Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The schism within the Church in Germany is becoming apparent for all to see

As previously known from LifeSiteNews, Germany's youngest Bishop, Stefan Oster of Passau, on the matters of life, marriage and family distances himself from the majority of Germany's bishops and cardinals, specifically Marx and Kasper.

Rorate reports the following from five other German bishops supporting him.

[A Letter from Five German Bishops in support of Bishop Stefan Oster, SDB, as published on Bishop Oster's Facebook, May 16, 2015:]

Most Reverend Bishop Oster, dear Brother, Stefan,

We thank you for your statement concerning the recent public document “To Build Bridges Between the Teaching and Life Reality – Family and the Church in the World of Today,” which the ZdK formally approved during its Spring Plenary Assembly. We follow and wholeheartedly support your arguments on the teaching about the Christian view of man: especially with respect to the meaning of femininity and masculinity, and thus also especially with respect to the meaning of Christian Marriage, since they [these arguments] are deeply rooted in the teaching of Jesus Himself in Holy Scripture and in the Tradition of the Church.

Meanwhile, we live in Germany, in a strongly secularized society. This circumstance should not discourage us nor lead us to seek an adaptation to the secular mainstream, but it should make us see it as a chance now to re-discover the uniqueness of the Christian vocation [hence mission]in the world.

An indispensable precondition for this [rediscovered vocation] is an open-hearted and loyal proclamation of the teaching of Jesus in the Gospels and the discovery of the relationship with Him as providing true richness for our life, as you have done it in your own response.

Therefore, we are convinced that many faithful are also extraordinarily grateful to you for your clear words.

United in our brotherly bond, we greet you, we the bishops of:

Augsburg: Dr. Konrad Zdarsa
Eichstätt: Gregor M. Hanke OSB
Görlitz: Wolfgang Ipolt
Regensburg: Dr. Rudolf Voderholzer
Würzburg: Dr. Friedhelm Hofmann

[Translations: Dr. Maike Hickson]

When October is done, there will be two Catholic Churches in Germany; the Roman Catholic and the German Catholic. The former will be the real Church loyal to the faith and Magisterium and the latter will be heretics and no different than the protestant revolutionaries that came out of this same land.

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