Sunday, 1 May 2016


He thanked Pope Francis "for allowing us to use the most beautiful parish hall in the world."

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Was it not bad enough that these malefactors sold out to Porche?

Don't try to tell me he didn't know!

They're so proud of themselves they've even advised the world on bookface.

Musician David Evans - better known as U2's lead guitarist, The Edge - played a short acoustic set on Saturday evening for the participants in the Vatican's conference on regenerative medicine last week.

The Edge, lead guitarist for the Irish rock band U2, made history Saturday night when he became the first rock star ever to play in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City,…


Mark Thomas said...

"The Edge, from U2, performed a song in the Sistine Chapel. This video was captured by an attendee on a cell phone."


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

From NBC News:

U2's The Edge Becomes First Rock Star to Play the Sistine Chapel

by Claudio Lavanga

ROME, Italy — U2's lead guitarist The Edge became the first rock star to play in the Sistine Chapel on Saturday, performing an unplugged set with the backing of a young Irish choir.

"The musician, whose real name is David Evans, was invited to play in the 15th century chapel for the participants of a conference on regenerative medicine, which took place inside the Vatican.

"When I was asked to perform in the Sistine Chapel I didn't know what to say, because usually there's 'this other guy' who sings," The Edge told the audience, referring to U2's lead singer Bono. "So it took me at least, well, 30 seconds to agree to it."

"He played a cover of Leonard Cohen's "If It Be Your Will," and unplugged versions of the U2 songs "Yahweh," "Ordinary World" and "Walk On." He sang the tunes with the help of the Irish choir.

"Pope Francis was not among the audience in the Sistine Chapel, but The Edge got a chance to meet him briefly on Friday, during the conference.

"My special thanks go to him," The Edge said before the concert. "To the people's Pope."


Mark Thomas

hereisjorgebergoglio said...

The Edge's family also stayed in room 666 at Casa Santa Marta. Can't make this stuff up.

Thanks for linking to our post!

-Call Me Jorge...

Anonymous said...

Beware the Spirit of Religiosity ,its caused by reverance toward the Sacred.We see this all the time: someone genuflect in precisely the right fashion, attend Mass daily and meticulously follow every rubric, perhaps wear a veil (which can be a very good thing), perhaps attend Adoration (which is better yet), but walk out of church and forget to love; in fact, do the opposite. They will judge others. That was not Christ's game plan when He gave the keys to Peter. It does no good to genuflect at the same time as you are rolling your eyes. " Pope Francis said yesterday (4/28/16).

Ana Milan said...

It just gets worse & worse. Are there no God-fearing Cardinals prepared to call out this renegade Pope & coterie? They are simply a disgrace to Jesus Christ and should renounce their red hats & privileges as they have proven to be not fit for purpose.

Anonymous said...

Even my wife who is Buddhist knows that this is wrong. They would allow this to happen in any of their temples.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say they would not allow this in any of their temples.

Brian said...


Too bad Jorge didn't join this rocker for a duet of that vulgar piece called the "Vatican Rag", or maybe the Beatle tune, "I get by with a little help from my friends." This is just another example, of virtually the complete loss, of the sense, of the sacred in pop Catholicism. I share your disgust at this.

Estne episcopos in domu?

Anonymous said...

Vox please add this information
The group U2 is serving the gay lobby. Sponsors activists pro-abortion groups like Greenpeace and Amnesty International.
U2 Praises Ireland’s Gay Marriage Victory With A ‘Pride’-ful Performance In Arizona. U2's Bono celebrated homosexual marriage.

nazareusrex said...
Bergoglio awarded this Pro Gay band allowing them to desacrar the Sistine Chapel. They should have lost their fans from the moment they supported the pseudo gay marriages.

nazareusrex said...

The Edge is #AmorisLaetitia & Laudato Si posterboy.