Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Bergoglio willing to dialogue the dubia - Not!


On the flight back to Rome by the Peronist Pontificator for the Protection of Perverts, the Bergomeister referred to schism saying that he is "not afraid of it," and that "loyal criticism" can be constructive but those offering the critique must be willing to "dialogue."

I assume then that he will soon be meeting with the two remaining "Dubia Cowarinals" in order to answer their doubts?


Lying hypocrite!


Jack said...

Of course not, since the dubia are "unfair criticism" of himself the Pope,
Thus his reply is silence and scorn.
The Pope now should explain what he calls "fair criticism"

Kathleen1031 said...

"Should I lie to them and tell them I want to 'dialogue'? They may point out my hypocrisy, since I have not answered the dubia nor the questions about Teddy...then again...the press is covering for me as I asked them to and the average Catholic is too uninformed and stupid to notice so...I'll gaslight them by ignoring questions I don't want to answer and say that I am meek and love criticism and dialogue!".