Sunday, 23 June 2019

The Amazonian Synod from Hell and the Bergoglian Mafia - Who will stop this Malefactor?

The Amazon Synod is coming upon us quickly. The latest horror from Bergoglio, the Ape of God, will seek to change the Church of Christ forever.

Do not. I repeat, do not get over occupied on the issue of the ordination of married men. The apostles were married. The Easterns ordain married men, my Maronite ancestors included. We have the Ordinariate. I would rather have a faithful God-fearing, Christ-loving married priest than a felching, fisting, blaspheming, sacrilegious sodomite who dresses in lace and pretends to be "traditional" who is all smells and bells and has all lace and no grace! The future may very well be an ordination in your basement of "viri probati" to minister to small communities. This is not the main issue. 

Catholics must wake up. Expect no aid from most bishops and cardinals. Those who speak out against this destruction will be few. Those who do not are either sodomites, communists, thieves or compromised by those who are. 

Know this! They have no supernatural faith. They do not believe in Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, nor do they believe that the Church is real. To them, it is their means for power and world domination. If they believed in Christ, they would not do this.

I have attached link and poster at the top this page from Pan Amazon Synod Watch. It will be the place to go for all current news as well as the good people at LifeSiteNews who have more time that poor working bloggers such as this one.

We must fight this Pope. Bergoglio is Pope in Law. He has the power. This heretic, this filthy pervert-protecting malefactor must be fought. The arguments of sedevacantism and whether Ratzinger is still pope do not matter. What matters is who holds power. This Bergoglio may very well be the "Ape of God." What we can know is what he is by what he has said and done. A rude, obnoxious insulting boor. A heretic. A man who would kneel before man before God. A destroyer. A heretic and quite possibly, an Antipope! This can be debated. I have no doubt a future Pope and Council will declare this filthy pervert-protecting Argentian and all his works, anathema. Vatican II will be corrected an its errors denounced. Of this, I have no doubt.

But it is this rotten Bergoglio, this Francis, and his communist Christ-hating minions, that hold power.

Resist them.

Mock them.

Call them out.

They will be destroyed, each and every one.


Kathleen1031 said...

On point Vox.
We are no longer shocked by this destroyer, Bergolio. His goal is clear, to destroy Catholicism, faithful Catholics, and Christendom. He loathes Western man, his skin crawls with a lifetime of envy of it, the economic success due to capitalism, which he also loathes, like all his Communist brothers, who have never produced an economic model that resulted in anything more than misery for the "common man".

What is shocking is ourselves. We imagine what the average Catholic of 1940 would say if told on a sunny Sunday morning that from that day on they were to desire Islam to invade their nations, attacking and persecuting indigenous citizens, create rape gangs and sexually traffic their children, which will all be ignored by the government and police, while they will be charged with a "hate crime" if they complain. If they were told adulterers must be given Holy Communion, and that homosexual predator priests must be tolerated and even promoted to the highest realms of the church. That Communism, responsible for more deaths of innocents than any other ideology, is the "best Catholic model".

But the capper, beyond the pope insulting the faithful relentlessly over the course of his entire papacy, is the spectacle of the pope presenting lip-plated savages, people who live in pre-modern polygamy, abuse of women, and most shockingly, who worship demonic spirits and deal in shamanism, pantheism, as the model for Catholicism, a pope who finds no value in baptism or the sacrifice of Christ for souls, but who demands Catholicism incorporate paganism and witchcraft! We are actually encouraged by this diabolical man to invoke "spirits", and the only interpretation of this is satanic, there IS no other explanation. This is what is shocking, that we are not storming the Vatican, we are simply moving on as we always do, attending our Novus Ordo Mass, putting our checks or cash into the collection plate so that more Islam can be brought into our midst, more bishops can live like fat cats, playing tickle-the-seminarian games while the suckers continue on as per usual.
If not now, when?? When do we hold them accountable, stop the flow of their god, MONEY, and while we can't force a faithful pope, we do not have to make their miserable lives comfortable on our dime. Will we say enough when children are sacrificed on the altar?? When priests are allowed to keep twinks in the rectory and parade them around the town?
God help us. We have grown accustomed to evil.

Brian said...

Whoa Vox, tell us how you really feel. I must say you are more optimistic than I am. Other than some courageous bloggers like yourself, where are the voices calling this apostasy to account? Lots more coming from the Bergoglio cabal. Married priests will be coming, man/woman but also man/man. Think about it gay priest couples running our parishes. All of this fueled by the New Theology that triumphed at Vatican II. The vast majority of our bishops are graduates of this re-packaged Modernism. How can they offer any resistance?

Anonymous said...

It is only conclusive that Peter was married, but not necessarily when he was called to be an apostle (it is possible he was a widow). That aside, married clergy is very much the issue here because every ecclesiastical discipline practiced by the Church is to safeguard a truth (a dogma). For example, we genuflect to the Tabernacle and kneel for communion because of the dogma, The Real Presence. In the case of celibacy, the truth behind it is continence. The history of this issue is covered by Fr. Cochini's book, The Apostolic Origins of Priestly Celibacy. There is no instance where it was licit for married priests to have relations with their wives.

Why was this so important? Pope Siricius, St.. Ambrose, and the Council of Carthage insist priests must observe perfect continence so that their prayers may be answered. The efficacy of our prayers is absolutely tied to continence (even for laity, but much more so for priests). St. Ambrose wrote, "But ye know that the ministerial office must be kept pure and unspotted, and must not be defiled by conjugal intercourse."

The sexual activities of our clergy has defiled the priesthood and impacted our prayers. Continence (celibacy is just the discipline used to enforce it) has been a fact in the Church since the apostles and is, therefore, part of Tradition. The prayers of any priest having sex are impacted by their defilement. As I see it, the homosexuals and Francis are going to institutionalize this defilement. Imagine what this will do to the effectiveness of our prayers and, subsequently, to the Church?

Everyone should understand the difference between celibacy (discipline) and continence (probably dogma). This is the MAIN issue behind the Amazon Synod and is a direct assault against Holy Orders. See how well clerical sex has helped the other denominations. We can blame Vat II, but the priests were destroying the Church before that in their bedchambers.

Vox Cantoris said...

Priests in the Latin Rite are not superior to the East. This is one issue. I do not trust the Bergoglians, but there are worse elements.

Dad29 said...

I have to agree with "Anony" above re: continence of married priests. The Cochini book was very convincing. And for more, consult Ed Peters, who maintains that married permanent deacons ALSO must remain continent after ordination. (Needless to say, that's an argument which is not very popular.)

This is not a question of 'superiority' of one over the other (Eastern), so don't take it personally. This IS a question of one of the oldest disciplines of the Church.

peasant said...

"Mock them." No, never mock them. You obviously have no idea who or what you are up against.
For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places. Ephesians 6:12 (6,6,6)
Pray for them. Yes, pray for them and encourage others to pray for them as well. That's what good Catholics do for those who may have wandered off the narrow path and what you have consistently failed to mention. There is no victory for God when a soul is heading toward perdition. We therefore as children of God and brothers and sisters in Christ, who call Mary Our Mother rejoice NOT in identifying others errors. We rejoice with God when the soul in error returns to the narrow path.
And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Mathew 16:18
Note that Christ builds His Church on one rock (one Pope) not a pile of rocks. Also note that St. Pope John Paul II said there could never be a pope emeritus, thus Bergoglio is an antipope. Pray also for Bergoglio's conversion.

Anonymous said...

If married priests are allowed by extension there will be demands for same sex marriages for priests. Even pagan religions held chastity in high esteem as in the Vestal Virgins and only virgins were deemed acceptable as human sacrifice in the darkest days of human history when people had no concept of God and worshipped many gods they instinctively knew the value of purity.

Irenaeus said...

Excellent post, Vox. I agree that the the business about married priests and how they are destroying Catholicism that way is a detraction. We have had it before and we can have it again. It would mean adjusting our attitude and our financial contributions, but those are easily overcome.

Brian, I would agree with Vox's optimism. Here is why. The enemy wants us to splinter, fall into despondency and depression and basically do nothing as we fight amongst ourselves. This is how the enemy wins in war. The best sort of resistance we can do is not only actively resist (be it through the priesthood, religious life, or lay state) the Bergoglians in their schemes, but also by adopting a mindset where we see what goes on, and carry on with the active means of resistance in spite of that. Nothing frustrates them more than seeing Catholics continuing to resist despite all attempts to bring it down.

Anonymous said...

There is also something in the working document about creating some kind of office for women in ministry. Is this not "clericalizing the laity", as decried by PF early on?

Anonymous said...

Interesting arguments despite that it was Jesus Himself who stated men called to the priesthood should not be barred from marriage.
How is it that the Orthodox manage to stand firm against allowing sodomites into their seminaries
yet they allow for married men ( married to bona fide females) into the priesthood?
Married priests are continent for a set period of time before celebrating the Divine Liturgy.

Reading alleged Catholic opinions here has made me realize how much Catholics do not know about the history of the Church.

Tom A. said...

I agree Anon 7:39. I think the reason so many so called trad Catholics know so little about Catholicism is because for 50 years now they have been looking at an organization that no longer professes the Catholic Faith yet calls itself Catholic. They have had to make too many excuses to justify their non Catholic popes as being somehow a Catholic Pope that they have forgotten the true Catholic Faith. What is ironic is that they have destroyed the Papacy to save their heretical anti-popes. Its sad because the Orthodox schismatic East seems to be proven right. We know they are not, but given the state of the so called Roman Catholic Church, its almost impossible to defend Roman Catholicism.

Michael Dowd said...

"Ape of God" by Bishop Fulton Sheen:
“He will set up a counter-Church which will be the ape of the Church because, he the devil, is the ape of God. It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content. It will be a mystical body of the anti-Christ that will in all externals resemble the mystical body of Christ. In desperate need for God, whom he nevertheless refuses to adore, modern man in his loneliness and frustration will hunger more and more for membership in a community that will give him enlargement of purpose, but at the cost of losing himself in some vague collectivity.” From “Signs of the Times”

It is happening now.

Anonymous said...

Do not miss Ann Barnhardt's podcast: Cooking with Gas

She addresses the married priest history and what it really meant. Continence. Continence. Continence. That's why there were women "deacons". The wives had to agree to have a marriage with sexual intercourse. And they were, like pastors wives, doing all they could to support the needs of the Church. There is so much more to this than we know or will ever know from the current crop of modernist watered down V2 homo-theologians.


Anonymous said...

Francis looks like a kid in a candy store in that photo, the look of glee on his face is disconcerting to say the least.

Brian said...

There has been talk about this Synod making it impossible to undo the changes that are coming. This is definitely true. Francis knows that no effective opposition will be rendered by the world's bishops. One truthful statement that Bergoglio uttered several years ago was: "There is no going back." Well, that statement could easily have been made in 1969. Mainline "Catholicism" is just not able to go back. This ugly fact is a reality check for being unreasonably optimistic. Going back is just not possible. Now, there will continue to be "Traditional" pockets made up of Sedevacantists and Sedeplenists with their increasingly problematic stance. The Summorum Pontificum islands will, sadly, be shut down. Return, by the Conciliar Church, to a non-Modernist Catholicism is not going to happen.

Michael Dowd said...

Agree with Brian. Bergoglio is the ultimate impresario of Vatican II. The intent of this infamous council was to Protestantize the Church. This process is now in its final stages. Vatican II must be abrogated in its entirety.

religious artist said...

The state of the Catholic Church today is perfectly described by Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Osee, Joel,
Amos, Abdias, Michaeas, Nahum, Habacuc, Soponias, Aggaeus, Zacharias and Malachias beause it is spiritually identical to the apostate condition of the Jews at the time of their captivity. Apostasy is ever the same: the placing of some alien spirit into the devotions and worship of the Church. St. Paul clarifies even Sodomy by telling us in the first Chapter of Romans that sodomy is the result of idolatry. We as Catholics must ask ourselves, "Where is the root cause of this abandonment of the Faith in the Catholic Church? Has God abandoned the Church or have we abandoned God? Do we offer our prayers to a person who is not God? Do we seek to gain spiritual favors by offering devotion to persons who are not God? Well, do we?

Unknown said...

Reading all of this i dont see love..the greatest is the Truth and Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life..all of thos other stuff seems like distraction and filled with hate and pride. Theyl know we are Christians by our LOVE. Of God and of others. Im catholic but if the catholic church starts preaching another gospel..i will listen and Choose Jesus Christ and His Word over all. He is the Word.

Michael Dowd said...

"Unknown said...

Reading all of this i don't see love"

How unfortunate for you. Truth is love. God is truth. Speaking the truth is doing the work of God because it can be a cause of someone's salvation, even including the present "Pope". As Catholics we must do this.

Unknown said...

Your all wrong ! When they destroyed the Holy Mass back in 1969 it was all over for everyone. Nothing supersedes the Holy Mass , Nothing and that is gone dead along with all the sacraments. It's very clear none of you have any idea how very close we all are to judgment day. We will be very lucky if we make it to the end if next year. Benedict the last or the priest/kings was pope for 7 years Francis is now in his 6 year next year will be his 7 year just as Benedict. The End.

Michael Dowd said...

"Your all wrong ! When they destroyed the Holy Mass back in 1969 it was all over for everyone."

I think we have more time than you think. We should not give up and wait till the end. God expects us to fight. We do not know when the end will come.