Wednesday, 1 May 2019

“One of the Worst Crises in the History of the Catholic Church”

Do not let this depress you!

Let this be of great joy to you that the truth is coming out. The filthy, vile and evil perverts and their machinations to elect the man who would change the Church forever.

Each one of these malefactors, particularly the Evil Clown, as Mundabor refers to him, must be mocked and discredited. They must be challenged to their filthy faces and outed by all of us. We must never abandon our Mother, we must beat these filthy scum out of Her since their goal is to destroy Her.

“One of the Worst Crises in the History of the Catholic Church”

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On the eve of the 2013 conclave, Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga busily phoned cardinal voters from the Honduran embassy in Rome. He was one of the conclave’s key kingmakers—and he was vigorously promoting then-Cardinal Bergoglio for pope.
That same day, Maradiaga attended a private meeting of Bergoglio supporters, including key revolutionaries from the St. Gallen mafia. Together, they tallied at least twenty-five votes for Bergoglio—who later opened, notably, with twenty-six. On the conclave’s second day, Maradiaga was back at work, shooting down a rival group’s lunchtime rumor that Bergoglio had only one lung. Four days later, the newly elected Pope Francis asked Maradiaga to head his powerful new Council of Cardinals.


Anonymous said...

Tom A. said...

Bergoglio is the answer to the crisis in the Church. Finally, people can see for themselves the fruits of V2. It is out in the open now and everyone has to make a choice. Catholicism or Novus Ordism. You cannot have both. Jp2 and B16 tried to hide the V2 lie. Thank God Bergoglio exposed the truth. V2 NO is NOT Catholicism.

Kathleen1031 said...

We're with you. At the very least, if they are going to wreck the church, let's not let them relax and be comfortable doing it. Let's remind them as often as we can we're on to them, we know what they're doing, and spread the word so that more Catholics can wake up to reality each day. The more Catholics understand the church is filled with heretics and homosexuals, the more that can stop funding this traveling gaggle of perverts, and end their financial support of the men who are wrecking the Catholic church and faith.
At least that. There have been men, people, who have protected evil so that the disease can continue to spread, men who feared "schism" and continued to keep life cozy under the guise of fear of "divisiveness". They did us no favors, because we are in schism right now, whether or not they call it that officially, and now the cover is off, and we see what a festering pustule of sickness infects the church. So they should know we will at least out them and spread the word at every occasion, as well as ask our government to bring RICO charges AND stop the US government from sending these communist bishops more money to bring in foreign replacements under the guise of "Resettlement Funds".

Anonymous said...

Kathleen I agree with your assessment of the situation.
I wrote a piece on "Integer" , the Legion of Christ's former Superior's owned company in league with Monsanto and GMOs. My article was sent to the international investigative journalist William Engdahl who responded he was sending it to Irish priest missionaries in India who were trying to gain access to the Vatican summit on GMOs at the time to testify to all the Indian farmers who were forced to use these seeds and when their crops failed that were committing suicide by the dozens.They had no money to buy more seeds from Monsanto when their crops failed and they could not harvest any seeds from the GMO seeds. The Irish priests were barred from the summit. I am telling you this because I just came across a very important audio/video Mr Engdahl presented in 2013 having been invited to speak in Rome after certain clerics read his book on the subject.
This audio/ video explains tons about the methods and goals of those who plan this New World Order.
Every Catholic MUST understand this and understand how the Church is being used to foster these plans by the globalists.
David please take the time to listen and note mention of the Catholic Group in Latin America who have been active in this diabolical plan.