A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 30 May 2020

Geska Lima needs our help

If you have been on Twitter, you've probably come across this lady.

You will know that in the darkness of Twitter, Geska brings a little light and joy. Her prayers and little vignettes and natural settings are delightful and heart-warming. I have no doubt that you'll agree with me that Geska is a shining example of a Catholic lady and puts most of us to shame. I know that I could be more like her. We could and should all, be a little more like Geska. My wife and I don't know her well outside of Twitter, but we have met at St. Mary's Davenport Road in Toronto after various Masses and have had nice chats.

You will also know that Geska has been fighting a battle with cancer. At this point, I will sign-off and let Geska speak. As for the links, well, at posting, it is at $3075.00. Many of us have been able to continue to work during this Wuhan China Virus pandemic. We've saved money on gasoline and lunches out at work. We've not contributed to the collection plate. What if we took a little bit of that and sent it to Geska. 

I bet we could break $10,000 before the end of Pentecost Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Poor darlin. Hopefully the donations will make her feel that at least people cared, which is surely consoling. God bless her, and be with her.

Anonymous said...

Prayers promised....