Monday, 18 May 2020

A Homily worth listening to.

The ability to embed is not available. It is an Ordinary Form Mass at the proper altar. The homily is must listen, you can begin at 19:00. The end at 1:02 is also a must.

The time has come to move out of this and back to Ora et Labora with common sense and regard for the health of all.


Ana Milan said...

Thank God for this fearless priest. When did we hear a sermon like this? I can't remember. Since false ecumenism & political correctness became the order of the day the CC has become completely inert. Maybe this will stir a few feathers, especially coming from a young man who is not afraid to speak the Truth. We are sick & tired of listening to old fogeys exhorting us to turn away from God & venerate Mother Earth. They no longer recognise the Deity of Christ Our King & have now locked us out from the churches we & our ancestors built with our donations & refuse to render the Sacraments & Holy Mass. I hope those very few Bishops with a grain of faith left in them will listen up & get the message. We don't need or want effeminate men in the priesthood, we need & want virile young men who are not ashamed of their faith & are willing to give their all for the promulgation of it, even if it leads to persecution & death.

Anonymous said...

I’m in tears.


Truth Seeker said...

I heard this powerful and AWESOME sermon earlier this week and sent it to as many as I could. It was unknown at the time who this very faithful holy priest was. Now we can pray for him by name. This was the best sermon I have heard in a very very long time. Many of us have been wondering where our bishops are these months of locked out of our churches - those very silent so-called "shepherds" - whose voices we the sheep are supposed to be following. However, one cannot follow silence. Then we had this young vibrant faithful priest raise his voice in the thundering silence and speak TRUTH, a rare commodity today in a world filled with lies and deceit, causing confusion and chaos. God bless him, and especially protect him. Those lucky and blessed parishioners in his parish have a special gift given to them and I hope they show their appreciation abundantly. He is a shining light in the darkness!! If only we had more like him - perhaps then there would be more Catholics who actually believed in our faith and the teachings of Christ. He is definitely a soldier for Christ!