Wednesday, 30 October 2019

What on earth is going on in Hamilton - it all seems rather queer, oh silly me, I forgot about Monsignor Crotch and is the term "Co-Pastors" short for "copulating?"

Police Academy actor George Gaynes dies aged 98
Bishop of Hamilton in Ontario
Ah, Hamilton. City of sulphur dioxide and stinking air, waterfalls, beautiful churches and Msgr Crotch and the CoPastors from the land of João Fernandes Lavrador.

Back in 1987 a great thing was happening in Ottawa at a church called St. Brigid's in Lowertown. I know all about it, I was there. The devil raised his head from a local parish against them, one that is filled with gaity and some pagon god named Omi and the silly pastors who one day end up in the Land of João and then bring their co-vivants to explore the crotches elsewhere.


Michael Dowd said...

This church whatever it is should be sued for false advertising. There is nothing Catholic about it. It is part of Begoglio's perv church.

Kathleen1031 said...

The topic is deadly serious, yet at times one must laugh. Ok, Monsignor Crotch, my goodness.

I am sad to imagine unknowing Catholics turning to these apostates for spiritual guidance, dear God, rescue them! This is why we need to stay involved, even though we fatigue, even take a break from it all, we have to try to spread the word to unknowing Catholics. That may have been us at one time, I know it was me. If no one tells them, how can they know? It is part of our mandate now. But the doing of it, that's the hard part. How do we reach mainstream Catholics.

Anonymous said...

I call him the same thing!