Saturday, 4 May 2019

Bergoglio worries about the "cry of the poor," except in Venezuela!

Vatican City, May 3, 2019 / 10:22 am (CNA).- Pope Francis Friday offered a critique of captialism’s impact on the environment, calling for a response that hears “the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor.”

“The precarious condition of our common home has been the result largely of a fallacious economic model that has been followed for too long,” Pope Francis said May 3.

Francis called this economic model “profit-oriented, shortsighted, and based on the misconception of unlimited economic growth,” and said that it results in a “disastrous impact on the natural world.”


M. Prodigal said...

One could think this man was a masonic globalist rather than a vicar of Christ.

Kathleen1031 said...

Communists always talk this way. I cannot in good conscience put one more dime in the offertory except as a gift card to a faithful priest.
Why are we giving money to men who are working to destroy our faith, church, and nations.

Tom A. said...

Kathleen, if they are faithful they are not associated with the NO. The NO V2 organization is the very definition of un-faithful. All of them are infected with modernism. Even those that you believe are holy and reverant. The best thing to do for them is tell them to leave the NO.

Anonymous said...

Globalists solution to poverty is to eradicate the poor through abortion and euthanasia. Their solution for population unrest is to legalise drugs.

Peter Lamb said...

Actually , M. Prodical, he is the Patriarch of the World. The second member of the Third Luciferian Trinity. The very top mason under lucifer - now satan - (the enemy.) He is not the Vicar of Christ.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Kathleen, why put a foot in a modernist masonic no church, which is not the Catholic Church? Saint Athanasius' feast day was two days ago, why not follow him?

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Kathleen, Giving them recognition as Catholic prelates and their satanic church as being the Catholic Church is far more valuable to them than putting a million dollars in the plate. Your presence under their roof is their victory.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Go figure...not the pope. Never was. Emmerick, St. Francis, St. Pope Pius all about the two popes in the end times.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

When the emphasis in on temporal matters instead of spiritual, we end up doing politics. This is sadly what this pontificate has done and continues to do. The market economy has taken more people out of poverty than any other system human beings have tried. Communism and socialism have been a disaster for the majority.

Anonymous said...

Everyday For Life,

Yes, this is very true.

Christ always set the spiritual against the temporal. When the multitudes were hungry, he didn't feed them. He prayed the rosary with them. When the sick came to be healed, he never healed them. He told then to unite their suffering with His, endure it and offer it up for their spiritual betterment. To do otherwise would be socialism.

The market economists of the time were praised by Our Lord. "Yea, because thou hast given mine sheep the spiritual goods of poverty and suffering, truly I telleth thou, thine earthly treasures well accumulateth shall payeth dividends in heaven. Behold, it is easier for the rich man to slippeth into heaven than it is for him to leverageth the poorest on earth for thine market economy purposes. Amen."

P.S. Sorry the quote isn't in the ecclesiastical Latin of Christ but I believe Holy Mother Church supplies the jurisdiction under an emergency to make it valid if spoken in Queen's English (Elizabeth I) on a Sunday with the right pinky elevated according to the rubrics. Can 1.1a Council of Toledo, 2nd session, Chapter 3 v 9 Art 6.7(2)(a) St. Igor of Poland 1933 version ratified at the Conference of Belgium 1952, Prince Cardinal ( in pectore) Hummer, papal vicar pronotary legate etc., presiding.

Anonymous said...

Amen Everyday !

Peristoika and the false "Fall of Communism" brought to you by an Opus Dei Pope and Walesa the communist agent ( proven by the way)and the CIA through Justice Clark and Nuncio Pio Laghi (of ill repute) using President Reagan......
Communist idealogues planned it all to go global and the same in the Vatican also drank the poison..

Anonymous said...

Also Communist countries have been disasters environmentally. Any philosophy based on materialism and "this life is all there is" will be.


Kathleen1031 said...

On Rorate Caeli's site there is a haunting photo of a poor man starving to death in Venezuela. One would think this person in the chair of Peter would bring light to the plight of starving people in that nation, but he is too busy yammering about climate change and how socialism is such a better system, and not his hated capitalism.
Here is the face of socialism, on the cover of Newsweek. God help those people. It looks like the suffering face of Christ. He sees neither this poor man nor the thousands like him, or the Yazidis or Christians in Africa, all the places where Christians are being slaughtered and it is a genocide.
The man is evil!

Johnno said...

I wouldn't be so quick to hop on any bandwagons in or out concerning Venezuela.

Venezuela is a disaster that has both the makings of Socialism, and United States vulture interference stupidity. The worst of both worlds colliding together.

Socialism is quite capable of screwing up on its own. It didn't need the aid of sanctions and US-led coups and manufactured instability to speed up the collapse or the death toll so that Venezuelan resources can be privatized by external U.S. corporations.

Venezuela is just another fine example of hypocritical U.S. concern for 'democracy' at work by propping up the equivalent of a Nancy Pelosi in Guido as the "elected (by who?)" leader. Nobody cares if he has the backing of every other axis of vassal nations under U.S. banking control. The Venezuelan people can live or suffer at the hands of their own legitimately elected leaders just as we do.

If this is how it's going to work, then the Church continues to be (of course) right. Screw Socialism and Democracy. Bring back the sensible age of the Catholic Monarchs under Christ the King.

Anonymous said...

The "sensible age of Catholic Monarchs" ?
Only of they are Benevolent Johnno, because they cannot be voted out of office.
How does one insure a greedy tyrant does not inherit the throne?
Look at the Papacy today. Look back in history Johnno and you will find all was not as rosey as you may think.
Oh yes the French Revolution. Did "saintly" Louie do anything about the Freemasons and corrupt clergy in his courts? He followed the advice of St Margaret Mary a little too late. Sadly Johnno ,Aristocracy is composed of human beings too .

"Look not to Princes and sons of men in whom there is not salvation."
Psalm 146:3
Goodness ONLY comes from God and one does not have to be of royal blood or a Monarchist.
"Search for God everyday but in your own heart and not outside of it." Remember Jesus told us ,"My Kingdom is not of this world." and "The Kingdom of God is within you."

Johnno said...


The inability to vote them out of office is a feature.

The reality is that power NEVER comes from 'the people.'

The morons we elect are not our leaders and have no power.

Just look at how Trump was so easily neutered within months. And anyone who believes Trudeau is running things ought to be embarrassed.

Democracy is merely the delusory opiate of the masses.

Monarchy fixes reality and reminds us that power is top-down. Starting with God. It prevents easy takeover and manipulation. It doesn't divide and conquer the people into factions. And most importantly - there is no utopia that the people can create on Earth due to sin. Democratic stupidity continues to feed this delusion that inevitably leads to the people wanting socialism and voting themselves to tyranny. So one way or another you end up with a 'king.'

Who do you think ought to decide that? The people? Or God? Who picked Saul and Barrabas?

If one does want to try and get as close to utopia as possible, then they must try and model the actual heaven - which ain't democratic. Democracy is fed on endless revolution, violently if necessary, and even compared to the worst kings, nobody has outdone democracy in terms of war and turmoil.

Monarchy at the very least imposes on man's surroundings the fact that God exists and the true nature of the world and the reality of power. This matters just as much to the psychology of men as knowing that there are only two biological sexes, that only men and women can marry, and that the Mass should be ad orientem. How we live and act matters. And democracy is protestant, because everyone wants their own head, which is ultimately themselves.

Thus Monarchy only makes sense if one is Catholic. And can only exist properly as a Catholic state. Everything els is revolution and chaos. Order only comes from total dependence on God.

Anonymous said...


What happened to the Monarchist system of governance?
Destroyed by Masonry, luxury, greed and narcissism.
The same is happening to the monarchy of Roman Catholicism.
We cannot vote them in or out.
We can only pray, fast, sacrifice and close our pocketbooks.
It starts within each of us in the family and the Prayer Rule of reading the Scriptures and the daily Rosary.
Everything else is just blah blah blah........

Peter Lamb said...

Brilliant comment Johnno. Long live Christ the King!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Lamb and Johnno,

Comments are one thing , real constructive actions are quite another. To motivate souls for battle is what Our Lord Jesus taught us to imitate. He told us, the Kingdom of God is within you. Before His public ministry He fasted and prayed for forty days and nights in the desert to show us how to resist the evil one who is the prince of this world.

To bring about the reality of the social reign of Christ Our King means each individual soul must harness their Free Will. Therein, rests power . Nothing can be accomplished with mere words.

There once was a time when the Desert Fathers understood this, as did monastics who followed in their footsteps. Sadly,these true warriors of Christ the King have diminished in number and intent.
If we want to see change it will only be by through the power of personal prayers and the strengthening of our individual souls. It begins in
our own homes .First harnessing our own Will and then through the education of those we have authority over by example and habit.

Do we fast and have a daily prayer Rule like reciting the Rosary either individually or as a family? Do we sacrificially deny ourselves or indulge our passions and whims? Does adding to personal wealth take priority in our lives?
Do we turn off televisions and I phones that keep us from prayer? Do we read the Scriptures personally or with our family?
Do we have an icon corner or a place for a small altar or shrine in our homes and take the time to pray there or do we just hang additional medals around our necks and rosary beads on our car mirrors as a form of superstition?

It seems people are more interested in exercising their bodies rather than building up their spirituality for the battles we face daily.

We should prioritize our lives personally and then we can bring abut the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Otherwise, it is all just words.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Anonymous,
You are 100% correct in what you say. If we had stuck to the Kingship of Christ - what a different world it would have been!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the miracle of the sun that converted people to the message of Fatima. way too many Catholics have itchy ears and are running hither and yon seeking miracles.They want more or the real truth from Lcuia's writings which no doubt have been tampered with somehow.

It was the youngest child Jacinta who saw a Pope in tears with rocks being thrown at him. It was Jacinta who sacrificed for poor sinners and realized the depth of prayer fasting and sacrifices to obtain God's mercy for the sins of the world.That child by her sufferings put into practice what was needed for the glory of Christ's Kingship in the souls of men to make real change in this world.
Still, people calling themselves catholic are waiting and looking for miracles without participating in what is truly needed.
It's on YOU and it is on me.