Monday, 4 May 2015

Our Catholic hearts are in turmoil

How hard it is for any of us as Catholics to criticise the Pope. I know that when I do my Catholic heart bothers me. 

I have been disturbed by Pope Jorge Bergoglio from that evening he came out on the loggia with his "good evening." The next day, he celebrated his first Mass and did not genuflect after the Elevations and does not to this day. He refused to bless the assembled media because he respected their "consciences." Well, what about the Catholics there or those who might have benefited from this grace? A few days later, he more than genuflected by grovelling on the floor to wash the feet of non-Catholics on Holy Thursday when these should have been priests. If he wishes to wash the feet of the poor in a humble manner do it without cameras on any of the 364 other nights of the year, but not that night.

It has only gotten worse. The insults, the confusion, the literally idiotic statements. He has invited a man to pray in the Vatican whose "religion" was founded by a murderous, pervert and antichrist. We are now told to kneel in veneration of the poor while he still does not genuflect at Mass at the Consecration! Last week, pro-abortion and population controllers were at the Vatican at an environmental conference. Today, he met with some silly woman in clerics from Sweden who needs a therapist as she thinks she's a bishop as Jenner thinks he's a woman. Frankly Bruce Jenner has more potential to become a bishop than this Swede. There is the persecution of the FFI and so much more.

My friend Aged Parent of The Eye-Witnesss blog has a post that resonates:
The current Pope has, let us face obvious facts, left the Church in a state of disarray, not to say blind panic.  From one day to the next we hear messages from his garrulous lips that are either mildly orthodox, of dubious orthodoxy and/or outright rubbish.  No one seems to know if he has the intellectual capacity for his exalted position or if he just likes to talk, to say anything that enters his head, without much forethought.  He cannot be pinned down.  His words and actions are so "all-over-the-place" that no one can form a definitive judgment.  I most certainly can't.  He keeps everyone on tenterhooks or, worse, in a state of real fear for the Church.  Dignity does not seem to be a concept he is too familiar with, so when an ordinary Catholic sees him putting on a clown nose they cringe with embarrassment for the Church, and for him.  These are not the actions of a grave or earnest man. 
Imagine, Catholics who are so distressed over the occupant of the Chair of Peter that we are forced to write in this manner in alarm for what we are facing. 

And Asia Bibi still suffers on death row.


Dorota said...

Thank you for saying it. Many Catholics, including my Grandparents and Parents, have never spoken a word of criticism about any pope. Until... That greeting from the balcony: "Good evening". It could be interpreted simply as a gesture of good will toward all. But my old Father's intuition had informed him otherwise. He expected the Pope to greet all with a clear proclamation of the only true faith - that in Jesus Christ the Saviour. He does not trust this man.

One day while reading the Pope's interview with Scalfari, I called home convinced the sky was going to fall any minute. I can't recall exactly what was said in that interview, so much has happened since, but it was pure heresy. When I calmed down, I re-read the article and realized, the interview took place a month earlier, and the end of the world did not come.

It is clear to me now: Either the Church has always taught lies or this Pope, who shows no respect for the teaching, is gravely endangering souls of men. Has he lost his faith or is he unaware of his mistakes? Is he pursuing a sinister agenda or does he truly believe in the veneration of (certain groups of) the created rather then the Creator? If he is correct, the Church has been wrong. If he is wrong, why won't all those who surround him do something about this farce and continuing lies and blasphemies? Are they ALL in on it? If Jesus lives, if He is here with us today, if He is in Rome, and if what He said is true, what are they thinking? Have they all sold their souls to the devil, deeming themselves incapable to get away?

Anonymous said...

The Church of Man is been formed ,this Church will have no hell,no sin ,no suffering ,no sacrifice,the battle lines are been will eventually be crushed ,it should be easy to discern true Priests ,they will be mocked and persecuted like their Master.Notice how Crucifixes are been replaced with abstract crosses,and Churches stripped of anything that might raise ones thoughts to God.All this was revealed to Rev Albert Drexel and is contained in a small book,now available to read on line.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

John Salza has called Bergoglio's public face 'a magisterium of chit-chat...[we have] never had popes, who represent Christ, make such off handed remarks that have caused so much confusion and scandal. Never before have they failed to invoke the God-given authority [of ex cathedra infallibility]. In fact it's almost a repudiation of their authority, and because of that, and because God is so displeased with it, he's left them to their own devices.',140330,john_salza_interview_limits_of_papal_authority_final,39_min.mp3

Michael Dowd said...

Excellent summary. Pope Francis focuses on the City of Man. He appears to have lost his faith some time ago. He is a disaster. Hopefully God will not tolerate him much longer. Let us pray that God will be done and Pope Francis soul be saved.

Michael Dowd

Brian said...


If, over the last two years, I had not known that the statements of this man were that of the Pope, I would have thought that they were the words of a dissident priest (or ex priest) touring the Catholic teacher professional development day circuit. Sounds just like the Catholicism suppressing drivel from one of Gregory Baum's disciples.

Believe me I do share your turmoil. John Paul II and Benedict XVI, although straitjacketed, by the "Spell of Vatican II", at least showed some exemplary courage, to try to maintain some doctrinal continuity, especially on some hot button issues. Not so with Francis (CEO of Modernism Inc.)who is truly a child of Loisy and Tyrrell and, therefore, deeply marinated in the condemned propositions in Lamentablili Sane.

O Bishops! Is there an Athanasius in the house? If so, please stand up!

Anonymous said...

Imagine the triple whammy jammy when Pope Francis visits the US in September? Once we had Reagan, Thatcher and JPII. Now we have Castro, Obama and Francis. But who am I to judge?

Disturbed Mary