Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Pope Francis is "blatantly lying"

"For it is written in the book of Psalms: Let their habitation become desolate, and let there be none to dwell therein. And his bishopric let another take."




Anonymous said...

Vagano was just outed as taking a "gift" monies from
Bransfield. He knows the writing is on the wall. Don't you know that if the Fed investigates the Catholic Church in the US for RICO violations this former nuncio will receive a subpoena?
He knows it and is in hiding.
Get REAL people!

Johnno said...


So what if Vigano received some money from someone? That doesn't necessarily make him guilty by association unless he received it with full knowledge of the giver's criminal history and proclivities, precisely as a bribe or used such generosity to overlook suspicion that required action on Vigano's part.

Politicians receive money all the time.

Even Mother Teresa received money from some charlatans.

Unless Vigano knew what Bransfield was up to and received money to hush up, or Vigano was informed about him and was negligent, then it's not a crime any more than some random charity receiving a donation from McCarrick being guilty of association.

Some of you are jumping some real sharks to reach a conclusion.

Johnno said...

Also I'm betting Vigano would love to be subpoenaed and to testify in a formal investigation, under official witness protection where hopefully Francis can't touch him.

But considering that Western Government are completely capable of framing and then slowly assassinating Julian Assange within a prison, maybe Vigano is smart for hiding from everyone. After all, that mcCarrick and Francis are cozy with elite people in America, there's no telling what could happen.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that Vigano gave his latest to the "Washington Compost" too?
Richard Sipe (RIP) also worked in the nucio's office under Nuncio Cardinal Laghi. He said all the Bishops sent their dirt files there and they crossed his desk too. Sipe got pretty damned disgusted with the abuse coverups too and tried to rectify the situation with the Bishops, but he did NOT go into hiding for "fear of his life" or to duck a possible subpoena.
He was out there publicly trying to make changes.
Now Vigano is telling us the Gay Mafia runs the Church and Francis is a liar?
Tell us something we did not already know Vigano!

Dan said...

Lying is to be expected from those who are free of the disordered attachment to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Correction.....it was not Sipe who worked for Nuncio Laghi but another priest he quoted on his blog who
did actually see the horrific reports coming into the office to be filed.

Anonymous said...

Johnno , you are missing the point.
Vigano had access to ALL the files as Nuncio.
He knew about Ninestedt too.His job included calling up the chain to the Vatican on just WHO and what to take action on.

Anonymous said...

Randy Engel just let me know it was Sipe's friend, Fr Tom Doyle, who worked for Nuncio Pio Laghi.
What a horror to be sitting there working for the Nuncio and seeing all these secret perverted abuse reports coming in from the Bishop's offices to file and knowing most, if not all , will not be addressed correctly!
While I may not have agreed with Sipe or Doyle on all their Theological points , Richard Sipe was always a very kind man to me and deeply concerned about these abuse victims.
I'm sorry but to date I have not detected the same level of concern for the individuals who have had their lives destroyed, spiritually mentally and physically from what Vigano has written.

Irenaeus said...

To the anonymous commentator: Why are you so quick to bite the hand of the person who is feeding you?

Do you have a better solution to the crisis at hand, and to what Absp. Vigano is doing? If so, let's hear it.

mike said...

Mike Hurcum writes
the last two verses of the psalm prays let their minds be covered with confusion. go read the psalm 108 in the DR version and use it as a prayer. as it worked for David so it works for me

Anonymous said...


Vigano feeds me nada. We knew about McCarrick way back in the late eighties and Wuerl.
Wuerl was close to Maciel as was Burke.
Maciel would fly into Florida and stay at pizza man's compound aka Ave Maria land. Wuerl Baptized all of the pizza man's grandchildren and he would also run down when Maciel showed up.
Mike Ference and others all knew about Wuerl's penchant for seminarians. What HAS Vigano done but pick up what was already covered in the 'Rite of Sodomy'and the heroic efforts of Fr Rueda?

Maybe Vigano looks like a hero to you but I think you jumped onto the kaboose.
Fr John O Conner, Fr Kunz, Fr Minkler, not to mention ex Gov Keating who likened the USCCB to '...worse than the Cosa Nostra" and then was threatened by them ordering him to make a public apology to which he complied and called a Press conference apologizing to the Cosa Nostra stating the USCCB were worse !!
Did you miss all that?

Unknown, I favor the psalm in which we pray,"Arise Oh Lord and show They Face ,and let those who hate your Commandments either repent and convert or scatter in confusion." Works for me and they even incorporated it into a Chaplet of Prayer......

Anonymous said...

All Opus Dei machinations.It's all about money and being identified as being REAL CATHOLICS no matter which side of the track you have to run on.

"Viganò also played a key role in the Napa Institute's bringing Nienstedt on board in 2016, after his resignation as head of the St. Paul-Minneapolis Archdiocese in 2015.

According to Busch, both Viganò and Archbishop Bernard Hebda, who succeeded Nienstedt in St. Paul-Minneapolis, told him there were no impediments to hiring Nienstedt.

"We, of course, had heard rumors, too," about Nienstedt mishandling sex abuse cases and allegations of sexual relationships with priests, seminarians and other men, said Busch, "so we asked Archbishop Hebda, Archbishop Viganò and other bishops, too, if there was anything we should know about. We were told there were only rumors and that he was fine and free to do whatever he wanted."

Busch said he also vetted Nienstedt's role with the institute with Bishop Robert Vasa of Santa Rosa, California, before inviting him into the diocese."


Johnno said...

Because Anonymous -

1. Compost is still good for something every now and then. The rest of the world sure ain't reading or subscribing to your local archdiocese paper, nor read the Rite of Sodomy.

2. Sipe (or other priest) went after Bishops. Vigano is now fingering the 'Pope', and Vigano is a higher ranking person in the know that some random priest, and this 'Pope' seems to have many shady connections ever since his time in Argentina.

3. I agree that somebody should ask Vigano about Ninestedt. But what does that have to do with why he's in hiding? Even if Vigano is found guilty over this, you'd imagine that any court would strike a deal with him to get off scot-free if he fingers everyone else in the conspiracy.

4. Nobody cares about your personal feeling about Vigano and how you think he sounds. Nobody cares what you or some low rank and file knew about Mccarrick, Maciel or the Pizza man because the whole point about Vigano is what he has revealed recently about Francis, which you and everybody else in the 80's did not know, particularly given his revelations on Francis are about things that only occurred a few years ago, and that's the story right now - Francis.

Sounds to me as if you're borrowing tactics from Francis' playbook - discredit the source through unrelated misdirection, rather than examining what the source says.

Anonymous said...

Nope Johnno, Vigano's words mean nothing regarding Borgoglio .
If a Catholic did not pick up on what Francis was shortly after he ascended to the throne, then they just weren't paying attention to much of anything going on in the Church.
Too many people are loathe to read and think for themselves , they just want their ears tickled.

Anonymous said...

Johnno, when Louis Verrechio shut down his comment section it was due to rudely attacking opinionated posters like yourself.

Vox Cantoris said...

I don’t like to debate my readers but I suggest it was more because of anonymous trolls who bait and goad.


Vox Cantoris

Johnno said...


You've now basically outed yourself as someone who just wants to emotionally vent whilst simultaneously not knowing what you are talking about.

As I've stated, nobody cares what 'you' think. This is why the Washington Compost is talking to Vigano, and not you. Because you're literally nobody to them. Heck, you're even posting here as 'Anonymous', whereas Vigano has gone public and on the record, and fled for reasons only known to him, but which any person 'paying attention' would understand. That's now far more than anything you've accomplished since the 80's with all your knowledgeable grandstanding.

Vigano has seen and had access to the relevant documents, unlike you. Vigano was in a position to know, unlike you. Not that anyone expected anything of a random person like you in the first place. We do however expect it of someone the stature of Vigano. If Vigano had some complicity in the case of Ninestadt, then I hope that is cleared up. And even if he is guilty, then we are still grateful that he is blowing the whistle. Even Randy Engel, considering she brought up the Ninestedt case for the record, still highlighted the importance and good of what Vigano was currently doing and didn't want to detract from that. And the only reason it means a lot regarding Bergolio, is because of Vigano's conversation with him, which has now caught Bergolio in a lie, something you couldn't have known with your tickling ears since the 80's because it only happened a few years back.

Also Louie didn't shut down the combox for people being rude. It was thanks to people like you filling it up with useless nonsense that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic. Just attempts to troll and distract from discussing the relevant information and getting into sedevacantist discussion loops. Likewise, you've contributed absolutely nothing here other than to bang your own drum on your own personal crusade against Vigano, for no reason other than that people are naturally paying attention to him because of who he is, rather than you.

Time to stop giving you an audience.

Anonymous said...

Vox ,
It is clear by the more recent comment posts in on Louie's blog which he just opened up again , that he has attracted the ire of the sexually disordered.
Whether one posts as "Anonymous" or by another fictitious or obscure name makes no real difference ,does it?

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis responds.......

Vox Cantoris said...

No, it matters not, but stop attacking one another.

The enemies are elsewhere!

mazara said...


Anonymous said...


Jorge is succeeding magnificently in dividing those trying to be faithful Catholics. The evidence is clearly visible RIGHT HERE.


Anonymous said...