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Saturday, 4 May 2019

Freemasonry has full control of the Catholic Church - Bergoglio is their man!

The Synod in the Amazon comes up this October. What is it with these German bishops? Oh, right, Luther, Hegel, Weishaupt, Neitzsche are some of the reasons.


This effeminate says that "nothing will be the same again."

Where have we heard that expression before?

Rome, March 14, 2013
Grand Master Raffi: "With Pope Francis, nothing will be more as it was before. It is a clear choice of fraternity for a Church of dialogue, which is not contaminated by the logic and temptations of temporal power"
"A man of the poor far away from the Curia. Fraternity and the desire to dialogue were his first concrete words. Perhaps nothing in the Church will be as it was before. Our hope is that the pontificate of Francis, the Pope who 'comes from the end of the world' can mark the return to the Church-Word instead of the Church-Institution, promoting an open dialogue with the contemporary world, with believers and non-believers, following the springtime of Vatican II." These were the comments of Gustavo Raffi, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy, at the beginning of the pontificate of Francis, in the world Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
"The Jesuit who is close to the least ones of history," Raffi continues, "has the great opportunity to show the world the face of a Church that must recover the announcement of a new humanity, not the weight of an institution that closes itself off in defense of its own privileges. Bergoglio knows real life and will remember the lesson of one of his favorite theologians, Romano Guardini, for whom the truth of love cannot be stopped.
"The simple cross he wore on his white cassock," concludes the Grand Master of Palazzo Giustiniani, "lets us hope that a Church of the people will re-discover its capacity to dialogue with all men of good will and with Freemasonry, which, as the experience of Latin America teaches us, works for the good and progress of humanity, as shown by Bolivar, Allende and José Martí, to name only a few. This is the 'white smoke' that we expect from the Church of our times."

Italian Fremasonry praises Pope Francis I -01

Italiam Freemasonry praises Pope Francis I - 02


Anonymous said...

Six years ago many people ringed the bells about these information, but most of Catholic press ignored it as a stupid conspiracy theory! The only one faithful to the truth was Maria Divine Mercy. God has warned us and warned us big time!!! If you want to know what is coming read God's own prophecies!!!




Schisms are coming, betrayal of clergy, Remnant Church and creating One World Religion ... READ ALL THERE and at least, you'll safe yourself pain of what is coming, because this will come! God's Will is HOLY, we - the church have sinned - we are now paying the price. All prophecies were ignored for at least 100 years. God is purifying His Church and this ain't be pretty!

luis_rcoelho said...

If one is aware and updated on Gods revelations to several different saints, popes and seers, then one knows that not only these are the end times, but also that Benedict XVI is our genuine pope; that is what God revealed to Irish saint Malachi, about the last 200 popes...the name of bergoglio doesn't even appear. He is obviously the man mentioned in "The Permanent Instructions of the Alta Venditta'".

luis_rcoelho said...

Sedevecantist are proud traitors who left the church when she needed them most. Seres are like protestants, picking and choosing, they don't want to be humiliated, mocked, rejected or persecuted as we, obedient Catholics are. They know some truths, like the apostasy is the work of infiltrated wolves, still they choose to follow the lie and end up constantly attacking Jesus church. They don't want to admit that they know that the church has to go through the same process of betrayal, mocking, humiliation and suffering as Jesus suffered. This is part of prophecies that serves don't want to admit. This is the nature of rebellion, knowing the truth but deciding for the lie.

Anonymous said...

These things were prophesied 400 years ago in the church approved Our Lady of Good Success apparations ,but people are not required to believe private revelation. There are people these days making a fortune telling people it's the end of the world ,yet are buying property worth millions. One visonary told her followers if she disappears it will be because she has been assumed into Heaven.

Trad101 said...

Yep, Bergoglio is 'their' man, a card-carrying commie and Mason, but before we get carried away in accusations, wasn't 'pope' John XXIII also a Mason, and 'pope' Paul VI a commie by inclination if not by membership? Also Benedict XVI whom trads revere as 'Mr Conservative' was also a big time fan of the UN and the prospect of "World Gov. Inc."
It would appear that all popes since 1958 have been of the same pattern, without exception! Part of the papal job description is to have at least friendly inclinations to communism, cultural Marxist, and Masonry. If the candidate also takes a positive view of homosexuality, well, he is almost guaranteed the appointment!

Anonymous said...

Apparently many here are not aware of the history of the Papacy so they have "itchy ears" for things they do not understand.
we have had a history that included some real hum dingers sitting on the throne in the Vatican, yet we are still here and the church has weathered
the storms.

Read the Scriptures ,pray the rosary, hope and don't worry. Indeed , if it is the end times Jesus advises us "See that you are not anxious."
Now ask yourselves where is your Faith?
"Put not your Faith in Princes and sons of men, in whom there is not salvation." the Word of God says in the Psalms......

Reagan's Bush said...

Projecting your faults onto others solves nothing. It is the anti-SV who are the true apostates, for they believe the Church and the Papacy - two divine institutions - can fail. If the V2 sect is the real Church and the V2 claimants real popes then it stands to reason that Jesus Christ is/was not God, His prayer not being efficacious.

Reagan's Bush said...

Ah, the old 'bad pope' canard. None of them were apostates and infidels. They had the Faith. They did not lead souls to Hell. As for itchy ears it amazes me how Catholics internalize anti-Catholic propaganda. Take Rodrigo Borgia for example. Not only was the real Alexander VI nowhere near like the caricature of fiction, but he may have been one of our strongest and holiest popes.

Peter Lamb said...

Here is a good article on masonry.


luis_rcoelho said...

Maria Divine Mercy a true seer? Are you having a laugh? A woman whos making thousands selling books and other 'sacred' items? She has stated wrong theological statements and false prophecies, like saying B16 is the last pope before the Second Coming. God revealed to Irish Saint Malachi the revelation of the true last 200 Popes, and Peter the Roman will be the last, coming towards the end of tribulations. What MDM does is what other false seers done: they feel pressurised by their audiences to publish regular messages, daily if possible.
And for "trad101", B16 never promoted any UN propaganda or never advocated any "new world order".
And just because B16 did his best to go back to true tradition, that doesnt mean he was a "trad"....if 'trads' liked his performance, that only means that B16 was doing the right thing, despite the antagonising actions of ecclesiastical freemasons and infiltrated communist agents (mostly jewish, since otiwete the jews who created communism; and no, communism isn't dead, it simply changed names and colours) Google: Benedict XVI never advocated a new world order.

luis_rcoelho said...

B16 never advocated any "new world order", google what I just wrote, literally and you'll get the right answers. Paul VI was no "commie" neither; you seem to ignore that the masons found a guy who was a lookalike of the pope; he underwent plastic surgery in order to look as similar as possible to pope Paul VI. Then they drugged him, and kept him prisoner in his room. All this happened when Paul VI realized he was being fooled by ecclesiastical freemasons and having said that famous statement in 1972, regarding the smoke of satan that entered the walls of the Vatican. And mate, just because B16 was doing his best to restore traditionalism and traditionalism isnt sevedecantism (sedes traitors hijacked the term), it doesn't mean he was in league with sedes. B16 done what he could to remove the sedes from their status of being in a state of mortal sin by having left Jesus Church when She needed peoples prayers and support the most. As for John XXIII, he was another soul fooled b the ecclesiastical freemasons into creating Vat II. History says that at his dead bed,and like Paul VI, realising he had been fooled, he was heard saying several times: "Cancel the Council, cancel the council!!!" - you should be more careful in the way you criticize good popes, popes that suffered immensely with the secret and diabolic actions of infiltrated wolves. Google: "the permanent instructions of the Alta venditta", "1936 the jewish peril, Paris", "Bella Dodd", "AA-1025, the diary of an anti-apostle" and "the masonic plan for the destruction of the catholic church"!!!

Peter Lamb said...

Luis, You been smoking your socks? :)

Jonah said...

"What is it with these German bishops? Oh, right, Luther, Hegel, Weishaupt, Neitzsche are some of the reasons."

Germany, and the countries radiating out from it, have been captive to a Luciferian cult:




Expose this cult, which is the mortal enemy of the Church. It is the evil cabal concealed within Freemasonry, Judaism, Islam, Protestantism and faux Catholicism (both liberal and conservative).

Jonah said...

Some Bavarian geneology that sheds much light on current problems:


I'm neutral on Benedict XVI. He abandoned his sheep. If he's still pope, when will he lead them again?