Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Rosica at Splashdown

An "inveterate alpha hotel" I've been called by a brave anonymous commentator for allegedly kicking this man whilst he is down. On the contrary, as written below, I hope he finds his priesthood and spends his life as a monk or hermit to save his soul. That is not a kick, it is a good hope.

Where is the apology from this Rosica for more than a dozen harassing emails?

Where is the apology from this Rosica for a slap-suit that took money out of my home to defend against?

Where is the apology from this Rosica for the gossip he undertook with certain other clerics to limit and undermine my work as a Cantor?

Where is the apology from Rosica for the malignant gossip to people at my employer?

Where is the apology from Rosica for the no less than two attempts to have me fired by using direct and indirect pressure on my employer. Confirmed by the way, by senior officers that he was trying to undermine my employment and thus, my security and pension?

Not from him.

But from the Rosica Family.

But from the other brother who apologised without reservation on "behalf of the Rosica family" and said, "you must do everything you can to keep my brother from ever becoming a bishop."

Turns out, Tom did himself in on that one.

Some day, I may forgive Tom, I hope to.

Today, is not that day.

Fr. Rosica's Bias: Are We Getting The Whole Synod Story ...
The party's over, Tom
Thomas J. Rosica is at Southdown. I've known this for two weeks. I did not publicly report on it as I did not feel it my place and to respect my sources.

However, someone has revealed it to Michael Voris, as reported here.

It is this writer who doggedly pursued this arrogant clericalist and it was this writer who was the first to out him for his plagiarsim. The price was a slap-suit that elevated this blog from 600,000 page views after a decade to what you see at the left today, all since March of 2015.

The price Rosica paid was great.

Suing this writer was the beginning of the end for this errant cleric. It focused others from Bloggers to LifeSiteNews to Breitbart, Catholic World Report, Renew America and the National Catholic Register on this nasty and despicable actions. It caused everyone to take a closer look.

He is a broken man. He was on the rise, no doubt lusting an episcopal appointment from Bergoglio. He is Bergoglio's type, to be sure.

It's over for him, brought down from heights by his own blind pride and arrogance. He is a sycophant and a sociopath, just like his Bergoglio.

Whatever has sent him to Southdown may it be a start of his healing. May he find his priesthood again, but may he live as a hermit and may no Catholic ever been on the receiving end again of this man's actions, nor ministry.

He is a bad man and a bad priest and as he wrote me many times, "a sad, sad man."


Michael said...

"It's over for him, brought down from heights by his own blind pride and arrogance. He is a sycophant and a sociopath, just like his Bergoglio." Thanks be to God.

Pedro Erik said...

I followed your fight, Vox. God bless you.

May Rosica find God and God justice.

Viva Christ, the King!

Aqua said...

God loves this man every bit as much as you and me. He knew him before He made him.

May he find grace, repentance and forgiveness. May he encounter Jesus Christ who made him and wants him in heaven for eternity. It is my prayer that I will meet him there one day.

Lynn8791 said...

Has he been sent to Southdown for help, or to become a counsellor there?

"Aqua" makes an important point. It was a reminder which I needed.

Anonymous said...

Only an inveterate Alpha Hotel would keep kicking a guy who's fallen this far down at this point.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't sorry for what he done to you,you must rise above the hurt and release it ,Christ was innocent ,He was maligned and crucified as a criminal. Can His followers expect better treatment then their Lord. If you let it sear your soul ,he will have won. Be the bigger man and forgive him for the love of Christ.

Jeff said...

It is interesting to me that he was trying ruin your career and in the end leave you and your penniless and broken.

Yet, he gets to go a swank rehab joint for as long as he likes, 3 meals a day and a cookie at bedtime, if he is good, all at the expense of the laity. He will still draw a paycheck and when they spring him from the funny farm, he will have a position waiting.

I know, Vox. I am a petty person.

Justina said...

Vox, for my part I wish to express admiration for you in your past and present attitude towards Father Rosica. I find nothing uncharitable in it, as implied by the misguided pietism lurking behind some of the other comments in this thread. On the contrary, if there is one person on the face of the earth who has exhibited true charity for this man and who continues to do so, it is you.

By exposing Father Rosica's misdeeds in the first place, you challenged him to repent.

By standing against him when he tried to damage you, you demonstrated to him the limits of the worldly power in which he was overinvested.

By refusing to go all mealy-mouthed now that he is reaping what he has sown, you are continuing to pour the iodine of Truth into his festering wounds. Sure, your words might sting. What good could they do, otherwise?

You have fulfilled your fraternal obligation of warning your brother to leave his wicked ways, and no one should try to make you feel bad about it. That is the false mercy of Amoris Chapter 8, not the true mercy which comes through the Cross (and not by skirting around it). Now, whatever Father Rosica chooses to do from here on out, you have done the right thing by admonishing him, even at considerable personal cost.

And you have set a good example for the rest of us in the process. Thank you, and God bless you always.

Anonymous said...

Ditto... What Justina said!

Anonymous said...

ALL you can do and the best you can do for someone who has lied about you or disparaged you unfairly is to pray for him.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I don't know the meaning of "Alpha Hotel", but I suspect it's not a compliment. Vox has suffered greatly by Rosica's hand. Are you, Anonymous, doing your own kicking just so you can do some virtue signaling?

Peter Lamb said...

What a great comment Justina.

Anonymous said...

Restore DC..........
I knew Rosica needed prayer when I saw him attack David. Prayers Answered !
If that is what you snidely call "virtue signaling" so be it! Jesus called it praying for your enemies and lady let me tell you here and now,the best way to take care of your enemies is to turn them over to the Most Holy Trinity and I have lived long enough to see the results in real time.

Aqua said...

I saw the original comment from “anonymous” and found it completely inoffensive or directed in any way, at any one. I also found the original post by Vox to be charitable and informative - not needing any corrective or negative comment - stand alone it was interesting, useful and charitable, (esp given past personal circumstances).

Given that, it is interesting to me how this topic can devolve in this way, as if there are personal attacks involved. I don’t see it.

I saw “anonymous’” comment in this spirit. Similar to mine above, merely a statement of charitable Catholic fact: as he said to RestoreDC - “pray for your enemies; turn them over to the Most Holy Trinity”; don’t kick a man while he’s down; pray for the best for all men and women.

Pax! And not rhetorically either ... Peace!

Anonymous said...

It appears "Restore DC Catholicism"
needs to go back and take a look at her Baltimore Catechism and then start reading the NT before she accuses Jesus ,His Apostles and the Saints of "Virtue Signaling" too. No one should read her blog as Gospel Catholicism.

C. LaSalle said...

Perhaps he will be able to come to terms with his narcissism while at Southdown.

He truly heal he needs to publicly apologize to all and everyone that he set out to and succeeded in harming, yourself included.

Gilbert said...

"A bruised reed he will not break, and a dimly burning wick he will not quench; he will faithfully bring forth justice." Isaiah 42:3

Fr. Rosica has yet to earn back respect. When he could have made a good (public) confession he inserted excuses into his "apology" and shifted blame on to his subordinates. His actions toward Vox were unconscionable. However, perhaps he will learn a lesson or two if we extend to him forgiveness, even while he - given his record of snark and condescension - doesn't seem capable of fully appreciating it. Who among us really fully appreciates the forgiveness that the Lord extends to us? If we did, then our cause for sainthood would be well under way. That said, I'm on my way out the door to begin the day and will go to confession at 3pm (PDT) so I have a hope of attaining heaven.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

So ezplain "alpha hotel".

Vox Cantoris said...

"Anal orifice"

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Again, explain that "alpha hotel" quip.

Vox Cantoris said...

He called me an "ass-hole!"

Aqua said...

With all due respect, I didn’t see you as “kicking a man when he is down”, so I don’t see how “Alpha Hotel” even applies to you. And a Christian can’t, in good conscience, kick a man when he’s down. We are required to hope, pray, work for the salvation of all men. Resisting evil, oppressors is a work of charity. Giving them a hand up, when they are down, is also an act of charity.

I really don’t understand. Your post was informative and charitable, esp given your history with the man. You sincerely wished the best for him. I commented in support of what you, yourself wrote.

The Alpha Hotel comment, given that context, couldn’t have been directed at you.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

David, thanks. I didn't see your first reply when I followed up. Anonymous, you called David THAT, and I'm the one who needs to brush up on the Baltimore Catechism? Where is your apology to David for addressing him with veiled profanity?

Irenaeus said...


But that comment was directed at Vox. I also don't really understand why it was said in the first place, but loads of people are quite quick to spot the mote in Vox's eyes while ignoring the beam in their own.

What does our Lord say about that sort of behavior? I believe it starts with an H.

Aqua said...

Irenaeus, it was *not* directed at Vox. Not true. It was a generic addressed - in - general statement. His follow up comment, later, confirms his generic intent. (If it was otherwise, I would object, and have).

Two parts:

1: Don’t kick a man when he’s down.
2: Only a jerk would.

Alpha Hotel are not the words I would have chosen, but fit, in a way, with the previous post on Golf Foxtrot Yankee.

Either way, my main point is that (obviously) Vox is innocent of such a charge, and, anonymous did not make such a charge. “Don’t kick a man when he’s down”. Simple. I’ve thought the same about others, recently. It’s a valid warning. We should all do less of that. I thought the initial base blog post from Vox was a great example of that. And now ... all of this. Makes no sense to me.