Thursday, 23 May 2019

Sodomite Predator "Priest" Robert Leland follows the James Martin, S.J. School of Theology


Peter Lamb said...

Another R&R blogger has abandoned cognitive dissonance and become a sedevacantist! Hooray! Haleluja! :)

Anonymous said...

The Detective who was highly decorated, raised Catholic and followed through with this investigation ,obtained a conviction for this pederast. Then he was fired from his job. No reason given. The priest was POPULAR .
The same thing happened to Fr John Gallagher in the Diocese of Palm Beach when he caught a fellow priest grooming a fourteen yr old with pornography. He convinced him to turn himself in. The priest confessed to the same activities in his home country of India and confessed , He was convicted and Bishop Barbarito launched a hate filled libel campaign against Fr Gallagher.
Fr Gallagher took his case to court. As usual diocesan lawyer spun the story to make it appear that Fr Gallagher was "disgruntled" about not receiving a promotion and as usual the courts backed away from getting involved with the functions within a religious institutions in dealing with their employees.
Fr Gallagher was chastised by the Chancery for getting the police involved.

Catholic laity are so damned ignorant about how these pervs have been getting away with this crap !
Wake up and read the court cases and learn.

Anonymous said...

It is actually the School of Queer Theology.


Tom A. said...

So called “Catholic” laity are much more ignorant about the Catholic faith. Wake up and realize that the NO V2 sect has been teaching you a false religion for 60 years.

Anonymous said...


Is the name of this priest correct? Your headline is "Leland," but I noticed that the name in the CM link is "DeLand."

Thank you for checking out this detail.