Monday, 20 May 2019

Buffalo: Police and Church conspire to cover Sodomite Predator Abusers!

The latest diocese in the United States to explode with the filth of homosexual perverts in the priesthood is Buffalo. 

President Trump; RICO NOW!

Some of the Catholic priests who served in the Buffalo Diocese and were accused of molesting children.

For years, most of their victims were too scared or embarrassed to make complaints.
But Buffalo Police had marching orders not to arrest Catholic priests, according to former vice squad Detective Martin Harrington and other retired officers. Instead they alerted the bishop’s office to any illegal activities.
“The department’s unwritten policy was that Catholic priests did not get arrested,” said Harrington, who investigated vice crimes for 17 years and retired in 1995. “I never had any experience with priests who molested children. I never heard of any priests molesting children. But we had priests we caught with pornography, or masturbating in the city parks, and our orders were to turn them over to the Buffalo Diocese. The diocese would deal with them … but they would not be arrested.”
The policy “only extended to Catholic priests,” Harrington recalled. “If we caught clergy from other religions, we arrested them.”


Anonymous said...

This is exactly what Mike Ference has been complaining about and exposing after his son was shot on a Catholic School bus .The student then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. Mike's son did not even know the kid but when Mike discovered Wuerl sent a cleric in to question his son in the ICU without his permission , he dug deeper. All indications were that the shooter had been treated to alcohol and drugs in exchange for sex by one Fr John Wellinger.The deceased perp is gone and the then Bishop Wuerl has now gotten off with a pat on the back for his "nobility"from Borgoglio. Mike got info on the side from the Pittsburgh police but zero action.

Kathleen1031 said...

As Anonymous points out, lest anyone should think the boys or young men just "get over" sexual abuse by a priest, nothing could be further from the truth. It is just devastating for a child or young person to be sexually seduced or molested by a same sex person, and does more damage than an opposite sex abuse. Even a child knows same-sex abuse is gravely disordered, and when a boy is corrupted by a male, by an adult male, by an adult male who is a priest, all those factors conspire to make it an extremely damaging event.
The guilt that is induced in a child or young person, the trauma of it, makes a child or young person very vulnerable to suicide. It is confusing, it is guilt inducing.
These men don't care about that. Perverts who prey on children are oblivious to the damage they cause. They convince themselves it is good for the child, since it is "love", but it is rampant deviant abuse, not love at all. Children turn into predators as they re-enact the sexual abuse but this time with themselves as the perpetrator, the one in power. It becomes a chain of self-perpetuating abuse that goes on and on and on.

Bring on RICO, please President Trump. This is not a vendetta, we love the church, but these dirty parasites are infecting the church we love. They are a plague and a blight. If RICO comes and churches are sold but homosexual predators are cleaned out, we'll consider that a victory.

Michael Dowd said...

A Trump RICO would probably hurt him politically. He could lose another 10% of the Catholic vote as many conservative Catholics have their heads buried in the sand on perversity in the Church. They have themselves convinced it is a minor matter and has been blown up by the Press. Liberal Catholics, of course, are much more "understanding" about these matters.

Anonymous said...

I will never forget reading the transcript of one clerical case of pederasty in Bishop Hubbard's Diocese in NY.
The widow of a deceased policemen testified to her husband's outrage after he caught Hubbard soliciting a fourteen yer old boy in a park one night for homosexual sex. She said he called in the arrest to his station and when they were informed who he was arresting his Chief called back ordering him to release the Bishop right away at the scene.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't healthy to cross Bishop Hubbard in Albany Diocese.

Anonymous said...

M Dowd is correct. Far too many people listen to the evil establishment's PR big mouth Bill Donahue , who had the audacity to earn his 350 thou a year income from his Catholic League, by stating things like he did about the abused children in the work houses run by the Church in Ireland, "They were just delinquent kids anyway." No one peels back the onion to realize most were there because their widowed or abandoned mothers could not feed them.
Do we as Catholics believe even a runaway or a delinquent child deserves to be sexually abused?
Are we also incapable of realizing that most NO masses are obligatory because the Church says so even if they are an afront to Christ and His Church? Apparently so. We send our children to their putrid sex ed grooming Parochial schools !
Does anyone believe Opus Dei Spiritually Advised AG William Barr will launch a RICO suit against the Vatican and the USCCB?

Boy are we even more a bunch of fools if we do.