Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Bishops who remained and continues to remain silent about McCarrick are complicit in a crime

The New York Times has reported on the disgraceful coverup of the homosexual predator Cardinal, Timothy McCarrick. There is no need to write more here of that filthy monster, the label name at the bottom can take the reader to the history which I have written about this pathetic man. From his long known homosexual predator life to his illegal lobbying for the election of Bergoglio, it is legion.

In the Times article; "He Preyed on Men Who Wanted to Be Priests, Then He Became a Cardinal," the times reveals one of the seminarians who this pervert McCarrick went after. 

As a young man studying to be a priest in the 1980s, Robert Ciolek was flattered when his brilliant, charismatic bishop in Metuchen, N.J., Theodore E. McCarrick, told him he was a shining star, cut out to study in Rome and rise high in the church.
 Bishop McCarrick began inviting him on overnight trips, sometimes alone and sometimes with other young men training to be priests. There, the bishop would often assign Mr. Ciolek to share his room, which had only one bed. The two men would sometimes say night prayers together, before Bishop McCarrick would make a request — “come over here and rub my shoulders a little”— that extended into unwanted touching in bed.

Matt C. Abbott wrote years ago about the pervert sodomite predator Cardinal and later took the column down. I read it archived a number of years ago. Now, Abbott has named the man who was the reason he hid the column originally. Former priest Bart Aslin wrote to Matt and provided a full disclosure of his history. 

To my readers in here Toronto, don't think this Archdiocese is so holy, so clean, so moral. I can assure you that the filth and homosexual penetration of St. Augustine's Seminary in past decades is legendary. What I know about the filth in Toronto would fill a book. I do not report it in order to protect those whom I know that were victims and others who have confided in me, the truth of the sordid history here from the era of Philip Pocock, Emmett Carter and Aloysius Ambrozic. 

Returning to McCarrick, every American bishop must be suspect of the cover up. They knew, all or most of them knew and did nothing, said nothing. Men who are now bishops and cardinals covered it up, think about that.

Think not that Bergoglio is unaware. Bergoglio is the most complicit, he has failed to clean out the filth from the stables and in fact, has pushed the agenda of the homosexualists and done their bidding.

May God free us soon from this perverted juggernaut.


Dan said...

Let's see..... they haven't seemed to care about rampant homosexual behaviours and predation - for decades, and don't seem to care about the destruction of Catholic theology and thought and ethics and practice.....

Give to the bishops annual appeal!

Ana Milan said...

These known sodomites must have by now excommunicated themselves from the OHC&A Church & should therefore not be de facto prelates who should not have been voters in past conclaves & should, by right, have been before a civil court on grave charges of molestation & bodily harm without the consent of their victims. This would also mean that PF is not a true pope. If Canon Law is incapable of dealing with such a situation then Truth itself & allegiance to Christ Our Saviour must take precedence. Faith is superior to obedience & must be seen to override it. These men do not have Faith & therefore neither Hope nor Charity which come from it. They have brought ignominy on the Bride of Christ & His anger upon us all. The whole lot of these prelates need to be thrown out of the CC immediately & the few left hold a conclave amongst themselves to elect a new & proper Pope if BXVI doesn't want to regain his semi retired position.

Anonymous said...


...or the Cardinal's campaign? or Renew & Rebuild?


Anonymous said...

The diocese of Lexington, KY is next and they deserve all the lawsuits that will be filed against the diocese in the coming years. They are inviting the filth into their parishes at the behest of Bishop Stowe. Scratch a homosexual and you'll find a pedophile. Homosexuality creates a madness, a mania in the creatures who give way to this abominable sin.

Irenaeus said...

Just a book?

Kathleen1031 said...

When you don't know what the Church has become and you put money in the collection, you are a comparative innocent.
When you know what the Church has become and you put money in the collection, you are now supporting all the things you claim to be against. This is difficult, I am not saying it is cut and dried, it's not, and it's challenging, for me as well. But that logic seems easy enough.
Clearly our church has become in large part a Club for Homosexuals, who often are destroyers of the faith. Clearly. What they are promoting is not Catholicism. Yes, it's very sad, but let's be realistic, we can't support apostasy. I don't want to tell others what to do, like I said, I'm struggling with it and there is no leadership at all.
I certainly would not want to support a fully NO parish. But that's me.

In terms of what to do, in my humble opinion there is nothing to do except pray. Only God can root out these men, there are too many of them now.
One thing I will say and have said before.
Some of these victims went along with sodomy. For whatever reason is between them and God. A child can be vulnerable, they are young, inexperienced, weaker, looking for attention and validation, and a man they respect makes advances. An abuse and a horror. It may work, Satan is cunning. The child is corrupted.
A man is not in the same place. A young man of 18, has the wherewithal to defend himself in most cases, a 13 year old may not. It is odd when a 15 year old is molested twice. How can that happen? Did he not rush to tell his parents? Some other responsible adult? A man of 20 or so, sharing a bedroom with an older man? Rubbing his shoulders, etc.
I have a son who I once thought may have a vocation. But at no point in his vocation discernment or seminary training would I have wanted him to cooperate with homosexual superiors or bullying. Never. I would have counseled him to seriously make it clear any advances were not welcome and if needed, shake the dust off his sandals and move on. It's a wonder we have any heterosexual priests now.

This is why it would have been imperative to work at the seminary level to establish a zero tolerance policy for homosexual inclinations. If the church had been serious about it, this is where it should have happened, but the sodomites have been in charge for so many decades, we must realize they were pretty okay with this state of affairs, and when there were enough of them and activism started, they promoted it and now we are seeing homosexuality promoted in career appointments all the way to the highest office of the Vatican. Look at those effeminate men running things, all of them, effeminates! We have a fully sodomite church because that is exactly what has been wanted and implemented lo these many decades. This didn't start with the Boston sex abuse scandal, oh no, this has been decades in the making. And they are now in full control and plans we cannot even conceive of yet.

The Black Adder said...

There is no need to hide the fact that there are gay seminarians in Canada. This is well documented and even written about.

“I believe it is possible, yes,” Rev. Steve Wlusek, the rector of St. Peter’s Seminary in London, Ont said when asked if a gay man could become a Canadian priest if he meets all other requirements.

In Canada, more than 25 per cent of 203 seminarians and priests surveyed in 1996 were gay or bisexual, according to a book by Martin Rovers, a former priest and a professor at Ottawa's St. Paul's University.

TLM said...

I haven't given to the Bishop's Annual Appeal for YEARS because of the filth..this last year, I put a note on the donation envelope telling Cupich (my Cardinal) EXACTLY WHY I wasn't donating. My own parish gets not one red cent from me, because there is no way around the fact that some of that money is going to the Archdiocese. I give to the local food pantry and to Traditional Orders ONLY. In that way I can contribute to the support of the Church.

Anonymous said...

That is because it is a secondary problem for Francis and not #1.

For the rest of us with Faith it is @1.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder what the requirements for promotion were,and what kind of men were promoted .It also explains why men of exemplary conduct never seem to rise to higher positions in the Church .

S said...

Oh lighten up. It is consensual sex between adult men, why don't you churchy people just mind your own business? Or join the Sedes who believe the V2 church is not the one Jesus founded.

Anonymous said...

It just breaks your heart.


TLM said...

To add to my last comment: The 'Bishops' and most of those in the USCCB, Canadian and others pretty much world wide have LOST ALL CREDIBILITY......EVERY SINGLE SHRED!!! I'm wondering how much they are aware of this, or if they are still in their own little world? It's laughable to think that they wonder WHY their pews are EMPTY! Talk about being blinded by the darkness!

Fr. VF said...

If the next pope wants to reform the Church, he would do well to start with deposing all bishops who hold to McCarrick-Wuerlism.

McCarrick-Wuerlism is the position that pro-aborts, sodomites, adulterers, etc., must never be denied Communion.

McCarrick-Wuerlism is the claim that disobeying Canon 915 is not a mortal sin. It IS a mortal sin.

All but about ten American bishops are adherents to McCarrick-Wuerlism.

In "Catholics in Political Life," approved several times by vote, the American bishops have said that a bishop may "legitimately" give Communion to pro-aborts.

That's right! The American bishops have voted repeated to give themselves permission to commit mortal sin.

That's how mindless they have become: They have PUBLICLY given themselves permission to commit mortal sin. Imagine how well their consciences function IN PRIVATE.

Anonymous said...


sex between adult men doesn't belong in Church, and homosexuality doesn't belong in Church.
What these men are is frauds who preach and preach but then go and do differently. Frauds.

jim norwood said...

I heard a story about a priest who abused a boy in a small town about a hundred years or so ago. The men in the parish took the priest out of town, gave him 10 minutes to make his peace to the lord and then put a bullet in his head.

Dan said...

S, it's not the consensual sex that bothers me - it's the hypocrisy of men betraying their vows and promoting teachings contrary to the faith.

Dan said...

S, don't forget that many of these sex acts occur with very young boys...

Thanks anyway for the troll.

Melanie said...

What S said.

Kathleen1031 said...

"Oh lighten up..." he hissed.

Anonymous said...

When a young seminarian is told he could be a rising star in the Church and then sexually molested ,it means promotion is a payment for sexual favours,its prostitution of the worse kind .

Osusanna said...

What anonymous at 12:01 said.
You're right Vox, they all knew. Now we all know.

Anonymous said...

The Vatican's silance... The US Cardinals and Bishops silence...

What does this tell us?

Are the majority in the Church hierarchy even Christians, anymore?


Kathleen1031 said...

I can't understand any Catholic playing the virtue signal card by saying what two men or adults do together is not the point.
IT IS THE WHOLE POINT! Look, if you care more about being the cool kid and blasé about anal sex and poking members into places they don't belong, why are you here? Deviants do not good priests make. How can anyone not understand that given the disaster we are watching unfold right now in real time?? Give some real thought to the reality that 81% (probably higher) of the victims of homosexual priests are BOYS and YOUNG MEN. So if you are still deluded enough to believe homosexuals are harmless, then there is no convincing you, until your own boy's life is devastated by this monstrous act.
Priests are called to CELIBACY. They are to give up ALL sexual activity.
So that includes anal sex a nd poking members into places they don't belong, savvy? But if you must have a sexually active priest, and you shouldn't, but if you do, you are going to have a disordered one if his preference is anal sex or poking members into places they don't belong.
This is disorder, driven by obsession, and part and parcel it includes corrupting young boys and young men.
YOU are the problem. YOU. You politically correct "tolerators". You care more about being "non-judgmental" about mortal sin and less about Christ and the Church. Political correctness has zapped your thinking and removed the right sense of outrage over outrage.
These disordered men make lousy priests, crappy bishops, demonic Cardinals, and stinking popes. They reek. No good can come from them, because they are not men of God they are satanic posers. As long as they are tolerated this mess will only get worse. We cannot save this Church without God's help. We cannot do it. It is too late, it is gone. Only God knows what He will do to change this. But we should not take a "oh, we do not want to judge others" Bergolio approach, and never cater to this corrupt and sinful world's priorities.
If you think it's fine, and this is "churchy church" talk, then you have already gone over to the world and have made your choice. But keep a close eye on your boys. Someone has designs on them. If it's not good for them, why do you think it is fine for someone else's boy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathleen, I do believe that you miss S’ point. If all the Priests are fags and it is a different faith should you really be more upset about their sodomy or should you be more upset that they pretend to be the Catholic Church and eclipse the true Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ with their sodomy church?

TLM said...

Being active predators which I think most of them are, (see Randy Engel's article: "No one from the Pope on down will touch McCarrick. He's got too much dirt ON ALL OF THEM")is indicative of an across the board loss of faith entirely. These men are not even Christians let alone Catholic Christians. I read an 'open letter' to the Bishops today from a 'concerned but involved in the Church lay woman. She was asking them to form a 'committee' to study the problem. That's a little like getting a bandage when a tourniquet is called for. Who wants them to 'study the problem'? I WANT THEM GONE......EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. We need to start from scratch. Every single sodomite in the hierarchy (which is most of them) needs to be stripped of his vestments PUBLICLY and have the palms of his hands scraped with either glass or a knife to symbolically wipe away the blessed oil that was used to consecrate his hands, (like they used to do to criminals in miters)and then handed over to the authorities. Sodomites are dangerous. They are morally bankrupt in every way that there is to be without morals. Pray God rids them all from His Church ASAP.

orate fratman said...

I'll cast my lot with Kathleen1031 on this.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen expressed my sentiments to a tee.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, do you know about any abuse/cover-up in the Diocese of Lexington, which is also my diocese? Or are you saying that because of Bishop Stowe's support for homosexual marriage, you expect these things may happen in the future?