Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Francis want you to "pray" with pagans

Contrary to all teaching of the timeless Magistrium, Francis of Rome is commanding you and I to pray with those who worship a false understanding of the One, True God or worship milk consuming statues of elephants.

This is where we are and why we are suffering from this pandemic and the economic troubles that it has brought upon. 

This won't happening in my home. There will be no fasting on any day of Paschaltide other than Fridays.  

Sorry George, try again.


P. O'Brien said...

Vatican II Ecumenism has given us religious indifferentism. And John Paul II with his 1986 Assisi Meeting of all religions to pray for peace started this kind of thing rolling. The trouble is the Council, which changed how the Church had conducted herself for almost 2,000 years. What are we to think of such a Council or such a Church? What are we to think of the canonizations of those conciliar popes?

Ana Milan said...

"Believers of every religion" - he must mean the NWO godless religion which he wants to rule over. For us there is only ONE religion - the OHC&A Church which Christ instituted on St. Peter & First Apostles. There are no other 'religions'. Even schismatics have distanced themselves & infidels are just that. They don't believe in the Triune God, Heaven or Hell. Neither does Antipope F. There must be another coup d'etat taking back the Throne of Peter & restoring the CC to Tradition. Who is going to organise it?? Probably NOT the Cardinals!

Tom A. said...

This “coup” is not going to happen by anyone who says or supports the Novus Ordo false religion. It can only happen from those who hold the Catholic Faith and worship accordingly so.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it will be the Pope who leads the one world religion as no other religious leader is issuing any such invitation. Did the Vatican issue an appeal to Catholics to pray the Rosary on May 13th the anniversary of Fatima for deliverance. If they did i must have missed it.