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The Vatican - China Pact to persecute true Christians!

Nearly five years ago, this blog began a series of posts on what the Vatican was planning to do with China. You can find them by clicking on the China link at bottom of this post and go back to the early posts. A contact with a contact in the CDF tipped me off to it. My sources were not wrong. it all came to be. Why was I the only blogger that wrote about this that long ago? Who am I to have such information? Where were the others more talented, widely-read and connected than I? Where were the others that could not or would not see the evil plan that Bergoglio and his communist thugs had in store for the suffering Church in China?

China is a lot in the news, no? The communist government has poisoned the world. Don't think it is a coincidence with the sell out of the Church by the false church of Bergoglio, there are no coincidences. 

Child advocate Elizabeth Yore has written an important article at Breitbart highlight the persecution of Catholics in China and the sell-out by Bergoglio.

It is an important read.


Prayerful said...

Yes, that's plausible. Francis, his Vati and the Chicoms share similar values.

Stephen Lowe said...

Liz Yore is dynamic...

Peter Lamb said...

"... the first Traditionalist Bishop to take a stand against the Modernist Vatican II sect. The name will be a surprise to many. It's not the name Lefebvre (he didn't come onto the scene until 1969), it's not Thuc (unheard of until the mid-1970s), it's not Mendez (he wouldn't be around until the late 1980s), and it's not de Castro Mayer (he fought to keep the Faith only in his diocese of Campos and would not do more until the 1980s). It was Bishop Blaise Kurz, a bishop of Faith and courage rarely ever seen, especially since the world-wide Deformation that was Vatican II.
He was the only bishop from the Rhineland who was staunchly Catholic and refused to be won over by the likes of arch-Modernists Joseph Frings, and Bernard Alfrink.
Blaise Kurz was born on the feast of St. Blaise, of a pious German Catholic family in the town of Sontheim in 1894.

Fr. Kurz was ordained a Franciscan, and as a loyal son of St. Francis, he spent the next 20 years of his life as a missionary priest in China, converting the pagans to the One True Church of Christ. On July 11, 1939, the 45 year old missionary was informed that the newly elected and crowned Pope Pius XII had chosen him to be consecrated as a bishop; with the pope himself as his principal consecrator. So it was that on the feast of Christ the King, October 29, 1939, Fr. Kurz was raised to the episcopacy by His Holiness with Archbishops Celso Constantini and Henri Streicher as co-consecrators at the main altar of St. Peter's Basilica.

The young bishop was assigned by the pope to the Diocese of Kokstad, South Africa. Kokstad is a small town on the slopes of the Drakensberg Mountains, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, overlooking South Africa’s southern coast.
The bishop spent the next eight years living in a large institute for the deaf and mute. While there, he met a Franciscan missionary priest from the Belgian Congo, who came there when an inner ear infection threatened to make him deaf. This priest was Fr. Adhemar DePauw, the older brother of Fr. Gommar DePauw who would found the Catholic Traditionalist Movement in 1964.
After the war, in 1948, Pope Pius XII appointed Bp. Kurz as the Ordinary of the newly created Diocese of Yungchow, China--putting him back in the country he loved and where he made many converts to the Faith.

Peter Lamb said...

In 1949, Bp. Kurz was invited by Francis Cardinal Spellman to take up residence in his Archdiocese of NYC - the Cardinal was virulently anti-Communist and thought the good bishop would like the United States. That same year, Fr. Gommar DePauw immigrated to the U.S. and was incardinated into the Archdiocese of NYC. His brother flew in from Belgium to introduce them - two anti-Communist, anti-Modernists taking up residence in the USA.

In 1959, Angelo Roncalli ("Pope" John XXIII) called for an ecumenical council. This would be the beginning of the Great Apostasy. Bp. Kurz was entitled to attend. His Excellency called on Fr. DePauw to be his peritus (i.e., "theological expert") at the council. Father was now a canon lawyer, having obtained his doctorate in canon law (JCD) from Catholic University, Washington DC in 1955. He had been incardinated into the Archdiocese of Baltimore, where he was in charge of admissions, as well as professor of Canon Law, Moral Theology, and Latin at Mount St. Mary's Seminary.

Bp. Kurz fought along side Cardinal Ottaviani and the other anti-Modernists with Fr. DePauw at his side. The bishop was told by Arch-Modernist Frings to "fall in line" with the Rhineland bishops and their heretical novelties, to which he replied he would never abandon the Catholic Faith.

On December 31, 1964, Fr. DePauw sent his Catholic Traditionalist Manifesto to every single Catholic bishop in the world, asking them to join him in preserving the Traditional Mass and "That, while truly respecting all non-Catholics who follow their conscience into what in candid honesty we must continue to call objective errors or partial truths, our bishops, priests, religious and laity alike renew their truly ecumenical efforts to proclaim the full unadulterated doctrine of Christ's Catholic Church in a world that desperately needs it." ---a slap at heretical ecumenism!
Of the nearly 2,000 bishops, only Cardinals Ottaviani, Bacci, and Bishop Kurz publicly supported it and the newly founded "Catholic Traditionalist Movement" (aka "CTM").

When Fr. DePauw was ordered by Shehan to disband the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, Bishop Kurz intervened. With the help of Cardinal Ottaviani, Shehan signed the excardination papers for Fr. DePauw, and he was incardinated into the Diocese of Tivoli, Italy. The bishop of Tivoli then allowed Father to be incardinated under the direct episcopal jurisdiction of Bp. Kurz, who immediately ordered Fr. DePauw to continue his work with the CTM.

Peter Lamb said...

Then on May 22, 1966 at the Garden City Hotel in Long Island, NY, Bishop Kurz made the following historical step at a press conference when he stated to the world: "I recommend the Catholic Traditionalist Movement to all Catholics willing to defend our Church. While the active leadership of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement will remain with Father De Pauw, I have today accepted the position offered me by that Movement's Board of Directors, and will henceforth publicly function as Bishop-Moderator of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement."

He returned to West Germany, where he was despised by the German Modernists. They sought to have his faculties removed by their Satanic leader, Montini ("Pope" Paul VI). That never happened, as Montini did not want to make a martyr out of a brave missionary bishop, now in his 70s.
Bp. Kurz refused to say the Novus Bogus, and publicly offered only the True Mass and Sacraments for small groups of German Traditionalists. When the good bishop asked Abp. Lefebvre, who started the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) in 1970, to fill in for him and Confirm at the Ave Maria Chapel, the Archbishop responded in a letter to Fr. DePauw: "As far as Confirmation is concerned, it is clear that this is a very delicate thing for me to do…I have to be very prudent in this area." He ultimately declined to help a bishop who fought by his side at Vatican II.
While I respect all the Archbishop has done, please remember this when the SSPX harps on how fearless Lefebvre was and how cowardly were all other bishops.

Bp. Kurz died in West Germany on December 13, 1973, at the age of 79.
He was placed in a grave with some 20 other Franciscan missionaries bearing the simple epitaph of "Missionary Bishop of China." No mention of his 54 years of service and suffering for the Church, and no mention of his defense of the True Faith and Church as Moderator of the CTM.(What else could be expected?) It's been said the truly great ones are the truly humble ones, so I guess it's only fitting that he was laid to rest as humbly as he lived his life, in imitation of Our Lord.

He rejected the errors of Vatican II, and was proud of the fact that he NEVER (not even once) said the Novus Bogus bread and wine service. He offered the True Mass his whole life exclusively. He remarked that "the greatest thing I ever did was what I didn't do" - say the invalid abomination that was called a "mass" and produced by Vatican II.
Father and the good bishop led the way for Lefebvre, Thuc, Mendez, and the others to follow. They were the first to sound the alarm and fight the good fight.

Fr. DePauw - and even to a greater degree, Bp. Kurz - get ignored for their rightful role in keeping the True Faith alive in the wake of Vatican II. However, all the heroic good deeds they did are remembered by God. In the end, isn't that all that really matters for any of us?
(http://introiboadaltaredei2.blogspot.co.za/ 27 June, 2016.)

Anonymous said...

Chinese catholics were sold out, as were Russian catholics at the onset of Vatican 2. The priests that were sent undercover to minister to Russian catholics by Pope Pius X11,were betrayed,by the man who became St Pope Paul,those priests were imprisoned and executed.I suppose we have to accept that there are Judases in the Church,but its hard to accept their made Saints.

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Tom A. said...

Remember that the church that the Chicoms are persecuting is a church that now teaches the false NO religion. So as painful as it is to see Francis betray those in his flock, we must remember that objectively, the flock is already quite infected with modernism. Its just one more reason that anyone wanting to be Catholic should have nothing at all to do with Bergoglio and the modernist hierarchy of V2 and the NO.