Friday, 29 May 2015

Help a Seminarian!

Hello Friends,

I would like to put out this appeal for Mr. Michael Hayes. I know Michael and can vouch for him. He is studying for the Catholic priesthood for the Ukrainian Rite of the Catholic Church in Canada.

Michael writes below his appeal.

Can Vox readers put him over the top? 

God bless you.


Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

My name is Michael Hayes. After several years of discernment, I entered seminary last year for the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada. I am preparing to enter my second year of theological studies in September, 2015.

In order to continue with my seminary formation, I will require the financial support of others. My diocese will cover room, board, and food; I pay for tuition, academic fees, and personal expenses. While I will be working during the summer, I will not make enough money to cover my costs for the next academic year. As a seminarian, I am not permitted to work during the academic year.

I am trying to raise approximately $8,500 to cover the costs of the year. The breakdown is as follows:

University tuition and fees (Summer, 2015): ~$700
University tuition (Fall-Winter, 2015-16): ~$5,100
Incidental fees (Fall-Winter, 2015-16): ~$700
Books: ~$500
Personal expenses: ~$1,500

Any donation no matter how large will be greatly appreciated. Since this is a personal fundraising campaign, I am not able to issue tax receipts. Please know that I pray for all of my benefactors by name daily; I mean it when I tell you that you are in my prayers!

Thank you, and God bless!


Gary Freeman said...

Enjoy this blog. I won't contriubte through gofundme - they shut down a fundraising campaign by Christian Bakers in the US, rcently. I will, however, send a cheque to Michal if you will have him contact me with his address.


Vox Cantoris said...

Hi Gary,

I agree with you about GoFundMe. I was disgusted with what they did. He took this out before that unfortunate occurrence. Write me at and I will forward it on to him.

God bless and thanks,