Friday, 6 May 2016

Pervert Priest and the Canadian bishops that covered him up, so-to-speak

From the combox, to the post below (not published):

"It must be be very sad to spend all of your time looking for darkness. It will be for you a self-fulfilling prophecy. May God be merciful and grant you peace."

How charitable. How sincere.

Actually, your comment says much more about you than it does of me. Why do you think we should hide the truth about the homosexual - sodomite priests and bishops? What do you think that says to the victims such as a friend of mine and in fact, myself who experienced the assaults of some of these same rotten effeminates and brutes. 

The darkness is being brought into the light and The Light, my friend.

Your snarky prayer at the end gives you away all the time. You are a failure. You are a disgrace, a traitor and Judas. You know it and that is why you are so angry. You thought you would rejoice in the Effect but you realise, deep in your being, that we are fighting back and we will win, because Christ has already won it! 

Your work is straw to be consumed in fire.

You are failure as a man, in fact, you have no masculinity. You are prissy, little fool, an effeminate in every way. A pretender. You are a bully, you know it, I know it, your brother knows it and your poor sisters too. You are indeed, a sad, sad man.

You must also be of the same persuasion as Sullivan, no doubt. 

May the prayers you meant for me also be applied to you. 


Following up on the dead pervert priest John Sullivan, what follows from Sylvia's Site must not go unreported. This disgusting, filthy sodomitical pervert and the bishops and cardinals that aided him are all laid out. He even spent some time right here in Toronto. Sullivan died on Easter Sunday. Pocock, Proulx, the Carter boys and Ambrozic have a lot to answer for, as do a few Toronto Auxiliaries. 

I can't imagine what explanation they gave Our Blessed Lord on their particular judgement.

Sullivan pic circa 1967 0r 68 resized

Connecting the dots
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It’s taken me a while to get this together – I ended up looking up all sorts of things đź™‚   But, on the whole this is what I wanted to say about about the massive Father John E. Sullivan cover-up.  There is a little more info which I will add later regarding Sullivan’s years in Montreal and activities as a priest during those years.  It won’t take long to to put that together, but I did want to get this much posted now
As you know, this new look at the Father John Sullivan sex abuse scandal started with my finding of the following court document which specifically references a number of otherwise publicly  unknown facts facts regarding Sullivan.
So, here we go…..
Connecting dots…………….can be read fully at this link which follows:

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Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Catholic Church, Catholic Priest.

Novus Ordo rites remove Catholicity.

What a world.

If Luther, Calvin, Wesley, on down to the bloke three blocks away excommunicating everyone, including his wife, 'cause of the 'wind' of the 'holy ghost', we would end up here and now.