Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Confirmation that McCarrick was under discipline, he ignored it, Wuerl lied, and Bergoglio says he knew nothing!

The latest on the filthy sodomite predator pervert Theodore McCarrick, still living comfortably on Catholic money reveals that he was disciplined, disobeyed, Wuerl knew and lied, and Bergoglio denies any knowledge and Viganò was right all along.

Given the hand that that filthy pervert had in the election of Bergoglio we are expected to believe his denial of any knowledge?

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A former aide to Mr. McCarrick, Msgr .Anthony Figueirdo, has published a report verifiying the information.

‘Follow the Path of Truth Wherever it May Lead’
By Monsignor Anthony J. Figueiredo
May 28, 2019

The former Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick ordained me to the priesthood 25 years ago today.  I served as his personal secretary in the Archdiocese of Newark (September 1994 – June 1995) and also assisted him in a secretarial capacity during his many visits to Rome in my 19 years of ministry there.After long consideration, I have made the decision to place in the public domain some of the correspondence and other information related to McCarrick that I possess in my many years of service to him. I have spent time in prayer and discernment about the moral basis for revealing these. My decision follows attempts since September 2018 to share and discuss these with the Holy See and other Church leaders.

Realizing full well that the debate about McCarrick has become highly politicized, I wish only to present facts that will help the Church to know the truth. From the outset of this report, I pledge my unswerving affection, loyalty and support for Pope Francis and his Magisterium in his tireless ministry as the Successor of Peter, as I manifested also to Pope Benedict XVI, grateful for their paternal solicitude and efforts to address the scourge of abuse. Indeed, my actions in releasing this report at this time are encouraged by the Holy Father’s motu proprio “Vos Estis Lux Mundi” (“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Mt 5:14), based on the overriding principle that it is imperative to place in the public domain, at the right time and prudently, information that has yet to come to light and impacts directly on allegations of criminal activity, the restrictions imposed on my now laicized former Archbishop, and who knew what and when.

It is my firm hope that this information will help the Church as she further endeavors to create a culture of transparency. This report, which may form the first of others, is a contribution to the wish of Pope Francis and the Holy See “to follow the path of truth wherever it may lead” in terms of the ongoing McCarrick investigation (Pope Francis, Philadelphia, USA, September 27, 2015;  Press Statement of the Holy See, October 6, 2018). It aims to help the US Bishops in their promise last August to “pursue the many questions surrounding Archbishop McCarrick’s conduct … we are determined to find the truth in this matter” (Statement of Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, President, USCCB, August 1, 2018). What Archbishop Wilton Gregory expressed for his local Church, upon his appointment to the Archdiocese of Washington, I wish to do for the Universal Church: “The only way that I can serve this Archdiocese is by telling the truth” (Press Conference, April 4, 2019).

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Anonymous said...

No kidding, Vox! That's about as believable as Filardi, McCarrick's DC secretary who lived w/him in his penthouse pad w/Farrell and accompanied McCarrick to the 2005 Conclave, is the anti-lgbtq hero who rebuked the 100 year old lesbian nun w/his bulletin letter to parishioners. But it was published in DeathBlindLies so it must be true!

McCarrick shares the apartment with auxiliary bishop Kevin Farrell and two priest secretaries.

Msgr. Edward J. Filardi has served as priest-secretary to Cardinal McCarrick and as associate vocations director for the past four years.

he worked as a priest secretary for Cardinal McCarrick and Assistant Vocations Director. In March 2005, he became a Monsignor and accompanied the Cardinal to the papal funeral and election in April 2005.

“Reforms have been in place, and even strengthened, since about 2002,” Filardi said. ...“Monsignor Filardi is in an awkward position,” Capizzi said. “He was (IS) very close to Cardinal McCarrick.”
I was able to take several photos of the Lauren and Mark and Cardinal McCarrick, the main celebrant, along with Fathers Ed Filardi

"I’m openly gay, have been since I was 16...I asked the rector of St. Matthew’s [Msgr. Ron Jameson] to become my spiritual director...I went to lunch or dinner with many diocesan priests in Washington, MOST MEMORABLE OF ALL was a long and honest dinner with then Father now Monsignor Ed FILARDI. He was charming, smiled and laughed a lot; his joyful presence inspired me and encouraged my faith. My meeting with the arch diocese’s vocation’s director turned everything around though...I would need to be celibate for at least three years, he said, before I could be considered for the seminary."


Cui bono?

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Justina said...

It's Bergoglio's job to know. If a child is left with a babysitter and something untoward takes place, it is no defense for the babysitter to say, "I wasn't watching him." Why doesn't anyone insist that the "ignorance" claim is an indictment rather than an (implausible) excuse?