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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Professor Josef Siefert on the persecution of faithful Catholics by the Church of Bergoglio

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"For this reason, I have found it appropriate—on the advice of a very saintly and brilliant cardinal of the Catholic Church—not to accept humbly and silently episcopal slaps in the face for telling the truth and asking questions of the greatest importance to the Church. Instead, I have resolved to fight against misrepresentations of truth and against injustice, both by an ecclesiastic and a civil legal action. Power must not be allowed to dominate over reason in the Church. Gravely damaging and false accusations are not to be simply accepted, not just in my case, but also in many other cases of a persecution of Catholic believers in the name of a pseudo-inquisition." Professor Josef Siefert


Mary Kay said...

Thank you!

Mary K J

Thomas Pernice said...

This man is truly "God's rottweiler"!

TLM said...

"Power must not be allowed to dominate over REASON."...this is exactly what Cardinal Mueller said is going on in the Vatican. 'Power is more important than truth'(in the Vatican) is what he said. Well, if anyone should know Cardinal Mueller should know, eh? This rings very true because to these modernist heretics, truth 'evolves' over time and they throw reason right out the window. It's all about 'feelings' and being led by the 'spirit', although the 'spirit' they are being led by is by no means 'HOLY'.

Michael Dowd said...

Most encouraging. Hopefully, he will encourage others to stand against
Catholic heresy and despotic leadership from the Vatican.

Ana Milan said...

I commend Professor Josef's Siefert's honesty, courage & conviction in upholding the Dogmas of the CC, something that our pope & prelates should be doing but blatantly oppose. I hope & pray for his success in the action he is being forced to take against Archbishop Francisco Martínez Fernández of Granada which imo was the payback demanded by Vatican re their assistance in not requiring his resignation for ignoring the paedophile priest scandal that was in existence for years in his Diocese. He should have been sacked, but instead he sacked Professor Siefert.

Dan said...

"Excellent"(rubbing hands in Mr.Burns fashion)