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A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday 20 May 2020

Andrew Cuomo: Apostate Catholic, Mass Murderer!

Who can forget this picture of Andrew Cuomo, Governor of the State of New York. Look at the glee in his face as he signs the death warrant of New York's babies defending himself, that it's all okay because you know, he "was educated in religious schools" and is a "former altar boy."

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Kill the babies and kill the elderly. Not a far leap.

But it's okay, he's a Catholic was an altar boy. 

Hell's gates are opened wide Andrea, just waiting for you.

There is this.


On March 6 Cuomo insisted, “The overall risk level of the novel coronavirus in New York remains low” and said, “We have more people in this country dying from the flu than we have dying from coronavirus.” As late as March 8, Cuomo, instead of advising people to stay away from the subway, advised New Yorkers to seek out less-crowded subway cars, the mass-transit equivalent of saying, “Let them eat cake.”

What may turn out to have been Cuomo’s worst unforced error was his March 25 order that nursing homes must accept patients who carried the coronavirus. This now looks like setting off a series of time bombs in New York State’s elder-care facilities, and Cuomo didn’t reverse this policy until May 11. The governor protested at that time that only 12 percent of New York State COVID deaths had occurred in nursing homes, but we are now learning that many people who died after falling ill in nursing homes have not been counted in the official stats. One such facility reported seven COVID deaths to the state, the New York Post reported, but the actual number of deaths there over a five-week period this spring was 76. New York is literally burying this problem: Many New Yorkers who died in nursing homes were never tested for the virus. Nursing-home staffers told the Post far more people are dying at long-term-care facilities than in a normal spring and that a coverup is underway. There is now a bipartisan group in Albany calling for an investigation, but Cuomo replied, “This is going to be a period where we don’t play gratuitous politics.”


Michael Dowd said...

Such a demonic monster is only acceptable to Democrats--the proud party of death.

Ana Milan said...

Cuomo, Pelosi, Kaine, Biden etc. should have been excommunicated long ago & the failure to do that lies with the Bishops involved, & Rome - "What shall befall you, ungrateful, effeminate, proud Rome? "

Italy is on the move. They've had enough of the Coronavirus hype & tyranny which has locked them up for over two months & seen much unnecessary deaths in Care Homes & Hospitals who couldn't cope with the sudden influx of numbers that could have been largely controlled by home visits by their local GPs & only when absolutely necessary transferred to a hospital bed. The same has occurred in the UK Care Homes with the elderly left totally isolated from their families, unable to cope with their solitary confinement, while so-called Scientific & Medical Experts appear to be totally unconcerned.

It is now believed that the annual 'flu virus which most old people receive without payment contained the Covid-19 virus, put there by human hand for the purpose of depopulation in accordance with the Gates Foundation policy of reducing the world population by 10-15%. This fact must have been known to NWO supporters (Cuomo, Conte etc.) & the plan willingly carried out in accordance with WHO guidelines. Of course, they & their families have been given the necessary antibody while the world is left waiting for yet another Gates vaccine which may an even worse virus. What is President Trump doing??

General Pappalardo is encouraging all Italians (& expats) to turn-up on June 2nd for a mass demonstration (see fromrome.info) on June 2nd. calling Giuseppi Conte & his government to resign & has put forward a plan for the restoration of their constitutional rights & freedoms. This needs to be extended to other countries in Europe & elsewhere. Throughout the ages we know that godless dictatorships never work for the benefit of their citizens & will crash eventually (even the Vatican) as God doesn't support them. Let there be no more languishing under the Coronavirus Dictatorship of Soros, Gates, Democrat Party, Vatican, & all Social/Liberal parties scattered through the world & may God open their ears to hear us screaming at them that we have just had enough.

Peter Lamb said...

Abortion deprives an Innocent not only of life, but also the Beatific Vision:

It is true that Limbo, the state of those who die in Original Sin only, is not a dogma of the Faith. You can deny Limbo and you would not thereby be a heretic. However, the problems with the "elimination" of Limbo are both many and serious.

It is an implicit denial of Original Sin
It undermines the necessity of Baptism. According to theologian Prummer, "Children of Catholic parents should be baptized at the earliest possible moment.

Leo XIII fiercely condemned the postponing of Baptism of children" (See theologian Prummer, Handbook of Moral Theology, pg. 257)

Pope Sixtus V taught in a 1588 Constitution that victims of abortion, being deprived of Baptism, are "excluded from Beatific Vision," hence abortion is a most grievous offense.

Pope Pius VI, in a formal magisterial decree, denounced the rejection of Limbo as "false, rash, and slanderous to Catholic schools [of theological thought]."

Practical Consequences for Today
Let me first say that some pre-Vatican II theologians did formulate certain teachings in place of limbo; although their number was very few. The most famous was Cajetan, who taught that infants could be saved by a "vicarious baptism of desire" through the prayers and desire of the parents. This teaching was ordered to be redacted from his writings by Pope St. Pius V.

Theologian Klee taught that God would illuminate the intellect of the child just before the moment of death, and give him/her an opportunity to accept or reject Him, in a manner similar to the test given to the angels.

Theologian Schell taught that the child's suffering and death served as a "baptism of suffering." Neither of those theories has any support in Revelation, and were basically rebuffed definitively by Pope Pius VI and the unanimous consent of the theologians, especially after Trent.

Abortion is a crime against humanity. It is the systematic murder of babies. To give a woman the idea that if she aborts a baby, the child will be in eternal bliss, would only push her in the direction of abortion. I've asked some acquaintances who were "born again" Christians, "If you can't lose your salvation as long as you believe in Christ, why not commit suicide and go to Heaven right away?" They could never give a satisfactory answer except to say "God doesn't want that." I would say, "Yes, but you go to Heaven anyway." That is basically what the "pro-life" Modernist Vatican is pushing on people: God doesn't want abortion or in vitro fertilization, but if you do it, the murdered children go to Heaven anyway. To those who think that aborted babies can received BOB by a kind of "martyrdom," this is totally false. BOB necessitates that the child is killed out of hatred for the Faith or some teaching of the Faith.

When fighting abortion it is of the utmost importance we declare that both their earthly life and eternal salvation with God in the Beatific Vision will be lost. Yes, they go to Hell (in the broad sense of the term), as they are separated from God. They are in a place or state not subject to the pain of sense or torture from demons, and probably a small degree of consolation. But they have not reached the eternal destination for which all humans were created. Abortion is not some "ticket to Heaven." Heretical ideas have the most horrible of consequences.

Peter Lamb said...

What the True Church Teaches
Every human being (except the human nature of Our Lord, and the Most Blessed Virgin Mary) is born in the state of Original Sin, which is primarily the deprivation of Sanctifying Grace. (See theologian Ott, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, [1954], pg. 110)
The only means of obtaining salvation is by entering the Catholic Church and dying in the state of Grace. (See theologian Tanquerey, Manual of Dogmatic Theology,1:138)
Membership in the Church is effectuated in the ordinary way by the Sacrament of Baptism, by which all stain of Original Sin and (in the case of those who have attained to the age of reason), all actual sins are remitted and Sanctifying Grace is infused in the soul. (See Ott, op. cit. pgs. 309-311)
By extraordinary means, a person can obtain membership in the Church and Sanctifying Grace by Baptism of Desire (BOD) or Baptism of Blood (BOB).(See Ott, Ibid, pgs.356-357)
Infants, the habitually insane, and the retarded, who are deprived of reason are incapable of receiving BOD. As Pope Pius XII taught, "In the present economy there is no other way of communicating this life to the child who has not yet the use of reason. But, nevertheless, the state of grace at the moment of death is absolutely necessary for salvation. Without it, it is not possible to attain supernatural happiness, the beatific vision of God. An act of love can suffice for an adult to obtain sanctifying grace and supply for the absence of Baptism; for the unborn child or for the newly born, this way is not open..." (See Address to the Congress of the Italian Catholic Association of Midwives [Oct. 29, 1951].
Infants and those deprived of reason can receive BOB. (Ott, Ibid, pg. 357)
Sanctifying Grace becomes "lumen gloriae" ("the light of glory") upon the soul's separation from the body and entrance into Heaven, thereby allowing the soul to enter the Beatific Vision of God for all eternity. (Ott, Ibid, pg. 22)
Those who die without Sanctifying Grace due to mortal sin go to Hell for eternity. (Ott, Ibid,pgs. 479-481)
There are different punishments for those who go to Hell due to Original Sin alone. (Ott, Ibid, pg. 114)
Hell consists in two punishments: poena damni (pain of separation), and poena sensus (the pain of sense). (Ibid)
Those who die in Original Sin alone are subject to the separation from God, but not the positive infliction of pain (Hell fire) This conclusion, which is taught by nearly every theologian in the past eight hundred years, is in accordance with a pronouncement of Pope Innocent III (III Decr. 42:3): "The punishment of original sin is the deprivation of the vision of God; of actual sin, the eternal pains of hell."
"Limbo" means "edge"--those who are on the "edge of Hell," meaning those least worthy of punishment.
(I can't give a citation for the above, because I collected it for my own use only.)

Evangeline said...

Not that it matters at this point, but if someone were looking at Catholicism from the outside, and saw the hellish image of a governor who presented himself as an altar boy and a Catholic, and brought to his state full-term abortion, where a baby about to be born naturally can be killed at the whim of his "mother", I would wonder if that person represents Catholicism. I would wonder, is he in line with his church?
He does.
Oh, not the remnant, certainly not true Catholicism, but one can't say he does not represent Catholicism well when the above happens and he has not been excommunicated, publicly, has he? Can he present himself for Communion, if the men of the church deign to provide it one of these days? If so, if his actions have not been publicly repudiated and denounced by the hierarchy of the church in New York, then his actions represent the church at this moment in time.

This is a man jealous of God. He actually said at a press conference, when someone commented about the declining Covid cases in New York, "...faith did not do that...God did not do that...WE did that...". So this is a man disturbed to his soul. But this is who New Yorkers want. One must add his efforts kick-started full-term abortion, which demonic actions have been brought to other states.
This man aggressively worked to dispatch babies who in any other era would be celebrated and rejoiced over. He's happy about it. What would he care about elderly. If they are old and going to die anyway, let them do it, and decrease the surplus population.

Irenaeus said...

There is still time to repent. Will he take it, that is the question.

Tom A. said...

Ana, those politicians you mention were never excommunicated from the Novus Ordo false church because they are not considered heretics in the new faith professes by the false vatican 2 church.

Anonymous said...

denial of limbo is not wrong. It is for the Hebrews not for Catholics or for those since Christ opened its gates. There are many people in Purgatory who have original sin as their inheritance. Look at Fatima and part of the mess we opinionated foolish people hang on to. Christ said when I am raised up I will draw all souls to Me. Bl Mary would not contradict Her Son so why do we say or contradict Christ and constantly ask lead all souls to heaven. It is tantamount to saying he got it wrong when the first time He descended into Hell. We ask him to do it again and again suffer that is and go down again, How could God get it wrong and have to-repeat Himself. Just like the heresy of re incarnation. Limbo may still exit for certain hebrews, but certainly not for us. There are other considerations but suffice to say God is not all over the board when it comes to our promised salvation He draws us to Himself upon the Cross the instrument by which He gained out salvation stop putting Him there repeatedly

Tom A. said...

Ana, those politicians you mention were never excommunicated from the Novus Ordo false church because they are not considered heretics in the new faith professes by the false vatican 2 church.

Anonymous said...

Christ said 'Unless you are born again of water and the Spirit, you shall not have life in you' I'm sure innocent victims of abortion are in a place of beauty and peace, but they can't see the Beautific Vision, God Unveiled, but God took on Flesh and became Man and that they can see. Love will find a way.

Anonymous said...

The man who lit up the Freedom Tower, to celebrate the death of infants on the site where three thousand people lost their lives on 9/11.