Saturday, 27 June 2020

@VoxCantoris now on Parler

As some of you may know, Twitter has twice permanently suspended @VoxCantoris. The first time seemed to be a tweet to @pontifex and @fatherrosica - my old friend called in his friends to silence me. Well, who's silenced now?

The second time is unknown.

What Twitter does not realise is that I am back there, another email address, another cell phone number, it is just not under the @VoxCantoris handle. I am toying with the idea of changing the handle and if it results in the removal again, so be it. Make no mistake, it is a war on Catholics and Christians in general, and conservatives. At the time of my first suspension, there were nearly 4,000 followers of @VoxCantoris on Twitter.

It is a long haul to build a new platform such as Parler and to restore the reach that one had before. 

See you there.

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