Monday, 18 May 2020

The Catholic Church has abandoned the Jewish people

The Catholic Church has abandoned the Jewish and Arab peoples. That is obvious. Why any Jew or Muslim would become Catholic today is beyond me. Rather than preach the truth, we affirm those that believe in error. Who could want this? Not God. Only the devil - it is he who is using the Church to send people to Hell, not saving them for Heaven.

When the book is opened. who is going to be with the goats?

It won't be these who strive in good conscience just because they don't  become Catholics. There is no salvation outside the Church but the Catholic Church no longer seems to believe it. God will bring about their salvation through His Church, not the corrupt visible Bergoglian and post Vatican II church which it has become. 

Why is this man doing our work? It seems to me that God works in spite of It. They even quote Chrysostom to back up some argument, but now without specifying that he was an "Anti-Semite." 

The bottom-line is that Catholics have failed in our mission. Historically, we called the Jews Christ-killers when we all killed Him and He came to die, regardless. To this day, that is still a factor preventing conversion. Now, we have abandoned them. How did this happen?

Though a descendant of four immigrants from Mt. Lebanon I believe in the right of Jews to safety and security within a political state on their ancestral land if that makes me a Zionist, as I've been accused of being, then so be it.

Nota Bene: Hateful comments to Jews, Muslims or this writer will not be published. Save your time.


Tom A. said...

The Novus Ordo Vatican II sect abandoned everyone, not just the Jews and Muslims. It abandoned first the Catholics and then the protestants. It calls no one to conversion and offers empty promises of peace on earth and clean air if we all learned to love each other and stop judging. As far as who killed Christ goes, scripture clearly states that the Jews stated that His blood be upon their hands and that if their children. I do not know of any pre V2 teaching that assigns guilt. I suspect much of this trend about we are all guilty because of our sin is a product of the V2 ecumenical mindset. If there is an authortative pre V2 teaching on this subject I would be very interested to read the document. Perhaps a reader knows of one.

Vox Cantoris said...

All of us are guilty of the death of Christ by our sins. In the Faber hymn, Ah, Holy Jesus, there is the line, "by Jews derided" and again, "I crucified Thee." Two things can be true at once. We all killed Christ by our sins and we continue to do so. There is nothing heretical about this statement. Sin killed Jesus. This is not a Vatican II concept.

Jesus came to die that was His mission. The blood atonement was necessary. Why blame the Jews for fulfilling God's will and promise?

The Jewish leaders then and now are guilty of not accepting Him as Messiah. If you watch one of the videos you will hear a woman say in Hebrew, "They lied to us for two thousand years."

She has learned this from her Messianic Jewish ministers, not the Catholic Church. Why? Are you saying that God cannot work with grace to non-believers or to Jews or Protestants? This is not true. If it were true, how did Edith Stein or Ratisbonne, or Francis Liebermann become Catholic or Scott Hahn?

And yes, the culture of European Christendom for two millennia has blamed the Jews. We know it be history and we know it by literature, - The Merchant of Venice.

How do you know convince these Jews who have come to Christ through this ministry that they need to come to the Catholic Church? How do you convince them now that the sacrifice of the Temple continues? God will hold us accountable for this failure and there will be non-Catholic Jews saved with the sheep and a lot of Catholic with the goats.

Brian said...

"...The bottom-line is that Catholics have failed in our mission...."
The immediate purpose of the Church is the salvation of souls. That disappeared with Vatican II. The replacement understanding, of "mission", is social programs to lift up the temporal well being of people. The traditional and correct understanding of mission was too "judgmental", too "offensive". Too bad St. Paul didn't realize that. It had to go and it is not coming back at least not by conciliar catholicism.

Anonymous said...

Ive been watching a lot of videos on you tube lately of Jewish people who have converted, many of them academics, they are now working to preach about Jesus to their fellow countrymen, also Moslems who have converted through personal experiences. Christ is an irresistible force, that calls who He wills, when He wills.

louiac said...

I wonder if “let his blood be on us and on our children” was not made up, invented, much later by sad, angry, mixed up, has always sounded not right ....anyway we would not have Jesus without the Jews...and their flaws are there for all to see...the Old Testament is full of their shenanigans, and God’s corrections, admonishments and patience with them....Should we be less merciful than God himself?..How many lies have been and are being perpetuated against Catholicism nowadays...hence the same can be said about the lies bandied about the Jews throughout the stands to reason...the flawed human condition never changes except by the grace of God....of which we must always be grateful....