Sunday, 20 June 2021

In Toronto it's 15% Sunday in Ordinary Time - Recalling a time when Collins fullfiled his word, "I will shut you down!

All quiet on the Cardinal Collins front. He seems quite satisfied with himself having convinced Ontario Premier Doug Ford to classify religious services at the same level of importance as shopping for a pool noodle. Yes, friends, Collins has betrayed and abandoned us. The Church in Canada, as with the Residential Schools, has sided with evil Canadian governments for money rather than the little people.

During the draconian shutdowns, many priests cowered in their rectories, no doubt worried about their own "compromised immune systems." Not all did, though. Many did reach out to their flocks by phone, by email, by caring and did administer the sacraments and did so because it was what they were called to do by Our Lord in spite of the bully and tyrant who told them all in a webinar, "I will shut you down." God reward them all.

In 2010, Collins did shut down a parish - a growing community. It was the Toronto Apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. They arrived in 2007 and took over an indult community and quickly started to grow it. They turned the Sunday, quiet Low Mass to a full sung Missa Cantata. They were treated badly. This writer was the Schola Master and Choir Director. Having been promised their own parish it was finally granted and three days later, cancelled. The enemies had heard of it and had enough - they ganged up on Collins and demanded he reverse his decision which he has often done after revolt and the Director of Communications spun the scandal that it was the FSSP priest's fault. "He released the information," said Neil MacCarthy to this writer. "Really Neil? Then how did it get into the Archdiocesan Update and on the web page? Is Father V your Webmaster?" The parish was to be Canadian Martyrs whose community would have been merged with St. Brigid Parish. Two months later, Collins banned Holy Communion on the tongue due to the last China Virus, H1N1. In the bulletin, Father V wrote, "At this Mass in accord with the laws of the Universal Church, Holy Communion is only received on the tongue." He defied the Cardinal and a few months later, Collins made sure that Father V and the Superior General of the FSSP knew it. 

He shut them down.

The result of this is that today, as for the last year, the famous Toronto Oratory will provide holy communion on the hand only at the traditional Latin Masses.

Yet, after his edict, this writer attended the funeral Mass of Msgr. T. Barrett Armstrong of St. Michael's Choir School. On the left in line, I went to the Deacon for Holy C0mmunion and abiding Collins' edict, received in the hand. On my right was the Cardinal who gave Holy Communion to people on the tongue. Do as I say and not as I do is not good leadership.

In Markham, northwest of Toronto, this privately-owned Cathedral of the Transfiguration which can hold 1000 will be filled to the dictated limit and 300 or so at two Masses will attend the Holy Mass. More than the Cardinal will have in his own Cathedral. 

The post-CCP Virus Church in Toronto is going into dark days and well deserved

Quite the legacy.

Toronto - Church of the Transfiguration - District of Canada (


Phineas said...

I'm just a regular Catholic working out my own salvation, wishing to see the TLM expanded everywhere because it is anchored in Truth, unlike the Novus Ordo / Conciliar Church, which is anchored in Modernism.

I'm curious as to these enemies who shut down the FSSP. Are they high-powered, deep-pocketed baptized Catholics brined in the Conciliar Church's relativism, and like it that way? That would be entirely believable.

Robin's Donuts said...

Interesting story re: FSSP. on the other point, are you sure that the church of the transfiguration will have more than st. Mike's? I thought the cathedral seats more than 1000. Maybe they're keeping the balcony closed?

Vox Cantoris said...


In this post from last Sunday,, you can count fewer than 35. There cannot be another dozen outside the shot. Let us stretch it to 50. Note that they are using every third pew. Masks are work inside so why do they need to be that far apart. There are no nasal passages on the back of one's head?

Indeed, the Cathedral does seat 1000 plus but the percentage of 15% does not mean 150. It does in Markham and two services equal 300. Five at St. Michael's would be about 250.

Anonymous said...

We should know the names of the clergy who helped shut it down. Presumably these people are still working for the archdiocese?

Vox Cantoris said...

I can only surmise. At the time I was told, “the usual suspects.” Now, who would those be? Many on his then, Priest Council, to be sure and possibly those who had a vested interest in exclusivity.

Barona said...

The sun is setting, the countdown is on: Cardinal Collins has just under 7 months to submit his resignation. He has months to undo a number of unjust suspensions against priests who have done nothing but preach the Gospel. Will he go down in history as the bishop who allowed the schools to taken over by degenerates who are imposing on innocent children an ideology that amounts to child abuse? Will he go down in history as the bishop who handed over the Sacred Rites to godless State bureaucrats? Will he go down in history as just another bishop who sat on his hands, running cover for the “Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Toronto”, to keep tax free status, keep in with the insurance company, keep in with Caesar so as to keep the flow of State cash?

This is not just Tom Collins’ problem; he inherited a mess, and there is much blame to go around. Perhaps the Providential hand of God is in here, whereby it is best that once the termites have got into the foundations, it is best to let the whole building collapse and start new. But the corruption is so deep as to be irreformable. Consider: we have a bishop who sits in silence allowing LGBT propaganda (which this year includes the promotion of pedophilia as they take it up a notch) to be enshrined in the schools.

Peter Lamb said...

We must remember that the war is between satan and Our Lord. This is the battle now going on at all levels - religion, political, economic, cultural etc. - all levels. This crowd giving you heartburn is not the Catholic Church, they are New World Order prelates promoting the n.w.o. church of satan. The only way for Catholics to beat them is to walk away from them ; To get out of the evil n.w.o. church and to man the ramparts of the Holy Catholic Church, which is invincible. The barque of Christ is not also the barque of satan! Our Blessed Mother will crush their heads beneath her feet. Two of satan's great lies, which are enmeshing millions of well intentioned souls in his false church, are that an heretic can be a true Pope and that a Catholic may Recognize and Resist a true Pope. These two heresies, so widely accepted by uninformed Catholics, are setting millions on the road to perdition.

Anonymous said...

Didn’t bother them that approximately 10,000 Muslims gathered for a funeral . Cardinal Collins , if you could, would you shut them down? I am not speaking about the people who are Muslim, it is terrible what happened. When will Ford and the Cardinal stand up for the Catholic? They will not because they are compromised. Simple.

Johnno said...

Guess who else has been funding the Wuhan Lab!

The same ones in a position to censor the Internet and social media and control politicians and to protect themselves from being implicated while also preventing information on cures and actual science!

This explains a lot! Aggressively spread this everywhere!

If Collins has any actual balls left he should stop streaming on YouTube, the same enemy that killed many and shuts down your Masses is profiting from the stupidity of Catholics!

Johnno said...

No chance Collins will show up in this documentary.

Tom A. said...

Peter, you are absolutely correct. This Collins clown is not a Catholic bishop so why do so many Catholics look to him for their sacraments?

Barona said...

Being a clown in no way invalidates the Sacraments.

Peter Lamb said...

Bear in mind the prophesy of Daniel speaking of the signs which will announce the end of the justice of God and the fall of kingdoms:
'You will recognize the great calamities are near, when you will see the abomination of desolation [anti-pope bergoglio, pachamamma, et al] in the holy place and when the perpetual sacrifice will cease.'[invalid nwo mass] At the time of the final desolation, there will be a certain period then the unbloody sacrifice will no longer be celebrated over the entire extension of the earth. [invalid nwo mass] Then there will no longer be a mediator between the justice of God and man. The crimes and blasphemy [abortion, divorce, sodomy, nwo church etc.] will no longer have a counterbalance; this will be the moment when the skies will be filled like a tent which no longer has a traveler to shelter."

"... And not one scintilla of evidence or proof of the validity of the changed, mutilated "form" [of the Consecration of the Blessed Eucharist in nwo mass] has been thus far advanced to oppose and counterbalance the mountain of still unrefuted evidence that it is invalid. Finally, in all honesty, since the "new words" are so patently contrary to the words of Christ as found in Scripture, in 2000 years of liturgical usage and in the solemnly defined Form; and since the "new words" likewise delete a profound mystery (the Mystical Body) so intimately bound up with and expressed in the essence of the Eucharistic Sacrifice - how could they conceivably constitute the valid Form, and how, indeed, could the Innovators [judeo-masonic heretics] and their accomplices escape "the wrath of Almighty God, and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul," invoked by St. Pius V on anyone who would ever have the audacity to change the Roman Missal or the Holy Mass, let alone tamper with its very heart and essence, the Canon and Consecration?
"Take away the Mass: take away the Church" (tolle missam, tolle ecclesiam) has ever been the program of the Ancient Enemy. As more and more clearly we recognize that the Mass is the heart at which Christ's present-day crucifiers aim, we should likewise realize that the Heart of the solution is Mary. In the midst of the present almost universal apostasy foretold by Pope St. Pius X, the key to our perseverance in the days ahead is the Ever Virgin Mary and in our living in absolute consecration to her Immaculate Heart. Thus, finally, my supplication is to her, our "sole refuge" and our last and "final weapon!" REGNET JESUS PER REGNUM MARIAE!
(Rev. Lawrence S. Brey, February 19, 1969.)

Tom A. said...

Changing the form of the sacrament can invalidate a sacrament. Montini took the ancient form of episcopal ordination and replaced it with a Coptic episcopal installation form. He took what was always valid and made it doubtful. If all episcopal ordinations in the NO after 1968 are doubtful, then there is hardly any true priests left in the NO fake church. The NO is a new religion and it needed new clergy, new sacraments, and new theology. You get all three at your local NO worship center. I cannot understand why anyone who calls themselves Catholic has anything to do with this new false sect.

Anonymous said...

The picture depicts the Byzantine Catholic cathedral in Markham, Ontario, located at 10350 Victoria Square Blvd. It belongs to the Eparchy of Saints Cyril and Methodius of Toronto, currently being administered by the bishop of our parish: Bishop Kurt Burnette.,_Ontario)

The SSPX church is a different place with a similar name, located at 11 Aldgate Avenue, Etobicoke, Ontario.


Anonymous said...

In doing more research, however, I see that my prior comment was incorrect. Please delete. Thanks.

In my prior comment, I was under the impression that the church in the photo was supposed to be the SSPX church.

BTW, keep up the good work!