Thursday, 24 June 2021

"Francis" Bergoglio "Repudiates the Petrine Ministry"

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Johnno said...

Antipope Francis Herod, once again consistently displaying clear public obstinate heresy.

Rome is the seat of the Anti-Christ.

America ane the entire west is overrun by Communists.

Our Lady continues to be right, yet nobody is willing admit that 'JPII the Great' screwed up, filled the ranks of the Church with Bergolio, prayed alongside pachamamas and could never say the word "Russia."

The laity deserve the annihilation that is being prepared for us for being such pussies. Even King Herod feared his people, which is why he couldn't just outright kill John. It took a public oath and a dancing twit to do it. There are plenty of dancing twits dressed like clergymen today.