Thursday, 3 June 2021

Feast of Corpus Christ (Yes, it is Thursday) and there is


But maybe soon at a paltry 15% and then maybe 40% three weeks later but no thanks to this man who has done nothing for a year. 

On this Feast of Corpus Christi, I raise an issue of how this man and his ilk have hurt many Catholics.

They have banned Holy Communion on the tongue. Other than the Toronto Oratory where they have violated liturgical law and provided Holy Communion on the hand at the traditional Latin Mass, (and have and will pay dearly for it) most priests offering the Holy Sacrifice according to the ancient rite, have not. There are many Catholics and let us not be mistaken, many, many faithful who attend the reformed Mass in typical parishes that will not receive Holy Communion in the hand. They believe that it is a sacrilege to do so and against their conscience. I am one of those who cannot and will not out of conscience and I have a variety of reasons for this. 

In the Latin Mass community where I worship and serve as Cantor and we watched our community plummet by 25% last June 2020 on the lifting of restrictions. They left for many reasons, one being that Father would not disobey his bishop but would also not disobey the ultimate law and scandalize the faithful. Holy Communion was only for the priest. Yet, during this time to the next shutdown, not only did the community regain the 25% by new people but added even more.

For well over a year now, 15 months, the Catholic faithful have been starved of the Holy Eucharist by this Cardinal and his ilk. Many of us have not, we know priests, who will in private, provide our needs, many, however, do not. Starved of the Holy Eucharis by Thomas Cardinal Collins - a shameful legacy.

There is so much to unpack liturgically this day. The hymns of the Divine Office, the text of the Mass, all written by St. Thomas Aquinas. You can read the office by clicking above on the tab and read the Mass text here. How sad that the glorious Lauda Sion cannot be sung or heard today.

The Catholics who have sacrificed for the sake of their conscience will receive a crown and consolation from the Lord himself. Those who have starved them, well, I would not wish to be them.

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Anonymous said...

Rumour afoot there was a meeting today between the cardinal and the preem. Hope the abp brought a big stick.