Friday, 26 June 2020

So what is the best procedure on the distribution of Holy Communion?

The posts below deal with the reaction of priest, bishops and cardinals to the current China Virus calamity and the government's emergency orders. Cardinal Collins and the bishops of Ontario have banned Holy Communion on the tongue - they hint that they have been bullied by public health officials but they don't come out and say it directly. They also have not fought back or come up with a strategy to work within the Law and provide for the faithful.

Yet, they are not being totally forthcoming. The Archdiocese of Kingston in eastern Ontario has not banned Holy Communion on the tongue. There may be others, please advise me. Kingston's request is simply to come at the end of you wish to receive on the tongue and to a priest not an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. 

We know that the Society of St. Pius X in Toronto, New Hamburg, St. Catharines and Orillia and elsewhere in their missions are following the occupancy guidelines but are giving Holy Communion on the tongue. It is after Mass with the priest having washed and wearing a mask, distributes. I have today watched a video from St. Aloysius the FSSP parish in the Diocese of St. Catharines from the Nativity of St. John the Baptist and the priest distributes Holy Communion on the tongue. 

So what is the deal here? Is it banned by the government or isn't it?

My view is simple. 

If the China Virus is as bad and transmissible as we are led to believe than Holy Communion by either hand or tongue is a risk of transmission. As someone who is 63 and with some conditions such as asthma, I understand the matter quite directly. For me, I will not attempt to receive Holy Communion during Mass. That is my choice. My right to decide.

The problem here is the alleged and subtle diktat of the bureaucracy and the acquiescence of our spineless episcopal leaders. If they did this the bishops should have said either, "we will not comply" or "we will get back to you with a plan of how we are going to do this safely."

Holy Communion does not need to be received at Mass. The Mass is not dependent on the laity nor is Holy Communion to the laity necessary for the Mass. The Sacrifice is complete upon the consumption of the Elements by the priest - just as in the ancient Temple.

If this was the diktat, Holy Communion in general should have been suspended at Mass and an alternative implemented. The bishops should have simply told the Government how it was going to be, not the other way around and challenged them to a court battle. 

Since I advised on this blog in the middle of March that Mass should continue with a limit on building capacity and a ticket system and that has not been accepted by My Eminence, then allow me to again place done my lay mitre.

No communion during Mass on hand or tongue. People are encouraged to make a spiritual communion which the Bishop shall order read by the priest after the Our Father in both forms, OF and EF. Holy Communion is distributed on hand or tongue in the OF (given current Church provision) and only tongue in the EF, after Mass using the following practice.

  1. The Priest or Deacon only, no EMHC, shall wash their hands using soap and water and put on a mask.
  2. They shall then wash their hands again.
  3. They return to the sanctuary with the Sacrament and beside them have two pedestals or tables. On the right to hold the ciborium and on the left, an ablution cup, linen towel and bottle of hand sanitizer.
  4. A family comes up together and individual alone with proper distancing.
  5. The priest uses sanitzer and then provides Holy Conmmunion to each family/individual.
  6. He then washes his fingers in the ablutions cup and dries them to protect the integrity of the Sacrament. Once done, he then uses hand sanitizer again and repeats the above.
  7. The ablutions cup is then dealt with in the normal manner.

If Father needs to stand there for three hours, so be it. If people need to wait, so be it.

There is the solution. This is what should be done and the government should be told to sue us.

The faithful have been abandoned by spineless men.

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M. Prodigal said...

We are 'social distancing' in every other pew. We do not have to wear the mas of subjugation but a very few do and generally are in a corner somewhere. Father or the seminarian come to the people who are kneeling and are free to receive on the tongue as they walk the open pews. Takes no extra time, no communion procession and it works really well.

Tom A. said...

I would just avoid anywhere that allows communion in the hand.

Phineas said...

From all I've read, you cannot contract COVID by ingesting it, as it would not survive the digestion process. Receiving on the tongue would therefore be the safest. By receiving in the hand you may inadvertently touch your nose, etc. as you ingest it. Happy to be corrected, but on the face of it this is a total no-brainer.

James Joseph said...

There is no virus. Never was. Not in New York anyway. Not from what I've seen. Not one single man, woman, or child.

Hannah said...

The Bishops are to blame. They are taking a knee to the secular government officials. Remember they are elected and can be tossed out if the people choose ( gov that is). The Bishops bend due to money and tax free business. There was a time when the clerics stood up for Christ. It would seem we are truly back at Calvary where most ran away.

Tom A. said...

Those “bishops” are not Catholic. No one should expect them to act like Catholic bishops. No one should ever expect Bergoglio to act like a Catholic Pope. The NO sect is an heretical false church. Treat them the way you treat the Lutherans or Methodists. Stay away.

Kathleen1031 said...

Tom A, I'm in your club now. Completely. You show a lot of tenacity and faithfulness, because I know it's not easy to bring that message. We should all have grasped it once Pachamama happened. This church is not Catholic.
On an semi-related note, I saw a tweet by "Father" Daniel Horan, who is touting the idea that he wants to change the Constitution to make it a requirement that all future presidents can speak more than one language.
I can't think of anything less gross at this point, than a Catholic "priest" squeaking about demands to make our president conform to Euro-values by making himself acceptable to these liberals than this. Just goes to show, scratch the surface of some of these "priests", and you find a Marxist.
Actually, he probably has Chinese in mind.

Tom A. said...

Kathleen, I just want to practice the Catholic faith like my ancestors did. I came to realize that doing so is impossible in the Novus Ordo sect.