Monday, 4 May 2020

Bergoglio goes full collectivist globalist! - May his days be shortened.

Speculation on "False Prophet" and the "Antichrist" are circuitous. This writer is not enough of a scholar or mystic or prophet to make any such prognostications. What I can understand is this, if ever there were a pope who presented the potential to be the latter, it would be Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

I don't believe that he sits in front of a computer writing this godless, pathetic Tweets, but they are presented to him prior for his sign-off. We have often been unsettled by the garbage coming out of his mouth and the fingers of those who work in the Vatican. This one reveals the evil monster that Bergoglio really is.

Not one word about Jesus Christ, God made Flesh. Not one word about salvation and the need to come to Him. Globalist, communist propaganda. 

Only work ordered by his masters, not the Master, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio has set himself up as my enemy. He is an evil and wretched man. 

May God free us from this monster, "For it is written in the Book of Psalms: Let their habitation become desolate, and let there be none to dwell therein. And his bishopric let another take."


Dennis Ferrara said...


philipjohnson said...

I agree vox!I loath the very sight of him.Why dont the Cardinals speak more about his errors and Heresies?

Peter Lamb said...

“This is Antichrist, of whom you have heard that he cometh, and he is now already in the world.” 1 John 4:3…
We must look, then for the beginnings of this revolt in the times of the Apostles. The spirit of Antichrist was at work as soon as Christ was manifested to the world. In one word, then, it describes the continuous working of the spirit of heresy, which from the beginning runs parallel to the Faith…It is evident that St Paul and St John applied these terms to the Nicolaitions, the Gnostics, and the like. The three notes of Antichrist – schism, heresy, and the denial of the Incarnation – were in them. It is equally applicable to the Sabellian, Arian, Semi-Arian, Monophysite, Monthelite, Eutychian, and Macedonion heresies. The principles are identical; the deveolpment various, but only accidental. And so, throughout these eighteen hundred years, every successive heresy has generated schism, and every schism has generated heresy; and all alike deny the Divine Voice of the Holy Ghost speaking continuously through the Church; and all alike substitue human opinion for Divine Faith; and all alike work out, by a sure process, some more rapidly, and some more slowly, a denial of the Incarnation of the Eternal Son. Some may start with it in the outset, others resolve themselves into it by a long and unforseen transmutation, as that of Protestantism into Rationalism; but all being identical in principle, are identical in their consequences. Every age has heresy, as every article of Faith by denial receives its definition; and the course of heresy is measured and periodical; various materially, but formally one, both in principle and action; so that all heresies from the beginning are no more than the continuous development and expansion of the “mystery of iniquity,” which was already at work.” —– Cardinal Manning, ‘The pope and the antichrist/Crisis in the Holy See’, lecture one, “Christ versus Antichrist’. 1861

Ana Milan said...

He is a curse on us & it is being made even worse by a silent, living successor to St. Peter & the entire prelature. No-one has the guts to call him out as the heretic, idolater, blasphemer, usurper Marxist that he undoubtedly is & our priests are also silent because they can't seem to see the difference between false obedience to a scoundrel & true obedience to a sitting Pope they have been duped into believing has resigned. It will take generations for the Papacy to recover, it it ever will.

Anonymous said...

I see the Italians are going to overthrow their evil leader and have a new Government on 2nd June, the people have had enough of this " LOCKDOWN SCAM" They are also going back to work before this date
Also see

Michael Dowd said...

Bergoglio is a tool of the devil and an enemy of God. Why this isn't clear to more Catholics is a mystery and why our clergy are not protesting against him is a scandal and abomination.

We should be expecting the Great Chastisement soon.

Evangeline said...

It is revealing that even the threat of Covid has not created a return to God by the people. It may not be surprising, even the faithful have the temptation to forget God and rely on one's own abilities, when threatened with illness and death. But it was also a good time for people to realize, despite our little cheers, we are NOT strong, in fact, we are very vulnerable, and without God's help, we can do nothing.

What will it take. Now we see on the heels of Covid comes, what else, the Murder Hornet from Asia, which will kill a colony of our honeybees in seconds, and this threatens food supplies and more. Sorry, I don't wish to be a downer, but it does appear we are going to see things increase.
This pope is part of the chastisement. His apostasy causes great suffering in the world. And that many can't see it, nor the cowardice of his hirelings, but give him lauds, is simply inexplicable, except it be demonic disorientation.
Please God, have mercy on us, amen.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is advocating the vaccine, dont be surprised if Catholics are not required to take the vaccine before been allowed to worship in their Churches.