Sunday, 8 May 2016

The most wonderfullest, and infalliblest Pope evah!

Will he infallibly declare that none that come after Francis the Great are infallible (when declared so and on matters of faith and morals only) for all you papolaters our there!

Francis, Pope. More Infallible Than He There Is None

He displays a willingness to reconsider the dogma of infallibility. But in reality he is vesting full power in himself much more than his immediate predecessors did. And he is acting as an absolute monarch

by Sandro Magister

ROME, May 9, 2016 – There was an uproar in recent days over the announcement by the theologian Hans Küng that Pope Francis has given an effective green light to “an unrestricted discussion of the dogma of infallibility”:


Ana Milan said...

I believe that Jesus invested infallibility in St. Peter by building His Church on the Rock and giving him the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, etc. Of course, if PF doesn't believe in all of that and for the sake of getting everyone on his side & joining with schismatics & infidels of all sorts, then this would certainly mean we needn't feel bound by anything he says, Papal Exhortations et al.

The day must be fast approaching when this absolute monarch is obliged to vacate the Seat of Peter.

Felix M said...

Isn't it a Catholic dogma that every Pope is heaps greater than the ones before him?

Like, John Paul II used to be called "the Great" (if you can remember that far back). And even I liked Papa Benedict.

And now we have Papa Bergoglio, the most humblest and most amazingly human pope ever. Heck, he doesn't even worry whether he's teaching Catholic doctrine or not. How amazing can you get!

Ronald Sevenster said...

What does it matter that Francis exaggerates his authority? For he uses it only to sow confusion and destroy the historical continuity of the Church. The more he enforces his modernist agenda, the more he destroys the traditional understanding of the Church and the Papacy, and, consequently, his own authority. For a Church already mired in modernism and theological liberalism this process of destruction might be actually healthy. Let Francis destroy and take the other destroyers with him. There will come a moment when he himself will be destroyed by the mess he has made. We are now in such a complete self-destructive moment in Church history, that the way to the future is perhaps by letting the destruction complete itself. Inevitably, there will come a moment of revolutionary chaos which will give true Catholics the momentum to throw the Vatican faggots into the Tiber and restore order in the Church.

xsosdid said...

So.... if you are the Pope, and you claim that pope's are fallible, then you yourself are fallible, and therefore your opinion that popes are fallible can be doubted, so head hurts.

Anonymous said...

@ Ronald, Thank you for your comment... Spot On!

Anonymous said...

Surely the Most Merciful Pope in the history of the Church ,the first Pope to make excuses for Judas ,perhaps Christ was been a bit harsh when He called him "the Son of Perdition "and said !It would have been better for him if he had never been born".Judas is an excellent example of those who have no faith in Christ and instead of leaving His service ,stay in His Church to do as much damage as they can.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Your head will stop hurting if are able to take these Catholic realty checks on board:

Anonymous said...

Pope Judas.