhaps he is surrounded in his car by his wife and children; as I am. A family man! That metal blob that just cut me off, or caused me to tap my brakes is actually a person; a man or woman with a story to tell.

Much like the Internet. I am a faithful Catholc, who loves Jesus and His Bride, with a large family who loves me. But here, I am just a name with some (perhaps) strange opinions. Rage, anger, flame!

The Internet is anonymous. Nameless, faceless, blobs. Things. Such rage! I think it is the inhumanity of the medium itself that is incurable. We don't see each other as brothers and sisters; fellow creations of God. Just words on a page.


Pity the poor soul that can produce a face like that. May she, like Mark, like ME, repent and receive mercy.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, another bum gone, Bye Bye!!!

Josh said...

Your ire here is deplorable, dude.

Vox Cantoris said...

Brian, the picture was lifted from her own blog where she wrote about her anger at God.

You are welcome here, Sir! I appreciate your commentary over the last few days!

Dan said...

Looks like pretend "anger face." I imagine NCR is just trying to figure out a mix that will gain readers and increase profits, rather than a sort of "purification." At least that's how this cynic sees these recent firings.

Michael Dowd said...

Is this the look the moment she was fired. This is the look of someone radiating evil. Glad she's gone. I bet Hillary could use her in some nefarious capacity.

Aqua said...

Thanks, Vox. I've had a rough run lately over the past few months. I've drastically reduced my overall exposure to Catholic blogs as a result. So I appreciate that. Especially given what you've been through, personally, along these lines.

It's difficult to reconcile my life on these blogs with everything else that happens outside of them. I'm sure the same can be said for most every one else here. So easy to misunderstand. So difficult to retain Christian Charity.

I will only spend my time on blogs like this that are reasonable in addition to informative.

Vox Cantoris said...

Thank you, Brian!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If NCR is cleaning house, it's their business. They need to do things according to what God would want, not man. And if the person has gotten fired, it would be nice if they could look back and see if their behavior or writing may have been the cause. They shouldn't go around bad mouthing NCR and being babies about it. A big problem with this society we live in is no one wants to accept they are at fault. It is always someone else's fault.

Kathleen1031 said...

As a female, looking at that picture, I see what a shame it is that women have been lied to by other women and told that this kind of anger, rage, and fury is attractive and appropriate. What a terrible deception on so many women. They were sold a bill of goods and they bought it. It's a loss for everyone. Anger like this comes from a very dark place.