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A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 28 July 2018

Sodomite Predator Pervert Theodore McCarrick "resigns" from College of Cardinals

The sodomite predator former Archbishop of Washington, Theodore McCarrick has resigned from the College of Cardinals. McCarrick was instrumental in the election of Jorge Bergoglio to the bishopric of Rome had come under the influence of powerful and secretive men and instructed to lobby others to elect Bergoglio as repeated reported on Vox Cantoris. 

Curiously, the video of Father Thomas J. Rosica's Salt + Light 2012 interview with the pervert McCarrick has gone dark. 

It is most likely that Pope Francis has "requested" that the "gay" McCarrick resign, His obedience in the light of credible victims of his predatory ways coming forward does not indicate that he resigned of his own accord.

Yesterday evening the Holy Father received the letter in which Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington (U.S.A.), presented his resignation as a member of the College of Cardinals. Pope Francis accepted his resignation from the cardinalate and has ordered his suspension from the exercise of any public ministry, together with the obligation to remain in a house yet to be indicated to him, for a life of prayer and penance until the accusations made against him are examined in a regular canonical trial.

This is not enough. 

The facts show that the predatory behavior of this filthy sodomite was known for decades. Every bishop who knew about this pervert must be exposed. 

Pope Francis has enabled these men. After a valiant effort on the part of Pope Ratzinger to rid the stables of this filth and succumbing to their evil machinations, Francis has given the sodomite mafia, - the homosexual mafia free reign in the Church. 

McCarrick is not alone. There are other Cardinals, other bishops, countless priests. Every one of these filthy sodomites, these homosexuals must be exposed and outed. They must be driven out of the priesthood and the buck stops with Bergoglio.

The homosexual mafia is running scared. We must not let up on the pressure. Victims and those in the know must be encouraged to come forward and out these evil, pathetic monsters.

Expose them all. 


Dan said...

I expect the Francis to issue a comment condemning "those who gossip, spread calumny, ruin lives" at any moment. Cause he's so merciful.....

Ana Milan said...

This pervert should have been excommunicated & so should all his associates whose names must now go on a Perverts List which journalists should publish asap. Whether he likes it or not PF must be obliged by the laity & faithful priests to march on & do his house cleaning. There can be no let-up until the CC rids herself of all Satan's minions, comprising most of the prelature. The silent ones also have an obligation before God to speak up now that the dominoes are beginning to fall. If not, they may find themselves amongst the enemies of Christ - they cannot afford to have their cake & eat it. Many of them may not be worthy to vote at a future conclave with the knowledge they did nothing to prevent these perverts from snatching the Seat of Peter & afflict persecution on Christ's flock.

Now is the time for all to come forward with the information they have been withholding (for whatever reason) & make amends by fingering these demons so His Bride will be rendered spotless again in readiness for His Second Coming.

S said...

Outed? They have been the head of this pagan parade since 1968. Oh my goodness how could this have happened? Sex became universally recreational with the widespread use of birth control. The Cardinal is queer. Really? The far more important and valid question is; are the sacrements conferred by him valid? A resounding NO certain would explain 50 years of destruction would it not? If you are a catholic who uses birth control (99%) what possible moral high ground do you expect to stand on? Recreational sex is recreational sex.

Kathleen1031 said...

We agree with you Vox. McCarrick is just the start. A fuse has been lit, this time under the laity. Things are so bad now, it would be really hard to continue to be a Catholic, so for us it's either rid the church of them, or get out ourselves. We'd rather they go.
We can't support the sodomizing of boys and young men, the use of our churches as a bathhouse, or the destruction of the faith by apostates. Why would we want to do that! Nostalgia? In order to be a "good" Catholic?
No, that can't be right. If it was any other organization we'd have pulled the plug long ago. They snowed us and used the faith to keep us in check.
But no more. It's time to fight for our faith and God's church, and to honor the poor boys and young men who suffered and have had their lives destroyed by the priests, bishops, and Cardinals we supported. These boys and men were silenced and abandoned and felt nobody cared about the horror they endured. Some were given money but that does not equal what damage was done to them, such abuse could not ever equal it. Many are dead, suicides, and have broken their parent's hearts as they spiraled down after their abuse. Many, many lives ruined. We do this for them as well, and for the boys who will suffer from these perverts in the future if we don't act.
The party's over boys.

Benjamin Van Dyck ☩ said...


The Catholics of Rome should organise themselves to go into Vatican City and try occupying the buildings; barging in, that is. They should force Pope Francis to give the names of all the perverts in the clergy. Children are in constant danger and natural law permits men to protect them.

I know that such an attempt to occupy the Vatican buildings would bring the danger with it that the international shadowgovernment would try to take control of the endeavour and manipulate it, but there simply is no other way for Catholic men than to physically enforce action in Rome, in the heart of the Church, to protect lives from being ruined by the dirty, despicable creatures roaming around through the structures of the Church. Physical assaults legitimate physical defense.

Does anyone here have contacts in Rome? Perhaps several marginalised Knights of Malta would be willing to contribute to building up such a popular resistance? It is always
frustrating for me to see how scattered and disorganised we, Catholics, are across the world; we must all join forces to help liberate our Church from the nauseating filth that has infiltrated her ranks. There is no other way; Dieu le veut! ☩

Anonymous said...

The theory that Pope Benedict continues to exercise an "Ausnamapontifikat" ie a Pontificate of Exception decided by the sovereign where all the normal rules are suspended gains traction with each day that passes as the spiritual horror associated with anti pope Francis and his homosexual cardinals escalates.

David said...

The sacraments are valid ex opere operato; to say they are not based on the sinfulness of the cleric is the heresy of Donatism.

TLM said...

NEXT??? Would the next sodomy protecting, money extorting CRIMINAL member of the Vatican 'queer cabal' please step up to the CHOPPING BLOCK!

Irenaeus said...

Crikey, that picture. "Uncle Teddy" looks so smug. Like he knows he will get away with it. And from the looks of it, he still is. Good Lord, have mercy on Your Church.

Barona said...

Why would Thomas Rosica remove the video?

Barona said...

I noticed the Farrell and Tobin interviews are still up ..... start downloading friends.

S said...

It is the heresy of stupid to believe that unrepentant sodomites who entered the priesthood to hide and prowl are actual priests. The grave disorder which they wholeheartedly embrace makes them ineligible for holy orders. The whole thing is one big charade. Look me in the eye and tell me the 88 y.o. vampire Macarick is a Cardinal. I believe it quite reasonable to suggest he was never a real priest in the first place. The dammed network of them - NOT REAL PRIESTS.

C. LaSalle said...

Any cleric convicted of sexual activity/abuse with any person should be sent to a cloistered, austere community to do penance.

Dan said...

Let there be pitchforks! Flaming pitchforks.

Anonymous said...

Screen caps & video downloads, everyone!
Hopefully, someone got the Rosica video before it "disappeared."

Anonymous said...

Dave how do you justify your accusation of Donatism when we must have Proper Intention to receive a sacrament validly?
As vox rightly pointed out annulments are conferred on those who
have a Sacramental marriage minus Proper Intention. Do you really think a seminarian who is an active sodomite recruited into the priesthood by a homosexual Rector or vocation Director has the Proper Intention to validly receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders?
I spoke to a retired priest Canon Lawyer on this very same subject years ago. His answer was that it appears the Vatican must redefine Proper Intention.
Donatism was the judgement the priest in mortal sin could not confect the Sacrament NOT that he was even a valid priest lacking Proper Intention for the Sacrament of Ordination.
Again how can a committed sodomite have Proper Intention to be a celibate priest? Why would one with the right Intention place himself in the near occasion of sin if he is a Believer?

S said...


Anonymous said...

It's alarming and unsettling for most of us to consider that sacraments received from homosexual priests may not be valid, but that's a reaction of normalcy bias which we need to recognize and move past in order to gain deeper understanding.

From what I've learned (please do your own Source research...don't rely on the opinions coming from a corrupt hierarchy), in order for a sacrament to be valid 3 parts need to be correct: 1.Form (i.e. water used to baptize), 2.Formula (Rite of the sacrament), and 3.Intention of the Priest...in order for a priest to have the proper intention he must first be suitably formed and have a will & disposition inclined to holiness (this would rule out the pedophiles). The 1968 changes to the Rite of Ordination eliminated the minor orders and the prayers in the Rite and the results are self-evident.

In addition to the changes in the Rites of Ordination, V2 also changed the prayers in the Rites of the Sacraments...so since 2 out of 3 parts have been been changed, are these the same sacraments that our great-grandparents received? And to all of this add the changes of the Mass that make it almost identical to the Protestants' (The 1968 Novus Ordo retained almost 20% of the Tridentine Mass and today it's even less. Most catholics think that the only change was from Latin to the local language and have no conception of the magnitude of breach with Tradition...but that's another issue). We went from the reverent Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to celebrating the Lord's Supper.

Ask yourself honestly (recognize your normalcy bias)...have the V2 changes yielded good fruit or bad? If you are unsure then I strongly encourage you to do your own research and pray to the Holy Ghost for His gifts and guidance. For myself, I've concluded that only the Traditionally ordained priests can provide us with the valid sacraments and perform the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

As far as these pedophiles are concerned, in my opinion allowing the perverts and their accomplices to quietly resign and retire to pray in some resort, I mean monastery, will not give the victims any sense of justice or closure. And why are the parishioners paying for the settlements? Shouldn't the personal assets be seized (beach houses, investment accounts) and wages be garnished? And instead of retiring to pray, how about they work off the settlements while practicing acts of mercy in a homeless shelter or soup kitchen (under strict supervision and away from minors). Maybe they should work in a quarry making millstones.

Anonymous said...