Saturday, 19 June 2021

The Sunset of a Papacy?

The most repugnant papacy in half a millenia. A papacy of heresy, confusion, insult, betrayal, cover-up, pervert empowerment and corruption. 

As the psalmist wrote: "May his days be few and another his bishopric take."

And may he repent for all the disgusting and brutish actions or suffer the consequences.

RORATE CÆLI: The Sunset of a Papacy. Pope Francis also has his fans against him. By Antonio Socci (


Tom A. said...

Vox, I assume you are alluding that Bergoglio is the most repugnant since Alexander VI. Well at least Alexander VI did not teach heresy like John 23 thru Frankie. For as awful as history claims Alexander VI was, he was a true Pope since he never refuted the Catholic faith. The conciliar clowns and their modernist lackeys, such as your Collins fellow are simply not Catholic.

Ana Milan said...

Steven Mosher reporting on about Chinese intelligence agent defecting to the USA. His disclosures have been verified & are HUGE. Jorge & Biden will be running for the hills please God. Nothing on MSM yet but sooner or later will have to emerge.