Friday, 8 May 2015

Toronto's Catholic Register - Slam down to Michael Coren

Let us give credit where credit is due. 

Toronto's Catholic Register has published a column by Dorothy Cummings McLean on the Michael Coren saga. She sums up well the problem of living a double-life by worshipping as an Anglican whilst dissenting on the truths of the Faith and taking money for it. Let us be clear, Coren boasted on his own Twitter and Facebook that he was in fact, already gone and had the Anglican Diocese not published that picture of him outside of St. James' Cathedral in Toronto, he might still be doing engaging in a business taking money from Roman Catholics.

It was my intent to leave this man to his own self; however, given my criticism of the Catholic Register previously, I certainly owe them a bouquet when they do something right.

Professional Catholics must be professional and Catholic

  • May 7, 2015
According to the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, Catholic Register columnist Michael Coren was received into the Anglican Communion on April 19. Despite Coren’s fame as an apologist for the Roman Catholic faith, his break with Rome went almost unnoticed. The news was made public by a tweet congratulating Coren on his reception. This disappeared from Twitter, although not before a sharp-eyed reader took a screenshot and posted it to a blog.
Initial reactions to his conversion included shock, sorrow, doubt, scorn, satire, exhortations to pray and emails to Roman Catholic organizations. In Coren’s words, preserved on yet another blog: “Some right-wing Catholics finally realized I’d been an Anglican for a year and spent last 24 hrs telling everybody.”
Imagine being called “right-wing” by Michael Coren. But I digress.
Read the rest of it at the Catholic Register.


TH2 said...

Saving face. Bread crumbs. Plausible deniability.

Nota bene: Full articles by CR's opinion columnist's are only available to online subscribers. But, abracadabra, this article appears in in its totality for anyone to read, subscriber or not. It's magic!

It's a joke, Vox.

A bouquet? I think you should throw tomatoes.

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes, but this was for Seraphic,

Mrs McLean said...

Usually one of the opinion pieces is presented free on the internet. Not sure if there's a pattern or a rotation, but has been a while since "Nova et Vetera" featured.

The editors didn't know.

Jonah said...

Outrage over his deceit? How about outrage that he submitted crap and that CR published it? The editors are as blameworthy as Coren.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Nicholson's arbitrary attack on Fr Gruner just after his sudden death - as shown in his article on the side of your blog page - is disgraceful. May he retract and repent.