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Sunday, 19 June 2016

We deserve Francis

Some deserve him more!



Ana Milan said...

No, WE don't. The laity had nothing to do with electing Modernist Popes & Hierarchies. This is the result of Satan manipulating most of our popes over the past century. it didn't all happen now, although it is culminating now. To transfer any blame onto the laity is a travesty & those doing so should know better. Put the blame squarely where it belongs - on those who were planted by the Communists many decades ago. This is the drop-out which popes of old did nothing to eradicate. All too feeble to oppose heresy, and still to-day no-one in the Hierarchy is listening to us as they just don't care. Their God is Modernism & they are determined that the collapse of the CC will be their legacy, but of course it won't as Christ IS still with His Church and Our Lady's triumph is still to come.

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, I view Rorate Caeli's editorial as an excuse for them to bash His Holiness Pope Francis. Have we forgotten as to how the, if you will, Rorate Caeli-style Traditionalists bashed and trashed Pope Saint John Paul II? How we forgotten the outrage that many Traditionalists expressed when Pope Saint John Paul II was canonized? Many such folks claimed that that act "proved" that Rome had apostatized from the Faith.

That is why the following line from Rorate Caeli's editorial strikes me as self-serving to justify their distaste for Pope Francis: "What is surprising is not that we have Francis as Pope, but that it took so many centuries for us to have a Pope like him."

The following attack from The Remnant against Pope Saint John Paul II, in which they labeled his Pontificate as a "calamity," reflected the feelings that many Traditionalists had (and have) for Pope Saint John Paul II:


Have we forgotten that many Traditionalists label Pope Blessed Paul VI's Pontificate as a "scourge" that shipwrecked the Church?

During the Pontificates of Blessed Paul VI and Saint John Paul II, Traditionalists blasted daily the following "scourges" (however, I don't agree with the negative conclusions that certain Traditionalists have expressed in regard to Popes Blessed Paul VI and Saint John Paul II):

The New Mass, "heretical" Assisi meetings, "sacrilegious" outdoor mega-Papal Masses, altar girls, approval of Communion in the hand, praying in non-Catholic churches, synagogues, mosques, the rise of bishops and priests who abused and/or covered up the sexual abuse scandal, pagans "anointing" the Pope, endless Papal apologies for the "sins" of the Church...on and on.

In view of the above, how could Rorate Caeli have forgotten that Traditionalists bashed and trashed daily the "calamitous" Pontificates of Popes Blessed Paul VI and Saint John Paul II? By the way, Pope Benedict XVI was/is bashed and trashed by more than a few Traditionalists as he was/is a supposed "modernist".

That is why Rorate Caeli's claim, that it "is surprising is not that we have Francis as Pope, but that it took so many centuries for us to have a Pope like him", rings hollow. Rorate Caeli's editorial is simply an excuse for them to attack Pope Francis.

For if Traditionalists are to be believed in regard to the "heresies" and "scourges" of Popes Blessed Paul II and Saint John Paul II, it didn't take "centuries" for us to have experienced "a Pope (Francis) like him."

Sorry, Vox, but I view Rorate Caeli's "editorial" as an excuse to foment animosity against Pope Francis. We can spin things to "prove" that Saint Peter was an "appalling" Pope...that Venerable Pius XII was an "appalling" Pope...that Cardinal Burke is a "Novus Ordo sellout" via his refusal to condemn Amoris Laetitia and Pope Francis...we can spin things to defame anybody.

I don't see much good that will result for Rorate Caeli's "editorial" (attack). Rather, we need to rally around Pope Francis as he stands well above all leaders on earth in support of the Culture of Life — a culture that faces the powerful and expanding horrific assault of Satan's Culture of Death. Please, let us at least be patient with our Holy Father. We need him to combat the increase of Satan's attacks upon us...upon the True Church.

Vox, my brother in Jesus Christ, we face an imminent persecution of horrific proportions. We need each other...as Catholics, all of us need each other. We need the Vicar of Christ Pope Francis.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

The Rorate Caeli editorial begins as follows: "When, minutes after the election of Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope, this venue published the most widely read piece in its history, a forecast of the future pontificate based on past experience, this page was brutally criticized for it."

Rorate Caeli provided the following link to their "most widely read piece in its history..."


Let us examine some claims from Rorate Caeli's "most widely read piece in its history". By the way, I am amazed that Rorate Caeli referenced the writing in question as various statements contained therein have rendered preposterous in regard to Pope Francis' Pontificate.

According to Rorate Caeli's "most widely read piece in its history", His Holiness Pope Francis is...

-- "A sworn enemy of the Traditional Mass...[he] has persecuted every single priest who...was simply interested in Summorum Pontificum."

Hmmm...Rorate Caeli reported the following on February 9, 2014 A.D.:


Rorate Caeli headline: Bp. Rifan: Francis considers Traditional Mass a "treasure"

"During the sermon, bishop Rifan told us about his last visit to the Holy Father and that the pope thinks that the Traditional Latin Mass is a treasure for the Church and that his only fear is that the Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form could be “instrumentalized”, and bishop Rifan answered His Holiness that he is doing everything that he could to ensure that this is not going to happen and to promote the Extraordinary Form as a treasure for the entire universal Church, to which he humbly belongs."


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

According to Rorate Caeli's "most widely read piece in its history", His Holiness Pope Francis is...

-- "A sworn enemy of the Traditional Mass...[he] has persecuted every single priest who...was simply interested in Summorum Pontificum."

Rorate Caeli, November 11, 2013 A.D.


Cardinal assures Una Voce that Pope won't touch Traditional Mass status

"The General Assembly of the International Una Voce Federation (FIUV) was held in Rome in the past few days - and they got an uplifting visit from Cardinal Castrillón: The former prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy has told a traditionalist group that Pope Francis has no intention of restricting access to the Extraordinary Form of the Latin liturgy.

"I met Pope Francis very recently and he told me that he has no problem with the old rite, and neither does he have any problem with lay groups and associations like yours that promote it," Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos told members of Una Voce International (FIUV), who were in Rome for a general assembly.

Reality: Pope Francis has expressed his support for Summorum Pontificum. The TLM and TLM-only societies have prospered during his Pontificate. In that regard, Pope Francis has praised the SSPX and the Faithful attached to the SSPX/TLM.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...


The difference with Paul VI, John Paul II and Francis is that they don't need to be "spun" to show how bad their papacies were/are. It is abundantly clear to anyone not a Modernist that these pontificates have been utter disasters, with the resulting state of the Church today. Rorate, and others have every right to criticize them and the terrible things they've done in steering the Church in the direction it's gone, otherwise we will never be able to right the ship at all. Yes we are facing a terrible persecution, and Pope Francis is not going to be much help to faithful Catholics, considering he is one of the persecutors.

Mark Thomas said...

From Rorate Caeli's "most widely read piece in its history":

Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio...

-- "he has not fought against abortion"..."

Really? Not according to Lifesite News and pro-life leaders in Argentina. On March 13, 2013 A.D., in regard to then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio and the issue of abortion, LifesiteNews contradicted dramatically Rorate Caeli's "most widely read piece in its history".


As Cardinal, Pope Francis strongly condemned abortion, including in rape cases

by John Westen

VATICAN CITY, March 13, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – "While Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was Archbishop of Buenos Aires he defended the life of the unborn even in cases of rape, in very stark terms.

"Pro-life leaders in Argentina rejoiced at Cardinal Bergoglio’s elevation to the Pontificate. Nicholas Lafferriere head of Argentina’s Center for Bioethics, Person and Family told LifeSiteNews.com “Those of us who work for life and family in Argentina have always felt ourselves to be supported and promoted by Cardinal Bergoglio.”

“On the one hand, he has promoted the dignity of each woman and especially of women during pregnancy,” he added.

"In his archdiocese, Cardinal Bergoglio promoted a special blessing for mothers and their unborn children.

"Moreover, on behalf of the bishops of Latin America, also in 2007, Cardinal Bergoglio presented the "Aparecida Document" regarding the situation of the Church in their countries. The document, approved by Pope Benedict XVI in July of that year, made a very clear statement regarding the consequences of supporting abortion, disallowing holy communion for anyone who facilitates an abortion, including politicians.

"The text states in paragraph 436 that "we should commit ourselves to ‘eucharistic coherence’, that is, we should be conscious that people cannot receive holy communion and at the same time act or speak against the commandments, in particular when abortion, euthanasia, and other serious crimes against life and family are facilitated. This responsibility applies particularly to legislators, governors, and health professionals."


Mark Thomas

F said...

Mark, you must learn to express yourself with fewer words.
It is true we shouldn't speak ill of the Holy Father, we must pray for him, but the fact remains: we are being led very poorly the last 60 y and the fruits are all around us. The Church is in disarray mostly because of bad shepherds.

Mark Thomas said...

From Rorate Caeli's editiorial..."When, minutes after the election of Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope, this venue published the most widely read piece in its history..."

Now, the following claim from that 2013 A.D. "most widely read piece" in Rorate Caeli's history:

-- Cardinal Bergoglio "has not fought against abortion and only very weakly against homosexual "marriage"..."

I referenced LifesiteNews" report that contradicted dramatically the claim, that Cardinal Bergoglio did not fight against abortion. Now, the following LifesiteNews reports shattered the claim from in Rorate Caeli's "most widely read piece" in its history that Cardinal Bergoglio fought "only very weakly against homosexual 'marriage'":


New Pope Francis called homosexual ‘marriage’ a ‘machination of the Father of Lies’

by John Westen

VATICAN CITY, March 13, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – "Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, is known to LifeSiteNews readers as a valiant defender of life and family.

"In terms of homosexual ‘marriage’, Cardinal Bergoglio fought valiantly to have the law in Argentina continue to protect the traditional family. In July 2009, he called on the priests of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires to bring the faithful to an upcoming protest against homosexual "marriage."

"Let's not be naive, we're not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God," wrote Cardinal Bergoglio in a letter sent to the monasteries of Buenos Aires. "We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God."

"To the clergy of the parishes, Bergoglio requested that all of them read from the pulpits a declaration defending the true definition and understanding of marriage.

"The Argentinean people will have to confront, in the coming weeks, a situation whose result could gravely injure the family. We are speaking of a bill regarding marriage between people of the same sex," a bill that calls into question "the identity, and the survival of the family: father, mother, and children."

"The latter, warns Bergoglio, might also be threatened by homosexual adoption, which would be a true form of discrimination. The country now needs "the special assistance of the Holy Spirit, to place the light of truth in the middle of the darkness of error, to defend us against the enchantment of so many sophistries with which they seek to justify this bill," he wrote."

(LIfeSite is the #1 most-read pro-life website on the Internet.)


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Anonymous said..."Rorate, and others have every right to criticize them and the terrible things they've done in steering the Church in the direction it's gone..."

Holy Mother Church recognizes that we, Her spiritual children, most certainly have every right to voice our concerns to our Churchmen. I have done so countless times in regard to the many liberal policies that, beginning in earnest with Pope Venerable Pius XII, our Popes (as well as bishops) have inflicted upon us. I believe Popes Venerable Pius XII to Pope Francis were/are holy men (far holier than I). However, I have voiced concerns that their prudential policies often failed to renew the Church.

That said, there is a dramatic difference between voicing concerns to Churchmen and, for example, Rorate Caeli having referenced in its "editorial" the 2013 A.D. piece that Rorate Caeli published that contained 100 percent false claims against Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio (Pope Francis).

Rorate Caeli published unsubstantiated claims against Cardinal Bergoglio. Examples:
"...he has not fought against abortion and only very weakly against homosexual "marriage"..."

Conversely, I posted (thank you, Vox, for permitting to participate on your blog) documentation — unassailable facts — that Lifesite published that shattered the undocumented claims in question that Rorate Caeli published. Again, expressing our concerns (in respectful Catholic fashion) is one thing...misrepresenting Cardinal Bergoglio/Pope Francis is another thing.

The following is undeniable: Rorate Caeli has a history of having publishing nonsense about Pope Francis, various folks, and issues of the day. Sorry, I believe that Rorate Caeli is too unreliable for me to place much stock in their "expert" reports and commentaries.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Then please tell him to start acting like the Vicar of Christ. He doesn't genuflect before Our Lord during Mass yet he has enough energy to bend his knees washing the feet of non-Catholics. Never mind the fact that Our Lord Jesus Christ is really, truly and substantially present on the altar and deserves public adoration.

I could go on ad nauseam but hopefully you get the idea.

By the way - in regard to the Remnant and the editorial of RC: Who are you to judge?

Anonymous said...

The Horror!
A Buenos Aires journalist describes Bergoglio. http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-horror-buenos-aires-journalist.html

Anonymous said...

"Obedience is a virtue intended to direct us toward good, not toward evil. To pretend not to see evil in order not to appear disobedient, is a betrayal of truth and a betrayal of our own selves."
Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Eskimo said...

You right on, Ana. The freemasons and the comunists are in charge.

Mark Thomas said...

Once again, we have an undeniable example of Rorate Caeli having misrepresented Pope Francis' words. His Holiness Pope Francis did not say that Christians in the Middle East have not experienced genocide. Pope Francis has time and again denounced the persecution and genocide that have been inflicted upon Christians in the Middle East.

To pretend that Pope Francis has downplayed the plight of Christians in the Middle East is a new low for Rorate Caeli.

I guess that Rorate Caeli had forgotten that on July 25, 2014 A.D., New Catholic at Rorate Caeli had published a story in which Pope Francis was praised for his powerful condemnation of the martyrdom that Christians in the Middle East have experienced.


In specific mention of Christians in the Middle East, Rorate Caeli called attention to Pope Francis' strong condemnation of their (Christians in the Middle East) horrific plight.

I quote the story published by Rorate Caeli: "Pope Francis recently said, "there are more martyrs today than in the first centuries of the Church." These words made explicit reference to the fate of Middle Eastern Christians."

Yeah...sure...Pope Francis has been weak on the horrific persecution inflicted upon Christians in the Middle East.

What utter nonsense from Rorate Caeli...who had forgotten the times that they had promoted Pope Francis' numerous condemnations of the massive persecution inflicted upon Christians in the Middle East.

Yes...a new low for Rorate Caeli was reached today.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Vox-permitting, in response to the horrific new low reached by Rorate Caeli...

Here is proof that His Holiness Pope Francis has insisted that Christians in the Middle East have experienced genocide.

From Google News...Pope Francis has not hesitated to use the word "genocide" to describe the persecution inflicted upon Christians in the Middle East.

1. Breitbart News, July 11, 2015 A.D. — Pope: 'A Genocide Is Taking Place' Against Christians In The Middle East

2. Daily Mail, July 10, 2015 A.D. — Pope Francis decries 'genocide' of Christians in Middle East

3. www.middleeasteye.net — Pope Francis: End 'genocide' of Christians in the Middle East

4. www.ibtimes.com — Pope Francis Condemns 'Genocide' Of Christians In Middle East

5. Jerusalem Post — Pope Francis demands end to 'genocide' of Middle East Christians

That is just the tip of the iceberg in regard to news stories that pertain to Pope Francis having referred to "genocide" inflicted upon Christians in the Middle East.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

I just demonstrated contrary to Rorate Caei's latest misrepresentation of Pope Francis' words, that His Holiness has insisted that genocide has been inflicted upon today's Christians in the Middle East. But Pope Francis' use of the word "genocide" doesn't end there. Pope Francis has not hesitated to declare that in the past, Christians in the Middle East have been persecuted via "genocide".

For proof of that, I turn to a terrific post by our holy and great brother Vox. In 2015 A.D., Vox offered the following...I hope that Rorate Caeli pays attention to Vox's great comments:


Monday, 13 April 2015

Pope Francis and genocide

"Pope Francis has used the word "genocide" to describe what happened to the Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Turks. Good for him!

"Indeed, we can add to this the Greek and the Assyrian Genocide and the persecution of my Maronite ancestors by the Ottomans and the evil that has come out of the false religion of a desert dweller that has denied Christ for 1400 years.

"The government of Turkey is upset and has called in the Ambassador of the Holy See and has recalled their own from Rome.

"Let us give thanks to God that Pope Francis has named the evil."


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

It is a shame that once again, Rorate Caeli has twisted Pope Francis' words to pretend that the Holy Father has "denied" that Christians in the Middle East have experienced genocide. As usual, Rorate Caeli has inflicted damage upon His Holiness Pope Francis.

Had Rorate Caeli paid attention to Pope Francis' comments in question, they would have realized the following: Pope Francis offered an even more powerful defense of Christians in the Middle East than is conveyed by the word "genocide".

To Rorate Caeli's shame, the news media have understood that reality. How on earth did Rorate Caeli botch the following?...it is mind-boggling that Rorate Caeli failed to grasp Pope Francis' very clear and important point.

Martyrs are witnesses of faith, not just victims of genocide, pope says

By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Using the word "genocide" to describe the persecution of Christians in the Middle East risks downplaying the courage and witness of those who boldly profess faith in Jesus Christ even in the face of death, Pope Francis said.

"I want to say clearly that I do not like it when people speak of a 'genocide of Christians,' for example in the Middle East," the pope said, responding to questions June 18. Calling the persecution "genocide," he said, is using a juridical and sociological category to speak of "something which is a mystery of the faith: martyrdom."

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, said Pope Francis "was not speaking about the use of the term 'genocide' on a political level, but on a level of faith.

When applied to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, the dimension of faith is essential," particularly when victims are murdered for not renouncing faith in Christ.

Martyrdom is the fullest expression of Christian witness, he said. "It's the maximum, heroic."


Mark Thomas

Ana Milan said...

At onepeterfive.com: Socci claims that, while still in his papal office, Benedict XVI was given an “opportunity” – a proposition. To him it was “proposed to accept an ‘ecumenical re-unification’ with the Protestants of North Europe and/or North America in order to create a kind of ‘common religion of the West.’” For the Catholic Church, says Socci, this would have meant to “enter the unified politically correct thought soup” and to become an “irrelevant folk museum within a ‘multicultural’ Europe.” Socci continues: “To this ‘dictatorship of relativism,’ Benedict XVI said ‘no!’ He answered: ‘As long as I am here, this will not happen.’”

If true, then surely Pope Benedict's abdication is invalid? Why aren't the Hierarchy obliged to speak out about this & stop the charade before Lund? Their silence is deplorable. If lay canon lawyers can look into this maybe something can be done. VeriCatholic is holding its meeting soon and this would be a good topic of debate.

Anonymous said...

The reason the modernists were able to wreak such havoc in the Church ,was knowing the Laity of the time would not dare to question the changes been introduced .They were too accustomed to obey and never criticise,which is why they stood back and watched their Churches been ripped apart.people are now realising if they want to save their Churches ,and their Faith ,they have to fight for them.

Anonymous said...

Seems protocol is already changing in the Vatican. https://en.denzingerbergoglio.com/2016/06/21/how-are-public-sinners-to-be-treated-does-francis-treat-them-as-jesus-did/

Mark Thomas said...

I have found on various Traditional Catholic blogs, strong disagreement with Rorate Caeli's claim that "we deserve Francis". I normally encounter much marching-in-lockstep with Rorate Caeli's claims...but not this time.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

This is the Church's new position on preaching St Paul .http://eponymousflower.blogspot.ie/2016/06/archbishop-sacrifices-priest-who-cites.html