Friday, 3 May 2019

Stika Sticks it to Sticky Catholics

Once again, Rick Stika a Bishop from Knoxville has attacked faithful Catholics on social media. He blocks with impunity after mocking and baiting. He is as far as charity as a Shepherd can be. He mocks those of us sticking to the faith and magisterium of the Church and who refuse to follow a pervert-protecting, Globalist Peronist on his path of destruction.

Now, he attacks those who follow Christ and His Church and have the temerity to hold the Vicar of Christ responsible for his heresies.

He even equates Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre with heretics and schismatics.

Well, it takes one to know one, eh Rick?

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Anonymous said...

If the Pope stands with Luther and Henry, what difference does it make which of them you stand with.

peasant said...

There is a schism unfolding in the church today separating those who erroneously hold to the complete infallibility of the pope or perhaps just Bergoglio and those who abide by the teachings of Jesus Christ and the magisterium of the Catholic Church prior to the reign of antipope Francis.

MyronM said...

From the notes of Ida Peerdeman (+June 17, 1996), a famous mystic from Amsterdam:

(entry) May 31, 1965

"During Holy Communion the Sacred Host became active again on my tongue. I saw a pair of lips with a finger across. The finger made the sign of the Cross at those lips. Then I heard the voice say “Thus it is all right.”
There was a pause and after that I heard, “Go to Pope Paul and tell him in the name of ‘the Lady of All Nations:’
“This is the last warning before the end of the Council. The Church of Rome is in danger of a schism.

“Warn your priests. Let them put a stop to those false theories about the Eucharist, sacraments, doctrine, priesthood, marriage, family-planning. They are being led astray by the spirit of untruth – by Satan — and confused by the ideas of modernism. Divine teaching and laws are valid for all time and newly applicable to every period.

“Keep the primacy in your own hands. Grasp the meaning of ‘ these my words: the Church of Rome must remain the Church of Rome.
“Do what the Lord has demanded of you—in sending Me, the Lady or Mother of All Nations. You are the Pope who has selected for this work. Let the nations say the prayer before My picture and the Holy Spirit will come! A Church or a people without a Mother is like a body without a soul.
“This era is now coming at an end.” [end of the quotation]

Idiocy of this and other bishops is a proof that this era must be closed and Our Lord Jesus Christ is closing it right now.
The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, the Holy Church, is now crucified. The Pope in Rome was an obstacle and that is why Benedict XVI was rebuked and moved away, [Matt 16 22-23]: "And Peter taking him, began to rebuke him, saying: Lord, be it far from thee, this shall not be unto thee. Who turning, said to Peter: Go behind me, Satan, thou art a scandal unto me: because thou savourest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men."
However, the Church will be resurrected and revealed in the transformed form as the real Kingdom of God on earth.

Dan said...

Anonymous, better still: If the 'pope' stands with Luther and Henry, we KNOW which side to take.

Kathleen1031 said...

If anyone, even an angel of light comes preaching to you a different gospel, let him be anathema. What else is Bergolio and these men preaching but a different gospel. We have been told by God himself what to do.

Jesus also said His sheep know his voice, and His sheep will not follow a false shepherd, because they know not his voice.

We really shouldn't need anything else.

Johnno said...

As the first anonymous encapsulated...

Just stick actual pictures of Francis beside these guys successors, or Luther's red statue for that matter, and retweet it back to Mr. Stika.