Friday, 8 May 2020

Appeal issued by Church leaders - interference to prevent Cardinal Sarah from signing!

It is nearly impossible to comment on this other than to state that it is just one more indication that Bergoglio and his Vatican apparatchiks are diabolical.  Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò was joined by Cardinals Zen, Müller, Bishop Strickland and a gaggle of others retired or marginalised signing another petition that will be ignored Cardinal Sarah had signed but was pressured by "friends" to remove his name. I must give them credit though for trying.

Not even Dan Brown could write this bovine scatology.


Peter Lamb said...

Is it not interesting that despite all his heresies; all that he has done, not a single NWO prelate - not Cardinal Burke, not Bishop Schneider, not the Four Cardinals posing dubia, not Grisez & Finnis cautioning about misuses, and not the 45 Catholics appealing to the College, nor any other responsible voice in the 'Church' has accused pope Francis of holding, or teaching heresy?

But slowly the truth is being squeezed out of them. Cardinal Burke (NWO canon lawyer), was quoted as conceding that if the pope committed heresy, he would automatically loose office.

Now Dr. Edward Pentin, (NWO canon lawyer), speaking as if a molar was simultaneously being extracted, has said:
"... in the view of modern canonists from Wernz to Wrenn, however remote is the possibility of a pope actually falling into heresy and however difficult it might be to determine whether a pope has so fallen, such a catastrophe, Deus vetet, WOULD RESULT IN THE LOSS OF PAPAL OFFICE."

Dr. Pentin it's not difficult at all!!! Jorge denies eternal punishment in hell for unrepentant mortal sinners!
Bam! Three dogmas of the Catholic Church denied! HE IS A HERETIC! Q.E.D.
So according to yourself and Cardinal Burke, he is an anti-pope! The light slowly and painfully shineth forth. Alleluja!

Peter Lamb said...

From the Douay Rheims:
"Have I not hated them, O Lord, that hated thee: and pine away because of thy enemies? I have hated them with a perfect hatred: and they are become enemies to me." Psalm 138:22.

Christ commands, "Love your enemies;" not those who hate God. (St. Augustine)
We must love in them what God loves, and detest what He condemns. (Theodoret)
Fervent zeal against God's enemies is commendable.

“The crowning disloyalty to God is heresy. It is the sin of sins, the very loathsomest of things which God looks down upon in this malignant world. Yet how little do we understand of its excessive hatefulness!… “We look at it, and are calm. We touch it and do not shudder. We mix with it, and have no fear. We see it touch holy things, and we have no sense of sacrilege… “Our charity is untruthful because it is not severe; and it is unpersuasive, because it is not truthful… Where there is no hatred of heresy, there is no holiness. (Fr. Faber.)

Peter Lamb said...


"For, the doctrine of faith which God revealed has not been handed down as a philosophic invention to the human mind to be perfected, but has been entrusted as a divine deposit to the Spouse of Christ, to be faithfully guarded and infallibly interpreted. Hence, also, that understanding of its sacred dogmas must be perpetually retained, which Holy Mother Church has once declared; and there must never be recession from that meaning under the specious name of a deeper understanding. Therefore . . . let the understanding, the knowledge, and wisdom of individuals as of all, of one man as of the whole Church, grow and progress strongly with the passage of the ages and the centuries; but let it be solely in its own genus, namely in the same dogma, with the same sense and the same understanding.
(Vatican I, Dogmatic Constitution Dei Filius, Ch. 4; Denz. 1800)

Pope St. Pius X condemned the following proposition as a Modernist error:
“The dogmas which the Church professes as revealed are not truths fallen from heaven, but they are a kind of interpretation of religious facts, which the human mind by a laborious effort prepared for itself”
(CONDEMNED in Decree Lamentabili Sane, n. 22; Denz. 2022).

Just look at the results of 50+ years of judeo-masons at work. To call the current "Catholic" terrain a devastated vineyard would not do it justice — it is an infernal toxic wasteland that bears no resemblance to the Roman Catholic religion known throughout the world, until the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958. May they all rot and burn in hell with their master satan!

Ana Milan said...

The only one that can prevent Cardinal Sarah from signing is SATAN. That goes for the other mute cardinals who refused to sign the Dubia & have stayed silent ever since. Each one of them is complicit in AF's denial of the Deity of Christ, his idolatry & countless heresies, blasphemies, sacrileges, betrayals. "The road to Hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops" St. John Chrysostom. They will be joined shortly with the present AF, the entire prelature & sodomites within the CC if they continue to stubbornly refuse to denounce him or investigate his ascent to the PO which has been verified as illegal due to PBXVI not resigning in accordance with Canon Law.

Evangeline said...

Certainly the center cannot hold, and this state of affairs cannot last long.
It goes faster and faster, yet a slight pause just now, probably to allow Covid to take it's toll. These men hide in their hidey holes, lest the virus take them out. Materialists, all of them. Fearful for their bodies but not their souls, and certainly not ours. All the Covid dead, how many went without their last sacrament, there was no one to give them. How many sins not confessed, no Viaticum to send them off. God have mercy on all their souls. I doubt these men give the poor souls one single thought. They've moved on already, plans must be made for the beach house this summer.
These destroyers, and the King of Destroyers, Bergoglio the Communist, we are sick of them all and can take them no more. As soon as Covid gives us a break, Bergoglio will be in hot pursuit of Summorum Pontificum. What will that old sinner do with it. Frankly, we don't care. They have destroyed the church. Why should we sit and wait for the next kick, the next blow. Let them all go to blazes. If the Latin Rite, the only vestige of Catholicism left, disappears, we will content ourselves with Scripture and whatever Latin Rite Mass we can find. The "conservative" bishops and Cardinals hold no charm for us anymore. Shame on them all, for not defending CHRIST, never mind the faith or us!
I've grown to dislike giving advice, these matters are so important, and who am I, but, find the Latin Rite, friends. Come home to Catholicism, for as long as we have it. At least we won't be supporting these...horrible men.

Tom A. said...

Evangeline, excellent advise. The only advise worth giving these days is to avoid the NO. It is not Catholic.

Peter Lamb said...

Our Lady said that the Catholic Church would be eclipsed by a church of darkness. No body can eclipse itself. There have to be two bodies for one to be eclipsed. So how can the Catholic Church be eclipsing itself? No, the Catholic Church is being eclipsed by a separate, independent luciferian, judeo-masonic sect - the NWO church of darkness. Two separate, opposing entities - the Catholic Church in the fields and the satanic NWO sect in Rome.

The Catholic Church is being scourged in its Passion. Is it scourging itself? Is the Vicar of Christ scourging the Body of Christ?
Is bergoglio the Vicar of Christ and the vicar of satan, at the same time? Well, according to the R&R position, the answer is "Yes." Does that make sense?

Our Lord said that a house divided against itself will fall. Is the Catholic Church about to fall? To answer in the affirmative, is to speak blasphemy. The Catholic Church will endure until the end of time - Our Lord promised so. So how can the Catholic Church be divided against itself?

There are two entities - the Catholic Church and the NWO church.

Which one do you attend?

c matt said...

The only one that can prevent Cardinal Sarah from signing is Cardinal Sarah.

Perhaps he thinks it is more prudent to not sign from a strategic perspective, and maybe he is correct. But there is no "The Devil didn't let me do it."