Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Serial Plagiarist and Slap Suit-happy Basilian priest Thomas J. Rosica removed from Salt + Light Media Corporation

Vox Cantoris

Thomas J. Rosica, CSB, the plagiarising priest, former "organiser" of the 2002 World Youth Jamboree in Toronto, founder of the little-watched and irrelevant Salt + Light Media, former Board member of St. Michael's College amongst others, one-time Consultor to the Pontifical Council on Social Communications and  has been ousted (resigned?) from Salt + Light. His apologies in a general way are meaningless. Let him apologise personally to each and every writer, author and academic from which he stole and then lied about it. Let him apologise personally to each Intern he accused. 


This writer was the first to expose his plagiarism over four years ago when he repeatedly used in writing and speeches a text from Richard Gailladartz of the National Catholic Reporter. But what do we bloggers know, we write "fake news," according to Bergoglio.


Tom Rosica stole money right out of our extra mortgage payments with his scandalous, frivolous and vexatious lawsuit which I had to defend against. His Wiki page has this action listed. One of the most prominent there. A joke. You can also click to the history at the top left of this post.

In this matter, he has never apologise nor has the Board of Salt + Light, Tony Gagliano of St. Joseph Communications or Fogler, Rubinoff's Nina Perfetto for their scandalous actions against my family. A pro-bono lawsuit based on lies and attempt to control my rights.

There is more. He attempted to interfered with my employment which those lobbied have admitted to me and he confessed in a scandalous series of emails to me that he contacted people at my employer to gossip about me. I have reason to believe that he even tried to undermine my professional Cantor position. His emails to me alluded to it as did actual warnings from priests that something was going on behind the scenes. Some have succumbed to his lobbying and have me as persona non grata and you know who you are, right Fathers Lace and No Grace? Others, have a pair.

He is an evil man. He has gotten what he has deserved. A complete removal from any position of responsibility. Complete and utter humiliation. All brought on by his own arrogance, his own egotistical mind, his own narcissism. He has his reward. 

He caused undo stress upon my family. He is a disgrace lacking in true empathy and a man of false compassion and no moral compass. A sociopath and a narcissistic bully. 

Now, let him publicly apologise to me and the many others whom he has hurt. 

His "career" is over. May he forever disappear from any public life. May he repent for the evil he has done, make amends and do penance and by such, save his soul.

May this be the last mention of this wretched little man on this blog.

So let it be written. So let it be done!


Kathleen1031 said...

It is unfortunately a common experience, especially in the world of secular employment, to find bullies like this one. With a measure of power, their egos soar to unimaginable heights. They often find a target, an "enemy", and seek to isolate said target and bring it down, all to deflect from their own shortcomings and insecurities. Very common in the world of education, administrators, those nice people who hold the highest positions in schools, participate or positively tolerate it. If children did this stuff they would get lectures on being "compassionate" and "fair", but grownups get no such lecture. What people will do to others is shocking, it can only be called ruthless. People play fast and loose with the wellbeing, employment, the very life, of others with reckless abandon and often malice. It's disappointing.
When men in the church do it, it is particularly disturbing, or used to be. Now we all know these men have feet of clay, they are all too common and eminently worldly. Nothing is beneath them. This is why most have lost all respect for them and the Church is in decline.


Pray for your "enemies"♥➕ūüíôūüĆĻūüôŹ

Irenaeus said...

I'm a little disappointed that more of the attention has gone to the post below this one.

This is hardly a happy ending.

Sitsio said...

Do we know if he has also been removed from his Vatican position?

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

For his own safety sake, I hope that liar plagiarist Rosica never crosses my path in this life, because I wouldn't hesitate, not even for a second, from breaking his neck. And that is a promise.

Johnno said...

Some more good news for you Vox.


Notice of Retraction

"Given that the works authored by Rev. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B., which were published by CCCB Publications, failed to provide all the appropriate citations, as well as bibliographic references, and did not acknowledge a number of original sources, CCCB Publications has retracted said works and apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused."