Sunday, 17 May 2015

Bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba apologises but the problem still remains. He is a disgrace as a priest and a bishop!

Crux reporter Inés San Martín reports that Bishop Juan Vicente Córdoba is walking back is heretical and filthy statements that St. Mary Magdalene may have been a "lesbian" and one of Our Blessed Lord's apostles was "gay."

The very fact that this Bishop of Jesus Christ, this Shepherd would even think this way to say it in the first place remains a problem. He need not apologise to us but to the Lord and His Saints.

Who formed this man? Who determined that he had a vocation? 

There was a time that the Pope would have called a bishop such as this to Rome and stripped him of his office and exiled him to a monastery and a life of prayer and fasting.

There is no other thing to say Bishop Córdoba, you are disgrace to the Catholic priesthood and to the episcopacy.

Please review Canon 401 §2 and avail yourself of it without further delay.


Anonymous said...

Plain and simple, Francis is a revolutionary. Sodomy is to be sacramentalised under this papacy. This is what he means in "reaching out to the peripheries". It is a chilling thought. Hell on earth is spawning with the complete and total embrace of a homosexual priesthood, same-sex marriage, wymyn priests, the commodification of gametes (children) into these sterile unions, contraception to deny children thus reducing the carbon footprint which NuChurch abhors, allowance of serial monogamy via civil divorce, and the continuation and upholding of the desolate NO liturgy. It's a complete package. It all started with "who am I to judge". The question is, how institutionalized will
these things become?

Anonymous said...

You want to see where that stupid praise about judgement is used? Check out the Jesuit gay mass that another comment mentioned:

Anonymous said...

I think all this stuff in the Church today is a variation on that old theme: "Did God REALLY say you must not...."

Anonymous said...

Of course, the Pope knew. He has advisors who study the background of all potential candidates for important positions. There is a procedure. There is written briefing. This heretical priest's lauding of intrinsic evil over many years has made him infamous - and his reputation would have been very well known since his controversial time as head of the Dominicans in England. The man is a most egregious scandal to souls. Lord, have mercy. He is getting important positions, power and prestige, under Francis, because of his promotion of evil.

tuleesh said...

OK. Let's humor His Grace's outrageous comments about St Mary Magdalene and "one of Our Blessed Lord's apostles." No doubt they heard Our Lord say, "...If any man will follow me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me." Obviously they did.