Friday, 13 May 2016

Si, Si, No, No?

Yes, No, I Don’t Know, You Figure It Out. The Fluid Magisterium of Pope Francis

He never says all that he has in mind, he just leaves it to guesswork. He allows everything to be brought up again for discussion. Thus everything becomes a matter of opinion, in a Church where everyone does what he wants

by Sandro Magister

ROME, May 13, 2016 – How the magisterium of Pope Francis works was explained a few days ago by one of his pupils, Archbishop Bruno Forte. He recounted that during the synod on the family, for which he was special secretary, the pope said to him: 

“If we talk explicitly about communion for the divorced and remarried, you have no idea what a mess these guys will make for us. So let’s not talk about it directly, you get the premises in place and then I will draw the conclusions.”

And so, thanks to this “wise” advice - Forte continued - matters came to “fruition” and the papal exhortation “Amoris Laetitia” arrived. In which the reformers have found what they wanted.


Barnum said...

Thanks for posting this, Vox.

1) Paul Likoudis was writing about Alinskyite tactics in The Wanderer long, long before anyone heard of B. H. Obama. Evidently, the Cathochurchmen, to coin a Likoudis/francais-like phrase, studied what Mr. Likoudis was writing about while spewing venom at the Wanderer, that irreplaceable bastion of Catholic orthodoxy.
2) Thanks for posting this account and analysis, Vox. Sr. Magister's artful closing line is top dead centre to one of the best moralizing news reports ever.

Anonymous said...

Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay ,all else comes from the devil.

Unknown said...

It's another "linguistic event" to use the words of Cardinal Schonborn. In the New Church everything is just a linguistic game. Was our Lord Jesus Christ a mere manipulator of words?

Michael Dowd said...

"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"---Christ.

"No more you're not, there are lots of ways, truths and lifestyles"--Pope Francis.

Ana Milan said...

Yes Mr. Dowd you are correct. This Pope & much of the Hierarchy believe they are superior to Jesus Christ. But then, Vatican II has emboldened our leadership since its inception into trashing the Liturgy of Ages, the Sacraments, Ten Commandments etc. all in the spirit of ecumenism & inclusivity which actually is against Tradition & Deposit of Faith and therefore against Christ. Now we have AL which imo is heretical as it clearly opens the way for divorced & remarried & cohabiting couples of all hues to receive Holy Communion. It is already happening in Germany and most probably elsewhere too. We can also expect the impending Synod on Priestly Celibacy to promote a married priesthood & perhaps a butch female priesthood. It's all Satan's work of course, but so sad to see him able to get away with all of this without a robust response from the majority of Cardinals who are supposed to uphold the Doctrine of the CC in every way. It would perhaps be better if they were to withdraw from their hierarchal positions and let these usurpers be seen for what they are - Modernists, Free Masons, Satanists. Their continued presence is confusing the issue for many Catholics as they think, by their silence, they are in agreement with PF & his cronies.

Michael Dowd said...

Ana Milan. Your commentary is exactly correct. There has been a massive falling away from the faith since Vatican II as we all know. The thought below is why it may be so.

Last night this thought dawned on me: that the Novus Ordo Mass is in many ways a pagan sacrifice in it's words and actions, as it is more oriented to man than to God. I would guess many folks on this site think the same way. Anyway, it is no real wonder that we are where we are. God will not tolerate mockery.

Kathleen1031 said...

Super comments by all here. Dead-on accurate comments.
This is amazing to witness. We must be alive for a reason. God will not abandon us, but I'd feel a lot better if He returned today. I half expect Him to, every day now.