Saturday, 14 March 2015

When I grow up I want to be just like you so that when I have a son he can be just like me

Two weeks ago after Saturday Mass, the Fox and I had tea with our friend Ambrosia who lives next door to the church. Another tenant in the big old house, Gustavo, one with whom we were acquainted, came by to chat about the lawsuit that was never intended because according to Pope Francis, we are entering a "Holy Year of Mercy." Phew, thank you Pope!

Gustavo is of Italian and Mexican ancestry and spent his childhood in Mexico before coming to Canada. The subject of Argentinian men came up and how Mexicans and others in Central and South America take issue with "Argentinians." Gustavo continued, "there is a joke about Argentinians -- Dad, when I grow up I want to be just like you so that when I have a son he can be just like me."

In this story on Brietbart, taken from the original Spanish at Noticieros, Pope Francis says that "the devil doesn't forgive Mexico" because of Our Lady's appearance at Guadalupe. He also spoke about the need for Argentina to avoid "mexicanisation."

The Bishop of Rome went on to say that "We Argentineans aren’t humble” and that, “We are very conceited.”

Suicide, according to the truth as revealed by God through the Catholic Church, is a violation of the Commandments and is no joking matter. It destroys souls and families and leaves nothing but suffering in its wake. However, our non-introverted Pope who exhorted us to "make a mess" and manages well in that regard and  attests to Argentinian arrogance spoken of by Gustavo when he quipped, "Do you know how an Argentinian commits suicide?” the Pope asked, joking. “He climbs up his ego and then jumps off!”

"God is an Argentine, understand?:                  "The referees as well!"


Pedro Erik said...

Well, I am Brazilian. I know Argentina and Argentinians. And, I would add that what it is odd in Argentina for me is that the politics dominates every mind and they are sturborn left wing people to the point of killing the country.

I never understand how they love Peron. A stupid, corrupt and even pedophile politician, who mix nazism with communism. Nothing good.

J said...

Ok. Fair enough. But we can mention along that in Mexico people is being decapitated and killed (by fellow mexicans), and that in Canada pro-lifers as Mary Wagner are going to jail, and lesbians and paedophiles are elected to design sex-ed programs. Not to mention Brazil, where the biggest orgy of the world happens every year in Rio. Or England, where child corpses were used to heat public health service hospitals.
Yeah...we got many issues, and Peron, Maradona and Bergoglio are argentinians. Same as Pierre Trudeau is canadian.
So let me say that when Chesterton was asked to give his opinion about the Frenchs he said "Well...i don´t know all of them"

Here you have an argentine that has prayed for you when you were in trouble. And, sir, this is painful. You don´t know us all.

Vox Cantoris said...

I am sorry for offending you and Argentines, the Fox warned me!!!

It was meant to be fun and yes; you are most correct about Canada and other places.

I am ashamed of my country and my fellow Canadians for the evil that we have brought upon ourselves. We are one of the only countries in the world where there are absolutely no restrictions on the murder of babies in the womb - right up to birth is legal. My fellow Canadians are too polite and tepid and busy drinking beer, eating Timbits and watching hockey to give a damnn; and don't seem to care about the sexual assault coming upon their children in our schools.

It really does go to show you how sick we all are and how far our once great nations have fallen. I look at Argentina with its resources and European culture and I see a land that could have been like Canada and yet, maybe you are in all the wrong things.

Thank you Sir for your prayers during a most trying time. You are very kind. Let us all pray for one another, we must be strong and keep faith in Christ and be warriors for him.

Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Argentina! May Our Lady of Luján protect you and your beautiful land.

J said...

Ok. We better don´t get ourselves too dramatic about it. Lets don´t rise it to a tango level, since you are right in almost all you said, and what i mean is that we all have issues.
Maybe we should consider that there are no more catholic nations. We catholics are living in a sort of babilonian exile. Everywhere. But we, as catholics, we are a Nation and Our Lord is our King.
God bless you
Thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am argentinian as well and must admit we are pretty egocentric and self-important, but as others said above, we have good things too. We are famous for our melancholy, ego, and football players. And one day, according to Virgin Mary apparitions, we will be the land of hope and a new earth. Our Mother of Lujan, protects us and pray for us.

Pedro Erik said...

Dear friend Vox,

I lived in Canada for a time in my life (London, ON). I love your country and dream one day to come back.

The Argentinian talked about Pierre Trudeau. Do you like or not Trudeau and why?

What I know about him do not move me to despise him, as I despise Peron or the Brazilian Lula (or the Brazilian Getulio Vragas, a kind of Peron).

Let[s pray for Argentina, Brazil and Canada.

Best regards,
Pedro Erik

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Pedro,

I despised Pierre Elliot Trudeau as you despised the Peronists. In fact, he was not far off being one himself.

He was a rich boy of a Scot mother and French Canadian father; a dilettante and an elitist who rather than fight against fascism in World War II mocked those who did.

He was a revolutionary and was one behind what was known as the "Quiet Revolution" in Quebec which through off the Catholic culture and Social Kingship of Christ - it was the Quebec example of the French Revolution except bloodless, until 1970 and the murder of Pierre Laporte by the terrorists FLQ allied with the Red Brigade, Bieder Meinhoff, etc. Ironically, Trudeau's reaction to that which he caused was the use of Martial Law through what was then the War Measures Act.

Prior to becoming Prime Minister, as Minister of Justice in the Pearson Government in 1968, he brought in sweeping legislation that legalised abortion and sodomy.

He took a nation that had no deficit or debt and nearly bankrupted it to the point of becoming Argentina of the north. (no offense to my Argentine friends, but you understand how painful it was.)

He divided this country between French and English as never before, he hated our heritage and our Queen and mocked her with a pirouette behind her back. He divided our land with his single minded attempt to force a new Constitution which to this day, with its Charter of Rights rather than Common Law has given us same-sex marriage, no restriction on abortion up to birth, euthanasia, legalised prosititution, I could go on.

Now, his moronic son, Justin, desires to become Prime Minister.

He has his father's morals and his leg open, vagina displaying mother's brains and he is worse than them both.

And he was a Catholic and educated by Jesuits.

At his funeral at Notre Dame Baslilica in Montreal he was canonised. Only two world "leaders" attended - Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro.

Did I answer your question?

Pedro Erik said...

Yeah. Thank you very much. Completely. What i learned about him was much more laudatory.

It was sad to confirm hat he was Catholic. It seems he has the same catholic stupidity of Franz lvon papen