Monday, 14 June 2021

Sunday Mass returns to St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto

This is the 15% combined with "social distancing." Why not every second instead of every third pew? If everyone is wearing a mask, how can the CCP virus get out of one's mouth and nose? Don't they work? Are there entry ports to lungs on the back of one's head?

Your Eminence, please explain how this is "common sense?" 

The fact is, this is the future of the Church in Toronto thanks to the Ford/Collins tag-team.


Anonymous said...

Is that all? All the people who came to the Maas?

Anonymous said...

Theatre of the absurd.

Anonymous said...

I went to church on Sunday in Toronto. The 15% is 75 people. We were 21 including the priest. And yes, the homily included how great it is to be back!

Anonymous said...

The sheeple who attend the Cathedral's Sunday Mass are among the most conformist that I know of. They were wearing masks outside although there is no need to.