Thursday, 17 October 2019

St. Michael's College the School of Basilian Perverts and Bullies to be sued!

Oh, this is so typical. Blame the victim. 

The Basilians are filthy scum.

The Board of St. Michael's College School includes Fogler Rubinoff's Nina Perfetto who also sits on the Board of Villa Columbo Charities. All very connected. Perfetto was Rosica's "pro-bono" lawyer who took on the wrong guy.

Birds of a feather.

Good luck to the boy, but the lawsuit should be at least $100,000,000!

"In a document filed with that motion for a publication ban, the boy’s father said his son is still in therapy and continues to be taunted by both strangers and former classmates who actually blame him for damaging St. Mike’s reputation."


Barona said...

Filthy and disgusting. We could see how "Christian" these so-called parents were, when the original scandal broke. They are, in the main, nauseating neo-pagans, following in the footsteps of the now decadent Basilians, who have long since abandoned their original charism.

Let us pray for this young man and his family, that they draw close to Christ. That they remain close to Christ. May this legal action be but the beginning of the end of St. Michael's.

The only way of saving the school is for Cardinal Collins to move against the Basilians and demand to take Archdiocesan control. Sadly, with the Basilians being backed up by the decadent churchmen in Rome, this is not going to happen.

Sadly, it is up to the abused boys to do the heavy lifting to bring an end to what was once a glorious high school.

May other brave young men and their families step up!!!

Irenaeus said...

I would close the school. Education is what you make of it, not so much what they give you. You can be given the best education there is, and still turn out rotten, like everyone but the victim in this story.

Let them close it, and the boys can go to other schools in Toronto. Besides, the TCDSB needs children at other schools - schools that are sitting empty.

Let the goodness, discipline and knowledge supposedly taught there be spread other members of the TCDSB.