Monday, 2 May 2016

We can't unknow what we know

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Years ago, in fact, about 2003, as the culmination of a long period of research (on the religious life) I realized that the rift in the Church was worse than I had been led to believe from what we then categorized as the “conservative” Catholic writers. This was the uncomfortable moment that I “tradded,” and though I’ve never wished I could go back to not knowing what I know, the understanding hasn’t come without a cost. I’m not a Trad because I want to be. I’m a Trad because I can’t ever un-know things I now know.


Brian said...


I understand exactly what this author is discussing. I took her a while but eventually she saw the shallowness of the so called "conservative" template. She has done her homework. Sometimes these neo-con Catholics can be as nasty as the liberal progressives. They don't like it when their operating system is challenged, an operating system that is very much at the "beck and call" of the Spirit of Vatican II.

Today, in our traditional calendar, is the feast of St. Athanasius, that 4th century champion of courageous "in your face" orthodoxy. Clearly, Hillary White has a good deal of Athanasius in her. If only our bishops did as well.

Is there a bishop in the house?

Sybok said...

In the east there is another athanasius, one who grew in a faith undefiled by the vatican 2s spirit , ironically thanks to iron curtain. Hes only one in house i know of.

Peter Lamb said...

Hilary is on the right track. One day, I think soon, the penny is gonna drop that the Catholic Church is infallible and indefectible; cannot teach error and that a masonic heretic cannot be Pope. Then where she gonna be? :)

Peter Lamb said...

"There is a consoling truth that deserves our attention: nothing can happen to us that God does not expressly will to happen to us. Not that He wills the sinful action of another by which we are injured, but that He wills the injury.
Applying this to the Vatican II church, God expressly wills to use it as an instrument to chastise the world. He is not the author of its sins, but he concurs with their effects that you and I must suffer. To deny this would implicitly deny the omnipotence or the goodness of God, by saying that He is unable or unwilling to prevent the evils that come upon us by means of Bergoglio and company."

I have plagiarized this comment of "George". It is very profound. Saint Paul tells us why God is sending us the "operation of error" (aka NWO church) - to separate the faithful from the faithless.

Anonymous said...

Vox, I don't know where should I post this, but I think people should be made aware of it.
Disqus is a huge comments system used by many religious websites. However the site itself hosts the most virulent anti-Christian and anti-Catholic channels I have ever seen so far. They have a falsely named "Religion" channel where I have seen the worst anti-Christian hate speech ever. They have their own trolls who viciously attack Christians and spew venomous lies about them, and "moderators" who are protecting them and blocking the others.
I've even had my account hacked into several times to remove comments they had already forbidden but of which they didn't want any trace left.
I think they are trying to stir hatred towards Christians on a scale never seen before and it is very dangerous.
Please check it out yourself.

Anonymous said...

The case against "Trads"
The Church has never used such a name nor have her faithful children nor have the faithful children used such a name for themselves. Those who claim to be "traditional Catholics" should know from the Canon that the faithful Catholics are all orthodox believers who keep the catholic and apostolic faith.