Saturday, 23 May 2015

Heretical Coup planned at October Synod on the Family? The "secret" is out and our mission is clear - Viva Cristo Rey

The division is becoming much clearer between those bishops and cardinals who are faithful Catholics and those who are heretics and protestants. The crack is beginning to show in Germany where Bishop Stefan Oster is leading the younger bishops faithful to the truth compared to those of the likes of Kasper and Marx.

They have become very bold and not just them directly but the whole sodomite fascist element that has descended upon once rational nations like a fog. It is black and it is diabolical. There can be no allowance for sodomy in the minds of a faithful Catholic. This is not about being intolerant or not respectful of others. It is about what is against God and against nature. It is one of the four sins crying out to heaven for justice, the others being willful murder (not self-defense nor just war nor justifiable homicide in the defense of others, nor capital punishment after right judgement), depriving a man of his just wages and final impenitence against the Holy Spirit - the literal refusal to repent and receive the Father's mercy.

It must be said with all respect to the man and the Office; Pope Francis has allowed this and has fostered this debate and division. It is he who must confirm the faith. His ill-advised words and phrases have been used in Ireland in the current debate and they are used here in Toronto at the Jesuit parish of Our Lady of Lourdes (may she intercede). You can see how on that first page, they use the Pope's own words without the paragraphs that preceded it or the background to the situation. We can only assume, of course, that they are all living, or at least striving, for chastity.

The report that follows belorefers to "welcoming the remarried of remarried divorcees (no they are not, they are living in adultery) and homosexual persons in the Church." There is a big lie being told - that the divorced and those who are "homosexual" are not "welcome." 

I was "divorced" and even though I was, I was never made to feel unwelcome in the Church. I participated in Church activities and I sang in the choir. Admittedly, I did not remarry until long after a Decree of Nullity and that is the point. I did not remarry civilly and create a public scandal by expecting the Church to adhere to my demands. If I were "living in sin" with a woman, I have no doubt that I would still have been allowed to sing in the choir, but never to present myself for Holy Communion.

At that same parish (and I will be open, the Toronto Oratory with eleven priests, a seminary, two parishes and both Forms of the Roman Rite daily), there was also a man who had been a "gay activist." That man experienced a conversion to Christ and then through a second conversion, became Catholic. He is now married to a woman and together they strive to be faithful to Christ and His freeing commandments and to help others do the same. At this Church to the best of my knowledge he was never shunned, scorned or insulted. He was a loved and respected parishioner and friend. He served Mass, assisted in the sacristy, participated in every aspect of parish life. He attended Mass almost daily, prayed his rosary, went to the Sacraments and is a better Catholic than most of us!

My point is this, these malefactors that have tried to subvert the Synod from the real problems of the family in this corrupted world are single-mindedly devoted to the profanation of the Holy Eucharist and the money that comes from those who would demand it. There can be no other reason why they would attempt to do this other than that they have lost their vocation, if they ever really had one, and along with it, their belief in supernatural faith. 

Rorate Caeli reports from the original French at Le Figaro:

Family Synod: a Very Discreet Meeting of the Reformers in Rome

Jean-Marie Guénois
Le Figaro
May 22, 2015 - 6:24 PM (Paris time), updated at 6:50 PM

On Monday [May 25], European episcopates will debate the welcoming of remarried divorcees and homosexuals in the Church.

The initiative has remained very discreet, indeed secret, but it is important. According to our information, three episcopates -- the German, the Swiss, and the French -- have gotten together in order to organize, behind closed doors, on Monday, May 25, in Rome, in the premises of the Jesuit Gregorian University, a day of studies centered on the welcoming of remarried divorcees and homosexual persons in the Church. Renowned German theologians will take the floor before a chosen audience of only fifty people. The closing conference will be delivered by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, President of the German Bishops' Conference. Along with Cardinal Walter Kasper, this influential cardinal -- a member of the C9, the Pope's close council -- works actively for a policy of opening of the Catholic Church on these dossiers.

At the Vatican, only a few personalities have received an invitation.


TLM said...

The 'Campaign' to subvert and destroy the true Church of Christ is in full high speed gear by these unfaithful prelates. They are working feverishly to promote and 'sell' their diabolical plan to destroy the Church before the next Synod in October. They want all the votes they can get. These men obviously have lost the faith.

I read an interesting piece last week that * Kasper had invited the Polish Bishops to meet (and I would just speculate at this private meeting) but they declined the 'good' Cardinal's invitation. God Bless and give strength and courage to the Polish Bishops for their faithfulness, and to all the good and faithful Bishops who stand strong in the face of such evil.
The men who are promoting the destruction of the Church, whether or not they realize it, are pawns of Satan. They are Satan's 'useful idiots'. Pray for them as well to have the scales removed from their eyes. Pray for the Pope as well. May God help us in this epic battle. We have much to go through for Christ in His Church.

Anonymous said...

'tis interesting to note where this meeting is to take place tomorrow. The same univ from which it seems more than half of the episcopal nominations are being taken by Pope Francis....

They plot, he builds the infrastructure to make the plot succeed...